Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1366: The Disaster of the Kalor Tribe
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1366: The Disaster of the Kalor Tribe

Chapter 1366: The Disaster of the Kalor Tribe

“This cultivation method was gifted to my daughter by the great emperor of the Turtle clan. It’s said that once this cultivation method is practiced to completion, the person will become an emperor. Once my daughter becomes an emperor, it will be a joyous occasion to both my Kalor tribe and you all as we rise up,” said Kai Tian. He trusted his old friends very much. After all, they had gone through trials of life and death together.

All the seated people narrowed their eyes when they heard his words. They all became shocked, and after quite a while of silence, one of them asked, “Kai Tian, you must have some connections with the emperor of the Turtle clan since he’s given your daughter such a powerful cultivation method. But why haven’t I ever seen you communicate with the Turtle clan?”

Kai Tian gently sighed, “To be honest, we don’t have much of a connection at all. It’s all because of my daughter. My daughter was fortunate enough to meet the emperor of the Turtle clan one time, which is why she’s been so spoiled by him and obtained this powerful cultivation method.”

“So that’s the case! A few years ago, I had heard that the Kalor tribe was connected to the Turtle clan in some way, but that was only a rumor back then and had not been confirmed. Looks like the rumor was false.”

“The ruler of the Turtle clan has already become an emperor that can shake up the entire sea realm. Kai Tian, because of the emperor of the Turtle clan, it’s only a matter of time before your tribe rises up. Once you become glorious, you must never forget about us.”

The old friends laughed with one another. They were all very happy, and Kai Tian was filled with pride.

“Kai Tian, you surely have another reason for calling us all together, not just to show off your precious daughter. Tell me, what have you encountered? With our friendship of so many years, we will help you no matter what problems you come across,” said an old man. He seemed very old, but he was only around Kai Tian’s age.

Kai Tian gently coughed and said, “My daughter’s demand for crystal coins is just far too great. With the wealth of our clan, it’s not enough to support her needs at all. In order to not get in the way of her cultivation, I ran out of choices, which is why I invited you all here. I want to borrow some crystal coins from you. I’ll definitely return them with interest in the future.”

“Isn’t it just lending some crystal coins? Don’t worry, Kai Tian. For Kai Ya to be able to become an emperor as soon as possible, we will support you with all we have even if we have to empty our pockets. Right, everyone?” The speaker was a young man. He was the patriarch of the Herman tribe.

“You’re completely right. I’ll send over the crystal coins immediately once I get back,” the Tyt tribe patriarch added. He was extremely generous.

Kai Tian’s five good friends all expressed that they would support him with all they had, which put Kai Tian in a great mood. His daughter rarely asked him for crystal coins, but he knew that the amount of coins he gave her monthly was nowhere near enough for her cultivation speed. Kai Tian had basically used all the ideas he could think of to collect cultivation resources so that his daughter could become a powerful expert as soon as possible.

Kai Tian’s five friends all left, and a few days later, they all visited the Kalor tribe again with large amounts of crystal coins. They were warmly invited into the same room by Kai Tian again.

Kai Tian gratefully accepted the Space Rings from his five friends. Checking them, he immediately became overjoyed. There were around ten million to thirty million coins in each Space Ring, close to a hundred million in total.

This was a huge sum to the Kalor tribe.

“My friends have probably coughed up several year’s worth of accumulated wealth so that my daughter can become an emperor soon. Once Kai Ya becomes powerful, I’ll definitely get her to treat my friends well.” Kai Tian was utterly overjoyed. His friends had brought close to a hundred million crystal coins, giving him exactly what he required in this moment of need. Kai Tian became filled with gratitude as he swore inside that he would never forget the kindness of his old friends.

At this moment, the door to the room opened and an old man rushed in in a hurry.

Kai Tian frowned. He was currently discussing some secretive manners with his old friends, so he obviously did not wish to be disturbed by others. Just when he was about to lecture the person, he forcefully shut himself up after recognizing the old man. He was one of Kai Tian’s seniors who went by the name Kai Liu. He was not as powerful as him, but Kai Tian respected him deeply.

Kai Liu glanced over the five people present in hatred before frantically informing Kai Tian, “Patriarch, something bad’s happened. The Tyt tribe, Herman tribe, Goldensword tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan have attacked our tribe together. We have sustained heavy casualties and many are injured. We can’t stop them anymore.”

“What!” Kai Tian was shocked. Disbelief filled his face because the patriarchs of the five tribes mentioned were right here, and they were his good friends.

At this moment, Kai Tian’s five friends struck out at the same time. Taking advantage of Kai Tian while he was dazed, they sent a palm toward Kai Tian and trapped him by freezing space. He could not avoid their attacks.

Spurt! Kai Tian immediately vomited blood and heavily collided with the wall of the room, causing the entire place to violently jolt.

Kai Liu drastically changed his expression. He glanced at Kai Tian, who was heavily injured, and deep sorrow filled his eyes. Afterward, he turned around and fled without saying anything else.

“We can’t let him escape. We can’t let any person of the Kalor tribe escape alive, or we’ll be in trouble. Chase him,” the patriarch of the Goldensword tribe said heavily before pursuing the old man.

However, inscriptions suddenly appeared on the walls of the room at this time. Kai Tian had already activated the formation that had been cast in the room, sealing it off and stopping the patriarch of the Goldensword tribe.

The patriarch of the Dakar clan examined the formation and said, “This formation is strong. It’ll take us some time to get through it, but don’t worry, we’ve already encircled this entire place. No one can escape. The news won’t be able to leak out.”

Kai Tian stood up with difficulty. His face was pale as he stared at his old friends in disbelief. His heart ached as he said with a trembling voice, “Why? Why are you doing this? I have always treated you as my best friends. Back then, we roamed the sea realm together and stepped over countless corpses all together. Have you forgotten about the blood oath we swore before? Just when have I wronged you where the five of you work together to deal with me?”

The patriarch of the Tyt tribe gently sighed, “Kai Tian, have you really treated us as your friends? If you did, why have you never shared such a powerful cultivation method after you obtained it?”

“We will share our joys and pains. Kai Tian, that was our oath from before. We never broke it. You wanted crystal coins, so we gave them to you, but your tribe wanted to indulge on the cultivation method of an emperor just by yourself. You’re the one who’s broken the oath, not us,” the patriarch of the Goldensword tribe coldly chastised.

Kai Tian began to laugh as two streak of blood tears rolled down his cheeks. He mumbled, “So you wanted the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. It’s a joke to think that I treated you as my best friends, yet you turn on me for a cultivation method. The blood oath in the past is a joke, and our past friendship is so fragile. I am filled with regret. I should have never believed you so easily. Not only have I doomed my tribe, I’ve doomed my daughter.”

“Since it’s the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor, the emperor of the Turtle clan probably used it to reach his current level of cultivation. Kai Tian, hand it over immediately and we’ll still be friends. Once we all become emperors, the entire seal realm will belong to us.” The eyes of the Dakar clan’s patriarch lit up as he eagerly demanded.

The four other patriarchs’ eyes began to burn with desire as well. Their breathing all became heavy. The cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor was extremely tempting to them, and when they heard that the emperor of the Turtle clan had used it to become an emperor, their hearts all began to heavily thud.

Kai Tian laughed at the sky. He laughed very crazily as energy pulsed from him. He then suddenly charged at the five of them without any regard for his own life. He wanted to bring the five of them down with him. He activated the attack of the formation as he did all that.

“Kai Tian, since the concept of brotherhood is nothing to you and you want to take the cultivation method for yourself, don’t blame us for being ruthless,” yelled the patriarch of the Goldensword clan.

Kai Tian’s strength was similar to the five of them, and he was heavily injured as well. He was not the opponent of his five ‘friends.’ He very quickly collapsed in his own pool of blood. His soul had been wiped out.

“Let’s get through the formation as soon as possible and go find Kai Ya. The cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor is definitely with her,” the patriarch of the Tyt tribe said to the four others as he fended off the attacks from the formation.

The Kalor tribe was a medium-sized tribe. They had been around for some time, but they still lacked a heritage. The formation in the room was unable to stop five Saint Rulers. They broke through the formation very soon with their combined attacks.

Outside, shouts of ‘kill’ constantly rang throughout the Kalor tribe. All the clansmen were engaged in an intense battle against the other five tribes. A barrier enveloped the entire area, preventing the people of the Kalor tribe from fleeing.

The disparity in strength between the two sides was just far too great. Corpses were littered across the ground and blood had formed streams. It was almost all from the clansmen of the Kalor tribe.

Kai Liu stood outside another hidden room in the tribe. Given the current situation, he did not worry about disturbing the person inside. He used the most direct method of knocking on the heavy stone door.

Very soon, the door opened and a streak of gentle light flowed out. Kai Ya sat in the center of the room in white clothes. She formed seals with her hands while her face was calm. She seemed otherworldly, giving off an almost divine presence.

She seemed like a seated goddess herself.

Kai Ya had undergone drastic changes by practicing the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor.

“Uncle Liu, what has happened? You look so flustered,” Kai Ya calmly asked. However, the presence she gave off changed when she spoke. The divine feeling vanished and she became ordinary once more.

Kai Liu hurried in and said, “Kai Ya, flee. Your father’s five friends have been blinded by ambition. They’ve actually turned on your father together, and your father’s probably already in deep trouble. Even our tribe will face destruction. Kai Ya, go. You can’t stay here any longer.”

Kai Ya was greatly surprised. She suddenly stood up and asked, “Uncle Liu, what is this all about?”

“It must be because your father has leaked the fact that you practice the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. Sigh, I told him before that no one else can know of this. Why didn’t he listen to me?” Kai Liu was filled with deep regret and disappointment over what Kai Yu’s father had done.
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