Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1367: Destruction
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1367: Destruction

Chapter 1367: Destruction

Kai Ya arrived beside Kai Liu in a single step and grabbed him by the arm. She asked in a hurry, “Uncle Liu, what about my father? How is my father?”

Kai Liu shook off Kai Ya in a single stroke and frantically pushed her out. He said, “Kai Ya, don’t worry about your father anymore. You can’t save him. Leave, or it’ll be too late. You’re the only hope of our Kalor tribe. You have to survive, so you can take revenge for all the clansmen who have passed away.”

“No, I must save my father!” Kai Ya’s face was filled with worry and panic as well as some fear. She could already tell the importance of the matter from Kai Liu’s words. She was extremely terrified of losing her father.

“Your father’s already been hit by a sneak attack from five relatively good friends. They’ve probably come for your cultivation method. Dumb girl, you can’t save your father. Even if you hand over the cultivation method, they won’t leave anyone alive. Stop hesitating and go,” Kai Liu said in a panic. He looked back from time to time as an uneasiness filled his face.

“Uncle Liu, you go first. I’ll go save my father,” Kai Ya firmly replied. She gently let go of Kai Liu’s hand before rushing away with lightning-like speed. No matter how Kai Liu begged her from behind, he was unable to stop her.


Just as Kai Ya emerged from underground, a loud sound rang out. In the distance, the ground cracked and earth was thrown into the air. Terrifying pulses of energy radiated from the cracks, and in the center of the explosion was a ten-meter-wide hole. It plunged straight into the ground.

The five patriarch slowly emerged from the hole, and in their hands was Kai Tian who had already passed away.

“Father!” Kai Ya recognized the flesh and blood in their hands with a single glance. It was her father. She was immediately devastated and let out a sorrowful cry. She charged over without any regard for her own life.

“Kai Ya, you’ve come just at the right time. Hand over the cultivation method you’ve been practicing, or you’ll end up the same as your father,” the patriarch of the Dakar clan greedily demanded. He looked at Kai Ya as if she was a huge treasure. He had been blinded by desire. He appeared beside Kai Ya with a flash and extended a hand in an attempt to capture her.

“You were the ones who killed my father!” Kai Ya sorrowfully yelled at the sky. She was heart-broken. Tears poured down her cheek as she began to shine with blue light. A powerful presence radiated from her, and she firmly struck out with her hand. She began to fight the patriarch.

With a heavy sound, the patriarch of the Dakar clan countered with a similar palm strike. Kai Ya’s body jolted before being sent flying. It took her more than ten steps to stabilize herself, and she left a deep imprint in the ground every step she made.

The patriarch’s body jolted violently as well. He swayed a few times while his face became filled with shock. He said, “Kai Ya, I never thought that you’d have already become a 13th Star expert.”

The 13th Star was equivalent to the First to Fourth Heavenly Layers of a Saint Ruler on the Tian Yuan Continent. This was enough to be regarded as a peak-level force among small- and medium-sized clans.

“It must be due to the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. The cultivation method really is wondrous. The ruler of the Turtle clan has been able to become an emperor in such a short amount of time after practicing it. Kai Ya’s strength had skyrocketed as well after practicing it.” The eyes of the Tyt clan patriarch lit up. He was extremely emotional, as if he had already seen the moment when he would become an emperor.

“We have to get our hands on the cultivation method,” the patriarch of the Herman clan added. He seemed like an extremely young man. He was handsome and only seemed to be in his twenties at most, but he was also very greedy.

The patriarch of the Dakar clan struck out again. This time, he did not hold back. A three-meter-long spear appeared in his hands. It radiated with powerful pulses of energy. He stabbed it toward Kai Ya with lightning-like speed. He had even used his powers as a Saint Ruler to freeze the space around Kai Ya, so he could finish her off sooner.

The energy around Kai Ya swelled and continued to radiate a bright blue light. She stared at the five people in pure hatred as she spread her arms wide. Countless specks of white light gathered from the surroundings, condensing into eight spears. Every single spear was eight meters long. Although they were blurry, a mysterious energy circulated within them.

“Rise of the Octoterra, Single Cut!” Kai Ya cried out. The eight spears immediately let out a dazzling light and smashed through the frozen space in the surroundings. They then shot toward the patriarch of the Dakar clan in a straight line.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The patriarch had already reached the 14th Star and was at the Sixth Heavenly Layer. He was just far more powerful. He used his single spear to receive the eight spears from Kai Ya, and with eight booms, earth was kicked into the air as the powerful ripples of energy expanded in all directions.

The patriarch of the Dakar clan destroyed the eight spears. Kai Ya had only just become a Saint Ruler, but the eight spears she had condensed were very powerful. The patriarch uncontrollably retreated several dozen meters after handling the spears. He became disheveled while his clothes had been reduced to a mess. He had not been injured, but he was in a rather horrible condition.

He did not become angered at all, and his greed instead became even heavier. He excitedly said, “This must be a secret technique invented by the Octoterra Emperor. It’s so powerful that even when you use it, it’s enough to force me back. This is equivalent to a Tian Level Saint Technique.”

“It can be used at such a speed. This secret technique is even better than a Tian Level Saint Technique,” the patriarch of the Tingwei clan excitedly added. He was rather eager to obtain the cultivation method.

The Tyt tribe patriarch seemed to have reached the limit of his patience, “Quit dragging it out. Finish her off quick. Let’s attack together.”

The five people struck out at the same time and used their full strength. They were all rather eager, so they went as far as to lower themselves to deal with Kai Ya, who had only recently become a Saint Ruler.

It was almost impossible for Kai Ya to deal with just one of them, so she was even more helpless when the five of them attacked together. She condensed eight spears once again to force back one of them, but she could do nothing about the attacks from the other four.

A spear pierced Kai Ya’s shoulder, a trident produced a long gash across her chest, and the palms of the other two landed on her chest at the same time.

Spurt! Kai Ya vomited a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying back. She became extremely pale. If it were not for the fact that they wanted the cultivation technique and did not want to kill her before they got it, the wave of attacks would have been enough to wipe out her soul.

“Run, Kai Ya! Remember, you must take revenge for the tribe in the future. You must wipe out the Tyt tribe, Herman tribe, Goldensword tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan,” Kai Liu gloomily shouted as he charged over from afar. He carried a 14th Star quaking thunder in his hand as he charged toward the five patriarchs.

“Be careful, there’s a quaking thunder in his hands,” called out the patriarch of the Herman clan. He immediately froze space to trap Kai Liu.

However, Kai Liu was already close enough to them and the quaking thunder had already been set off. With a great boom, Kai Liu was devoured by the vast energy released from the quaking thunder.

The five patriarchs all retreated to avoid the ripples of energy from the quaking thunder.

“Uncle Liu!” Kai Ya produced a heart-wrenching sob. She felt utter sorrow. She constantly vomited blood as tears ran down her cheeks.

The pulse of energy from the quaking thunder caused the barrier around the Kalor tribe to tremble and shake. Kai Ya glanced in the direction Kai Liu had vanished while reminiscencing before spreading her arms once more. She endured the pain and her shaking body with gritted teeth. She condensed another eight spears that shot toward the barrier.


A huge hole ripped open in the barrier with a great boom. Kai Ya grabbed her father’s corpse as quickly as she could before rushing toward the barrier. She did not look back at all.

“Chase her down. We can’t let her escape,” the five patriarchs panicked as they all pursued her as quickly as they could.

The battle in the Kalor tribe only stopped when they left. Only the people of the five clans remained scattered across the land. The Kalor tribe had been destroyed. Blood flowed like rivers while corpses lay everywhere.
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