Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1412: Cloud-scattering City
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1412: Cloud-scattering City

Chapter 1412: Cloud-scattering City

Nubis flew through the sky as a several-thousand-meter-long snake. As a Class 9 Magical Beast, he had obviously comprehended the mysteries of the world at a high level. His body became blurry as he completely fused with the surrounding space, hurrying along with the use of Spatial Force. He moved extremely quickly, shooting across the sky and disappearing into the horizon.

“As a Golden-Striped Silver Snake, there will be a duel of life-and-death as soon as I meet another clansmen. Although there have been a few Golden-Striped Silver Snakes across history, all of them have experienced a death match whenever they come across a clansmen, as seen in my inherited memories. The victor will dominate and devour the essence of the loser, allowing the victor to evolve and become even stronger. There are extremely few Golden-Striped Silver Snakes in the world, so I refuse to believe that the old snake won’t be interested once I broadcast my identity. He’ll definitely come looking for me, and as soon as he appears, I’ll be able to devour him and strengthen my essence,” thought Nubis. He felt proud of himself for being able to think of this. He did not take the old snake’s strength to heart at all.

Ten thousand kilometers away from Nubis, a city stood silently within a mountain range. It seemed to have been built on a mountain. Its top had been sliced off, and it was surrounded by countless other mountains.

The city possessed a simple design. It only had a ring of low city walls, which were pitch-black and built from a rare type of earth found on the Beast God Continent. The rare type of earth was even tougher than rock. A powerful ripple of energy emanated from within the city walls, clearly channeled into the walls by a powerful magical beast, reinforcing the walls to become several times tougher than steel.

Only Class 7 Magical Beasts and above possessed this ability.

Two words were carved on a slant on the city walls, ‘Cloud-scattering.’ They represented the name of the city, which was Cloud-scattering City。

The city was quite well-known in a radius of a million kilometers because the city possessed two powerful Class 7 Magical Beasts. One of them had reached the peak of Class 7, equivalent to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of a Saint Ruler.

The Beast God Continent was no less brutal than the Tian Yuan Continent. Slaughter between the members of the same race were present everywhere, because it was a process for fast growth. They could either devor the monster cores of others to strengthen themselves or eat their flesh, hoping for the rare chance that a mutation would occur within their body.

Once a mutation occurred, they would immediately undergo a rebirth, mutating from their very source. It was similar process to when a human with average talent became a prodigy at cultivation.

And these mutations did not only mean one would undergo a metamorphosis. It meant that their battle prowess could become even greater.

This was why it was very difficult to find a safe place on the Beast God Continent. If one was not strong enough, one would be hunted down even when cultivating and would die due to the slightest carelessness. Those who were strong could take up territory and claim to be its ruler, but even when that happened, they needed to be aware of even more powerful magical beasts who would come and fight them.

The cities and tribes on the continent were the safehouses of many magical beasts. Every city or tribe possessed powerful magical beasts. They would create rules and order, banding together into organizations. As long as people became a member of these organizations or paid valuable heavenly resources to gain the right to stay there, they would be able to cultivate in peace without worrying about being attacked by others.

Cloud-scattering City was as prosperous as any other day. A large amount of magical beasts moved in and out. All of them remained in beast form, ranging between Class 3 and Class 6 in strength. Large beasts stood over ten meters tall while smaller ones were only a meter or two. There were many various species.

Magical Beasts developed intelligence far quicker on the Beast God Continent than on the Tian Yuan Continent. As long as they had reached Class 2, they would have gained a lot of intelligence already, so regardless of strength, all the magical beasts behaved in an orderly fashion once they entered the city. They completely erased the viciousness they normally bore.

At this moment, a golden streak of light hurried over form the distance before stopping above the city in the end. It was a very long but thin snake.

The snake was Nubis. He hovered above the city as he coldly gazed down. His gaze was filled with a cold-blooded ruthlessness.

He opened his mouth and immediately sprayed out a dense, venomous substance. It rapidly engulfed the city below as a rolling cloud.

The venom was extremely potent. It wafted through the air, and in a short moment, all the vegetation in the surrounding ten kilometers withered at an unbelievable speed before turning to dust, dispersing in the incoming wind.

The venomous gas descended on the city. Regardless how powerful the magical beasts were, the ones who came in contact with it collapsed on the ground, powerless as black blood oozed from their mouths. They did not even have the power to flee.

All the magical beasts in the city became stunned with the sudden occurrence. They all turned their heads to where the gas had wafted over from as disbelief filled their faces.

The city was watched over by two Class 7 Magical Beasts, and one of them had even reached the peak, only a single step away from Class 8. The city had become a famed organization in the surrounding region of a million kilometers because of the two of them. There had never been someone who dared to provoke them throughout history. They had no idea just which ignorant person had come to cause trouble.

However, when the magical beasts saw the groups that had collapsed onto the ground, powerless, as the venomous gas drifted over, they immediately fled for their lives. They left as quickly as they could.

They did not care about whether the city could stop the invader. They needed to protect their lives first.

In a single moment, the orderly city fell into a mess. All the magical beasts fled for their lives. Many of them showed fear when they witnessed how terrifying the gas was.

At the same time, two tremendous presences radiated from beneath the city. The two most powerful experts in the city had emerged. Two burly old men had silently appeared in the air. They both gave off a powerful presence. The two of them were both Saint Rulers.

They were the two experts who watched over the city!
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