Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1489: Immortal Emperor’s Essence Blood
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1489: Immortal Emperor’s Essence Blood

Chapter 1489: Immortal Emperor’s Essence Blood

With a flash of violet light in a crucial moment, the Zi Ying Sword tore free from the ground and stopped in front of the dark light.


The dark light loudly struck the Zi Ying Sword, and it was blown far away with a clear sound. The dark light still had not dispersed as it continued toward Jian Chen.

With a flash of azure light, the Qing Suo Sword emerged from the ground as well. It stopped in front of the light just like the Zi Ying Sword. It was knocked flying with a clear thrum as well.

The several obstacles that stopped the dark light helped Jian Chen earn some valuable time. Right now, he had mostly recovered due to his Radiant Saint Force origin energy and Chaotic Force. All his bones had been reconnected. He endured the agonizing pain and immediately leaped up. He left behind a blur and reappeared a hundred meters away.

Boom! As soon as Jian Chen had moved away, the dark light struck where he had lay. The ground violently shook and a terrifying pulse of energy erupted, wreaking havoc in the surroundings as a storm. It blew Jian Chen away even though he was a hundred meters away.

This time, Jian Chen was blown several dozen kilometers away by the energy before landing heavily on the ground. Many of his bones had fractured and broken again, forcing him to repeat the healing process from earlier.

Jian Chen basically climbed up as soon as he hit the ground. Without any hesitation, he charged off in the direction of the artifact spirit as quickly as he could. Along the way, he remained enshrouded by the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. Coupled with the circulation of his Chaotic Force inside, his wounds recovered at an extremely swift rate.

“The artifact spirit still isn’t dead. While he’s injured, I have to kill him in one fell swoop, just in case something ends up happened,” Jian Chen gritted his teeth. Ignoring the pain from his body, he flew in the direction of the artifact spirit as quickly as he could.

He crossed several dozen kilometers in the blink of an eye. When he returned back to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he had recovered from forty percent of his injuries while the artifact spirit had just managed to purge the sword Qi within him. He stared at Jian Chen with a sunken face.

Although his strength had dropped below Godhood now, he was still enough to pressure Jian Chen.

“Bastard, this is my last body and you’ve injured me so heavily. Even killing you won’t be enough.” The red-robed boy went completely insane. The killing intent in his eyes was thick as it could be.

“I’ll destroy your body before drawing out your soul. I’ll have it undergo the most painful torture in the world for all of eternity and make you wish to be stuck in a cycle of rebirths instead. I’ll use everything I have for you to taste the world’s most agonizing pain,” roared the boy. His hatred had reached a point where it could drown out space and make the world shake.

The illusory tower appeared near the boy once again, present with the power of three different laws. Afterward, the boy opened his arms and did all he could to channel the remaining energy on the ninth floor into the tower, immediately having it erupt with power again.

Four illusory swords, thirty thousand meters long, hung in the dark shattered space around the four boundaries of the ninth floor. At that moment, the four of them gently trembled and flickered with a faint light, immediately erupting with an even more powerful force. They suppressed the power of the tower on the ninth floor. The artifact spirit could only utilize an extremely limited amount of it after great difficulty.

Even though the tower’s power was suppressed, the tower the boy had conjured still much more powerful. At the same time, he poured a sliver of his own essence into the tower regardless of the consequences. He then sent the tower toward Jian Chen.

The tower was illusory, but it was not something Jian Chen could afford to underestimate. He became stern. Although it was not as powerful as the strike from earlier, it made Jian Chen feel like he was facing death.

“This strike is on the level of Reciprocity,” Jian Chen guessed the power of the tower and knew that it was not something he could handle with his injuries. At the same time, the Azulet swords were not with him either, so he was unable to block the strike just by himself.

Jian Chen showed no fear. With a flash of light, another eight slivers of sword Qi flew from his right arm toward the tower.

They were also strands of sword Qi left behind by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. The ones Jian Chen had obtained from the four sword Qi outside the ninth floor. Each sword Qi could display the might of someone at Reciprocity three times. After those three times were up, their power would decrease. The sword Qi Jian Chen used was the weakened sword Qi, now at Returnance instead of Reciprocity.

The eight strands of sword Qi only possessed the power of Returnance by themselves, but if combined, they were no weaker than a single Reciprocity sword Qi.


The eight slivers of sword Qi collided with the tower and produced a rumble. The violent energy forced Jian Chen to retreat while the eight strands of sword Qi and the figure of the tower destroyed each other in the air.

“God dammit, you actually still have that old bastard’s sword Qi. The power might have weakened, but it was still left behind by him when he was still alive,” the boy bellowed in utter fury.

Jian Chen forcefully stabilized himself after moving back a certain distance. He had already recovered from half of his wounds, and seeing the violent storm of energy before him, he charged over with gritted teeth. He passed through the energy as quick as he could and arrived before the boy, sending out four strands of sword Qi with a wave of his arm.

The four slivers of sword Qi were all shrunken versions of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt’s swords. Each strand was the size of a hand, but they now possessed the power of Returnance, not Reciprocity. However, the Way of the Sword imbued within them was still better than what Jian Chen had comprehended so far.

The sword Qi in Jian Chen’s arm dulled after sending out the four strands. Their energy was almost exhausted.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

The four slivers of sword Qi passed through the red-robed boy simultaneously, causing his body to tremble. He faded some more once more.

At the same time, the boy waved his hand and sent a streak of light out composed from the power of the Laws of Destruction, which pierced Jian Chen’s body. The attack caused Jian Chen to vomit blood. The power of the laws wildly wreaked havoc near his injury, causing it to rapidly expand.

Jian Chen clenched his teeth while determination flooded his eyes. He stared fixedly at the boy and covered himself with light from his understanding of the Way of the Sword and also used sword Qi to fend off the power of laws in his wound. He condensed a sword from sword Qi in his right hand and swung it at the boy.

The boy shook violently as the madness in his eyes grew thicker. His face became extremely warped. He constantly threw his fists at Jian Chen. Each punch contained a sliver of power formed from laws, landing one after another and producing deep thuds.

Jian Chen was sheet-white and constantly vomited blood. He used the sword Qi he had condensed in his hand to constantly slash at the boy. The boy’s illusory figure violently trembled due to each attack and grew dimmer. In the end, the Azulet swords flew over from the distance and pierced through the boy with a shocking amount of sword Qi.

Right now, both Jian Chen and the boy were severely injured. They were both extremely weak as well, making it impossible for either one of them to use any techniques.

The Zi Ying Sword had already returned to Jian Chen’s hand. He wielded the weapon and, coupled with his Way of the Sword, demonstrated power no less than late Receival. The boy’s figure had almost dispersed from the consecutive attacks, but Jian Chen had paid an extremely heavy price as well. Not a single part of his body was complete as he endured the ferocious attacks from the boy. At the same time, the power of laws devastated his body, eating away his flesh.

By now, Jian Chen had lost his right arm, half of his body, and a third of his head, almost injuring his soul. He was completely covered in blood and in a despicable shape.

However, he still did not give up. He used his only remaining arm to continue slashing at the boy with the Zi Ying Sword. The Qing Suo Sword did not just lay around either. Under the sword spirit’s control, it constantly pierced the boy.

The battle between the two of them was extremely intense and had devolved into close combat. The boy was close to dispersing while Jian Chen was close to falling apart as well. He was just far too injured. If he did not have the support of his Chaotic Body, he probably would have died long ago.

The boy wildly roared. Hatred filled his eyes as he bellowed, “I’ve never thought of this move in the past because it is my only chance at breaking free. However, I’ve run out of choices now.” The boy suddenly raised a finger at the sky and a droplet of golden blood gradually materialized. It immediately radiated with an unbelievably powerful ripple of energy.

Jian Chen’s expression drastically changed when he saw the blood. Just the energy radiating from the blood made him feel like the world was ending, as if the droplet of blood possessed the power to destroy the world.

“Is this the Anatta Grand Prime’s essence blood?” Jian Chen became ashen. He felt despair due to the blood. Ignoring that fact that he was injured, even if he was in an optimal condition, there was no way he could survive an encounter with the blood.

“The essence blood of an Immortal Emperor!” The sword spirit cried out.

“That’s not a Grand Prime’s essence blood? Though,it’s still not something I can endure even if it’s not from a Grand Prime.” Jian Chen stopped attacking the artifact spirit and stared at the blood in the sky. Even fleeing was wishful thinking with the blood in play.

“This is from master’s traitor of a disciple, Ta Ji. Back when master had been heavily injured by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt and fled, she faced an ambush from that traitor. She killed him in the end and a droplet of Ta Ji’s essence blood was left here, having been kept here since. I originally wanted to use this blood to break through the Nirvanic old bastard’s sword formation after his suppression ran out of energy, but I never thought that I’d have to use Ta Ji’s essence blood on an ant like you.” As the boy said that, he became calm. It seemed as though death was returning him to where he had come from.


At the same time, the droplet of blood loudly exploded. A devastating power swept through the world, devouring space and crushing the ground.

The explosion was indescribably powerful. It filled every corner of the world in a single moment, making it impossible to dodge as long as Jian Chen was on the ninth floor.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》