Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1512: Killers of the Divine Realm
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1512: Killers of the Divine Realm

Chapter 1512: Killers of the Divine Realm

“Kai Ya, I sure have underestimated you. I never thought that you would grow to such an extent in such a short amount of time. No matter how impressive your talent is, no matter if your cultivation is created by an emperor, it’s impossible for you to improve so quickly. Looks like you’ve had quite an impressive fortuitous encounter in the divine realm,” the ancestor of the Tyt tribe said with a deep voice. At that moment, he was filled with regret. He regretted the fact that the five clans needed to wait so long before they could invite an expert to guard them. If their clan possessed a Saint King, they would still possess the ability to battle against the now-strengthened Kai Ya.

All the people who had come to the wedding became extremely pale within the barrier. They were very shocked. Many of them knew about the devastation of the Kalor tribe many years ago. Although they were not a famed clan within the sea realm, they had still been a clan that had possessed a Saint Ruler after all. They were also quite famous in the surrounding million kilometers, so it caused a large disturbance in the region when the entire organization fell in one night. Although the people responsible were never found, quite a few people had guessed from some hints that the ancestors of the Tyt tribe, Goldensword tribe, Herman tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan had taken part in the disaster. However, no one stepped forward for the Kalor tribe either.

What shocked the guests was that the young lady of the Kalor tribe, Kai Ya, had already become a Saint King. She had come to seek revenge against the Tyt tribe, trapping everyone, including those unrelated, within the barrier. This caused all of them to become fearful and unsettled, afraid that Kai Ya would kill them too.

Even if several Saint Rulers worked together, they would not be able to quickly smash through a barrier cast down by a Saint King, let alone this group of guests right now.

Seeing the Saint Ruler of the Tyt tribe, Kai Ya’s killing intent soared once more. Her eyes had almost become bloodshot. She would never forget the moment when the Saint Ruler before her had attacked her father along with the ancestors of the four other clans. She would not forget about how the five of them pursued her and forced her to flee into the depths of the divine realm.

“The Tyt tribe, Goldensword tribe, Herman tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan, the five of you wiped out my clan all those years ago. I have returned today and will make you pay a heavy price for what you did. I will take the lives of all your clansmen for wiping out the Kalor tribe,” Kai Ya said in resentment. She glanced at the guests who were not a part of the five clans and said, “If you’re not a part of the five clans I just mentioned and you don’t want to die, leave through the barrier immediately. I will kill everyone left in it in half a minute.”

All the innocent guests lit up when they heard her words. Without any hesitation, everyone immediately flew out of the barrier as if they were fleeing for their lives. No one dared to stay for too long.

There were even a few members of the Tyt tribe who understood the disaster they were facing, so they blended into the fleeing crowd. However, as soon as they came in contact with the barrier, they were knocked back, unable to pass through it like everyone else.

In the blink of an eye, all the guests had left. No one was willing to stay behind, including those who had extremely close ties to the Tyt tribe. If their opponent was at a similar level of strength, maybe some of them would have remained behind. However, no one was willing to die for the Tyt tribe when they were faced with utter doom.

The ancestor of the Tyt tribe did not pay attention to the situation. He completely concentrated on Kai Ya. When Kai Ya had lowered her guard, he moved. He turned into a blur in the sky and approached Kai Ya in a silent flash. He hurled his palm at her forehead.

He knew the difference in strength between him and a Saint King. As a result, he did not hold back at all when he attacked. He pushed his speed to the limit as well and sneakily attacked Kai Ya. He did not even draw his weapon because he knew that this might be the only chance for him to heavily injure Kai Ya as well as his only chance to survive.

However, as soon as he began to approach Kai Ya, the space around him froze in an instant. He came to a halt, having been completely immobilized by the frozen space. That was not all; even his attack stopped before Kai Ya.

At the same time, the tiny beast on Kai Ya’s shoulder opened its eyes at that moment. It stared at the ancestor of the Tyt tribe with an enticing gaze, as if it was not looking at a person but a platter of delicious food.

Kai Ya looked at the immobilized enemy before her and coldly said, “Back then, I wasn’t your opponent, so I could only watch helplessly as my father was killed by you, but today, you no longer have the power to hurt me. Even if you attempt a sneak attack to catch me off-guard.” As she said that, Kai Ya raised a hand. It landed gently on the ancestor’s chest.

The ancestor of the Tyt clan vomited blood and pieces of organs. His entire body fell out of the air and smashed into the ground. He created a huge ditch and lost the ability to climb out of it.

Just striking him with her palm had heavily injured him. His organs had been destroyed and his bones had fractured. He lost the ability to stand.

Seeing how puny their strongest ancestor was before Kai Ya, all the members of the Tyt tribe appeared ashen. Despair filled their eyes.

“Back then, my clansmen were killed before me one by one. Today, I will turn you into a pile of bones before your own clansmen,” Kai Ya said through gritted teeth. Soon afterward, she swung her finger and a crack immediately appeared in the space before her. With a deep buzz, winged ants poured out like a flood. There were countless numbers of them, and in just a few seconds, the ants had flooded the region. They filled up every inch within the barrier.

“T- these are the soaring ants that live in the depths of the divine realm, known as the killers of the divine realm. Their bodies are as tough as steel, and they specialize in absorbing and devouring energy. They are even immune to energy attacks, able to overcome any spatial abilities…”

“How have the soaring ants of the depths of the divine realm ended up here…”

The guests had not traveled very far outside the barrier. When they saw the barrier filled with ants, their expression dramatically changed, and they cried out in disbelief.

The tiny beast on Kai Ya’s should stood up as well. Only then was it possible to see that it was a soaring ant as well. It was only the size of a fist, but it radiated a large amount of pressure.

The tiny beast buzzed on Kai Ya’s shoulder, and all of the ants that were wildly flying around surged toward the clansmen of the Tyt tribe.
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