Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1538: Power of the Demonic Arts
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1538: Power of the Demonic Arts

Chapter 1538: Power of the Demonic Arts

The blood-red, demonic face seemed extremely vicious with its blurry facial features, appearing just like a fiend. It was terrifying and sent shivers down people’s spines. Coupled with the scarlet blanket of clouds above, it caused people to shiver more. Just a single glance was enough to cause people’s hairs to stand on end.

The empty eyes of the huge demonic face suddenly shifted to the three Receival experts charging over. It opened its mouth, and a powerful suction wrapped around the three of them. The force was extremely terrifying, and they found it rather difficult to resist. The three of them had charged at the demonic face at a terrifying speed, so coupled with the pulling force, they moved even faster.

The three Receival experts were all very stern. When they approached the mouth, a tremendous energy surged out of their bodies, forming a suit of energy armor in the blink of an eye, which pulsed with power. Their weapons emitted light rays that were several hundred meters long as they stabbed at the giant face.

The face violently trembled after receiving the attacks from the three Receival experts. The face blurred, as if it was about to transform back into a dense layer of clouds.

At the same time, the three foreign experts vanished into the mouth of the face. They were surrounded by an extremely dense layer of clouds, making it impossible to see them. As for the three of them, their sight was filled with red. They could not penetrate the cloud even with their vision.

In the blood-red world, the three of them immediately felt a presence suddenly appear in their souls, powerful enough to cause their hearts to heavily beat. They felt even more pressured. Dense layers of blood-red mist constantly churned from everywhere, surrounding them. When the mist came in contact with their armor, hissing sounds rang out. Their armor was rapidly eaten away.

“You’re just messing around. Do you really think that you can deal with the three of us with a single secret technique? If you have the courage, face us in open battle!” One of them sneered. A tremendous presence radiated from him, and with a thunderous boom, a visible sound wave spread out in all directions. After he finished speaking, he raised his two-handed sword. It was bright like the sun. He swung it viciously at the empty space before him with devastating might.

A ray of light, several hundred meters long, tore through the mist in front of him. Wherever it passed, the surrounding mist trembled and surged away. The attack soom disappeared into the mist.

At the same time, the other two Receival experts attacked as well. They were all extremely powerful. Any single move they made possessed supreme might, having already exceeded the limits of this world. Under their simultaneous attacks, the blood-red world constantly dulled. The clouds of blood in the surroundings seemed to have grown thinner.

However, the energy armor they were wearing was constantly being eaten away. The mist in the surroundings seemed to be endless. Even after clearing away most of it from a certain region, it was immediately replaced with even more mist. The mist would constantly dissolve their armor if it made any contact. It was extremely corrosive, and the three of them did not let the mist come in contact with their bodies. All they could do was continuously pour energy into their armor to maintain them.

Houston sat in the center of the cloud. The blood-red mist around him surged as muffled booms constantly appeared. He stared at the three Receival experts in the cloud with deep, calm eyes. He slowly raised his hand.

The moment he raised his hand, the cloud violently shifted. Endless, chilling shrieks of fiends vaguely seemed audible as vicious, demonic faces appeared one after another. As they shrieked and screamed, they appeared in and out of visibility in the mist.

However, Houston did not seem to sense all of this. His eyes remained locked on the three Receival experts. He remained seated where he was before extending a finger at the three people with his raised hand.

The cloud immediately began to churn even more violently. The demonic faces appeared visible now. Every single one of them was formed from the blood-red mist. They all produced chilling roars and shrieks. They menacingly lunged toward the three Receival experts. They were densely-packed and seemingly endless.

The three Receival experts could hear the chilling cries of the faces from very far away. They all became extremely stern.

“Hmph, you’re just f*cking around!”

The three of them coldly snorted. They stood with their backs against each other as caution filled their faces. An endless sea of demonic faces appeared before them, flooding in from all directions. They were completely encircled in a single moment. The faces gnawed away at their armor.

There were even some faces that silently invaded their bodies when they came in contact with their heads. These faces wormed their way into their souls, causing the faces of the three experts to warp in pain.

“Oh no, these things can actually harm the soul,” one of them cried out and struck out with a palm strike. He squashed several thousand of the faces with a huge palm that was three hundred meters wide and condensed from origin energy, wiping out all the faces in an entire region.

But, the next moment, even more faces surged up. The fiends that had been shattered reformed from the mist in just a few seconds. They seemed undestroyable.

The palm condensed from origin energy dulled significantly after tearing through countless fiends. This was because the palm was covered with the faces now. Under their devouring, the energy of the palm rapidly weakened while the cloud of blood slowly strengthened.

The three Receival experts were completely surrounded by a powerful layer of origin energy, preventing the faces from reaching their souls. They fought as hard as they could, killing countless demonic faces. However, the faces would reform right after they were destroyed. They were unkillable.

On the other hand, thee three experts origin energy was being consumed at all times within the cloud. Their abilities were a huge expenditure. They wanted to find the person controlling the cloud, but their eyes seemed completely useless in the cloud. They were blind, unable to find anyone at all.

“These things can’t be killed. We’ve fallen into a hopeless situation. We can’t continue like this. Leave immediately,” one of the Origin realm experts commanded.

Without any hesitation, the three of them immediately flew away. They could all sense that the cloud of blood was draining their powers while it was becoming more and more powerful.

In the center of the cloud, Houston suddenly stood up. He took a single step and immediately disappeared, appearing before the fleeing experts as if he had teleported. With a wave of his hand, he maneuvered the power of the cloud. A sea of blood seemed to have been conjured out of nothing. It formed a rapid stream that drowned out the three experts.
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