Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1570: Three Years in a Flash
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1570: Three Years in a Flash

Chapter 1570: Three Years in a Flash

The Origin realm experts remained despite the Spiritking’s departure. Many of them were confused.

“That’s strange. Why would the great Spiritking announce that he’s going into secluded cultivation at such a time? The entrance to the Tian Yuan Continent may be blocked by a powerful divine hall, but they won’t be able to last for very long with their strength. If the Spiritking constantly attacks the divine hall, with his battle prowess equivalent to a Godhood expert, the divine hall will quickly run out of energy. Without the divine hall, the people from the Tian Yuan Continent won’t be able to stop the elders and protectors with their strength,” a protector said out of confusion. His eyes were filled with uncontainable respect as he gazed in the direction the Spiritking had disappeared in.

“The Spiritking obviously has his reasons for not doing that, and we all saw what happened when the Spiritking attacked the divine hall. At the very start, the Spiritking was able to shake the divine hall, but near the end, the divine hall gradually stabilized and did not move even after the Spiritking’s full-powered attack. We can conclude from that that the divine hall’s power definitely increased. It would be quite difficult even for the Spiritking to waste away all of its energy, and if the people on the Tian Yuan Continent ingest recovery heavenly resources, they’ll be able to last even longer, possibly even several centuries. After all, their world’s just far too unusual. They have many Origin realm exerts despite lacking origin energy. That’s basically impossible, so the world’s far more complicated than we imagined it to be.”

“Why waste so much time meaninglessly attacking a divine hall when you can devote this time to cultivation? The Spiritking might actually be able to reach the legendary Godhood with his talent. At that time, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for the Spiritking to smash through the divine hall,” said another protector. However, when he mentioned the Spiritking, his voice became filled with reverence.

“There’s something else. If the people on the Tian Yuan Continent use the divine hall to flee into outer space or enter the Saints’ World, we wouldn’t be able to obtain the divine hall. If the Spiritking reaches Godhood, then the people from the other world won’t be able to escape even if they want to. Even if they hide in the depths of outer space, the Spiritking will still be able to find them. Legend has it that only Godhood experts can wander outer space and avoid becoming lost…”

Many protectors agreed with what was being said. Godhood experts had never appeared in the World of Forsaken Saints, and the Spiritking was still in between mid Reciprocity and late Reciprocity. Logically speaking, it was impossible for someone to traverse such a great gap and reach Godhood, but the current Spiritking possessed unprecedented talen. Not only had he reached his current level of cultivation in a little over eight hundred years, allowing him to become the only ruler in the World of Forsaken Saints, but he had even comprehended laws, disproving the rumor that no one could comprehend laws in the World of Forsaken Saints. Others may not have been able to do it, but that did not mean the Spiritking could not do it. All the elders and protectors were extremely certain that if the Spiritking devoted himself to secluded cultivation, he would be able to reach Godhood soon.

Ouyang Yangwen walked over. His glanced past the protectors with a sunken face and coldly said, “Do not doubt the Spiritking’s judgement. He’s always right. I need to enter seclusion as well and reach Reciprocity as soon as possible. While I am in seclusion, you must enter the tunnel and attack the divine hall at all times. Even if you can’t damage it, you’ll waste away its energy. We can’t let the people from the other world have it easy. Hmph, our protectors and elders can’t die in vain.”

“Yes, grand elder!” The protectors all responded together. In a world where strength was supreme, Ouyang Yangwen was the greatest aside from the Spiritking. The protectors would never disobey Ouyang Yangwen.

The other elders were not as powerful as Ouyang Yangwen, but since they were also elders and at Returnance, they did not fear him. Ouyang Yangwen was unable to order them around either.

Ouyang Yangwen glanced at the injured Xiong Zhong. A gleam of cold light flickered through his eyes as he left.

Xiong Zhong had always been his rival, and the elders were split in two factions as well. One of the factions was lead by Ouyang Yangwen while the other was lead by Xiong Zhong. The elder that had been killed by Jian Chen belonged to Ouyang Yangwen’s side.

“Ouyang Yangwen’s actually going to attempt to break through. He’s already slightly more powerful than me, so if he does break through, I’ll be less of an opponent to him if I remain at late Returnance. I have to enter seclusion as well and break through as soon as possible,” Xiong Zhong thought before leaving as well. He also entered seclusion.


In the blink of an eye, three years passed. During that time, the Spiritking, Ouyang Yangwen, and Xiong Zhong had all remained in seclusion. Receival protectors were stationed on the peak of the World Mountains and elders would come and check on the situation from time to time.

During those three years, the protectors had been split into five groups. The groups would cooperate with a few elders and attack the divine hall on the Tian Yuan Continent. Their attacks failed to make the tunnel collapse at all. The tunnel remained stable at all times, but the tunnel was not stable enough to endure the shockwaves of battle between Returnance experts and Reciprocity experts were still unable to enter it.

A few changes had happened on the Tian Yuan Continent as well. These changes mainly happened with the four huge cracks that spanned the continent. Each crack was several dozen kilometers wide and was bottomless. They had become four raging rivers now, forming quite an obstruction to many experts who had not become Heaven Saint Masters. Transportation over water and air was set up to cross the four raging rivers. They were crucial to many weaker fighters who needed to traverse the rivers. Huge ships were present everywhere along the rivers as well.

There were also many flying magical beasts, who flew quickly through the air. Several or even several dozen fighters would be present on each magical beast’s back. Most of the magical beasts were raised by a few organizations and were valuable tools of transport between the two banks of the river. They were expensive to use and could not be afforded by regular people.

The supreme divine hall continued to block the entrance to the tunnel. The ruins of Mercenary City were nearby and were also the center of the great battle that had occurred in the past, so the divine hall stood where the four rivers intersected.

However, powerful pulses of energy and a terrifying pressure permeated the surrounding hundred kilometers around the tunnel. They pushed the water away, so the cracks were empty there. The surrounding thousand kilometers was labeled a forbidden zone as well. Only Sainthood experts could enter the forbidden zone.

Heavy booms constantly rang out from the supreme divine hall over the past three years, going on for days on end. They were audible several thousand kilometers away and sometimes could be heard tens of thousand kilometers away. The people in the surroundings had grown accustomed to the sound, so they no longer found it strange.
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