Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1594: One Against Seven
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1594: One Against Seven

Chapter 1594: One Against Seven

“Impossible, impossible, this is impossible. You were weaker than me twenty years ago and only possessed the battle prowess of someone barely at late Returnance. It’s impossible for your strength to change so much in just two short decades.” Ouyang Yangwen closely stared at Jian Chen. There was an uncontainable amount of shock and fear in his eyes.

“Were you hiding your strength before?” Ouyang Yangwen asked. He was extremely grim. He refused to believe that someone could increase his or her strength so drastically in just twenty years without origin energy.

This rate of improvement was just far too shocking. Even their Spiritking, the most impressive genius in all of history, could not have improved his strength so quickly.

“Sob, big brother, you’ve finally returned! I knew you would return. So many people said that you abandoned us and went to the Saints’ World,” Xiao Ling cried as she arrived beside Jian Chen. She clung to his arm while choking back her tears.

The people who had once said that Jian Chen had abandoned them revealed distraught expressionz. They became filled with regret and uneasiness, afraid that Jian Chen would look into the matter. After all, what they had said before was heresy. They were slandering a sovereign that had once assisted them.

Jian Chen looked at Xiao Ling with gentle eyes and he could not help but reveal his adoration for her. He said, “Xiao Ling, I would never abandon you all. It’s been tough for you these years. Leave the rest to me.”

Xiao Ling firmly nodded. She looked at Ouyang Yangwen furiously and unhappily said, “Brother, that baddie is so evil. He injured brother Xiao Jing and everyone else and wanted to kill us. You have to teach him a lesson for us.”

Jian Chen rubbed Xiao Ling’s head and gently said, “Don’t worry, Xiao Ling. I will never let Ouyang Yangwen off. I’ll teach him a lesson right now.” With that, Jian Chen slowly raised his head and faced Ouyang Yangwen. A frigid killing intent radiated from him.

Ouyang Yangwen had mostly recovered after consuming an extremely precious medicine. The vanished flesh on his chest had regrown. Ouyang Yangwen immediately felt his heart tighten when he saw Jian Chen staring at him. He said with a deep voice, “In just two short decades, his strength has reached a level we can’t match. He must have used a power that didn’t belong to him earlier. We may not know where he obtained this power, but he definitely can’t use it for long, and it’ll be gone for good after he uses it. Let’s get into the Seven Killings Formation to deal with him.”

“Since the power doesn’t belong to him, let’s use the formation to pool our power together and waste away the thing that does not belong to him,” Xiong Zhong agreed with Ouyang Yangwen. He did not believe that Jian Chen could elevate his own strength to such a level in such a short amount of time because it was just too unbelievable.

Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen worked together once more, jumping into their positions for the Seven Killings Formation with the five Returnance elders behind them. Even though Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen were sworn rivals, they now feared Jian Chen and his new found power, so they temporarily placed their personal differences aside without any hesitation and chose to work together.

The seven Origin realm experts from the foreign world immediately pooled their powers together by using the Seven Killings Formation. They erupted with a surging might. Just the presence that formed made space collapse and the ground sink. At that moment, the entire world seemed to shake in fear.

The presence was just too powerful. It had far exceeded early Reciprocity, reaching mid Reciprocity. It had exceeded the limits of what the surroundings could endure.

“Seven as one, Seven Killings Sword!”

The seven Origin realm experts yelled together. All of them were extremely stern as they let the origin energy within them surge out without any restraint. A blood-red sword Qi that was thirty meters wide condensed above them. It let out a demonic-red light and gave off shocking ripples of energy, ripping through space and causing huge cracks to form in the surroundings.

At that moment, the entire world dimmed. The scorching sun lost its color while the stars stopped twinkling. The entire sky was filled with spatial cracks, which eas a shocking and terrifying sight to behold.

All the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent became extremely stern. They could sense just how terrifying the energy hidden within the blood-red sword Qi was. It truly could destroy the world. If the energy inside the sword erupted, there would be nothing left of the continent.

“Mu’er, guard the continent,” Jian Chen said with a heavy voice. His eyes were extremely cold while his killing intent for the foreign experts grew.

The Tian Yuan Continent was fragile. Just battles between Saint Emperors would heavily damage the continent, let alone a combined attack formed by seven Origin realm experts. If the sword Qi erupted, the Tian Yuan Continent would definitely experience an apocalypse.

Shangguan Mu’er also understood the severity of the situation. Without any hesitation, she immediately sat down and began to rapidly play her zither. She did not use her music to control the souls of the Origin realm experts. Her strength had increased drastically, having reached mid Reciprocity, but the people she faced were not weak. There were five Returnance and two Reciprocity experts. It was not impossible for her to control the seven of them with her music, but she could not achieve control in a single moment. She needed to charge up, but she clearly did not have enough time right now, so she chose to use another method.

As she played the zither, huge ripples appeared in space. Each ripple was several dozen meters thick and stretched as far as the eye could see. From afar, they looked like the strings of a zither that had been enlarged countless times.

As the ripples in space rapidly spread out, they formed a huge ring, which enveloped a region that was ten thousand kilometers away. Shangguan Mu’er seemed to have formed a cave, fencing off this region and making it a whole different world.

At the same time, the seven Origin realm experts used the formation. The blood-red sword Qi shot toward Jian Chen with lightning-like speed. It possessed a mighty and devastating presence. Its terrifying pressure caused the many Sainthood experts of the Tian Yuan Continent to spit blood from their mouths. Even Saint Kings struggled to protect themselves from the terrifying pressure.

Jian Chen coldly snorted while his gaze became extremely frigid. He used his fingers as a sword. A dazzling light gathered from the surroundings, condensing into a strand of sword Qi in a single moment. He took a step and suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the blood-red sword Qi. He stabbed the red sword Qi with the white sword Qi in his hand.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》