Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1597: God-slaying Formation
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1597: God-slaying Formation

Chapter 1597: God-slaying Formation

Jian Chen had expected this long ago. His face did not change at all and his Chaotic Force went into a rampage at that moment. It condensed into a sword Qi in his right hand that was the size of a regular sword but radiated a destructive presence. At the same time, a dazzling sword Qi was condensed from the Way of the Sword as well. It fused with the Chaotic Force and produced pulses of a destructive energy. This was Jian Chen’s eighth layer Chaotic Force and his comprehension at the major achievement of Sword Origin. Either power by itself possessed a shocking might, so fusing them together made the attack extremely terrifying.

As Jian Chen stabbed out, the entire world trembled. The space at the top of the World Mountains shattered while the mysterious power that permeated its surroundings completely dispersed. The lightning in the surroundings collapsed before it could even escape from Jian Chen’s attack.

Jian Chen’s strike had exceeded mid Reciprocity and reached late Reciprocity. At the same time, the attack contained the power of laws from the Way of the Sword, so it was extraordinary when compared to the attacks of other late Reciprocity experts.

The sword Qi collided with the pillar of energy, which had been created by close to forty Origin realm experts, and immediately erupted with a boom. The strike was extremely terrifying, causing space to shatter. The entire mountain range violently shook as countless boulders fell. The mountain range they fought on was not just any old mountain range. This mountain range was the shockingly tough World Mountains, which did not become severely damaged from the aftermath of that attack.

However, the tremors of the mountain caused a huge reaction across the entire world. As the mountains violently shook, the entire World of Forsaken Saints experienced a great earthquake, causing countless mountains around the world to fall and collapse. The ground fissured as well.

The World Mountains were the heart of the World of Forsaken Saints. Any disturbances at the heart would directly affect the rest of the world.

The pillar of energy from all the Origin realm experts dispersed as a terrifying pulse of power. All of them could not help but stagger back as the power swept toward them, forcing them to pale as blood flowed from the corner of their mouths. Jian Chen’s long hair only drifted in the air. He made his way out of the tunnel step by step, withstanding the terrifying pulse of power. The sword Qi in his hand had not dispersed yet, but its flickering light had dulled.

All the Origin realm experts stared at the unscathed Jian Chen while their hearts churned. Even Ouyang Yangwen, Xiong Zhong, and the five other elders were unable to keep composed. After all, all the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints had worked together this time. The power they had displayed had approached, or had even reached, late Reciprocity, yet such an attack had failed to even leave a mark on Jian Chen. They struggled to believe their eyes.

Suddenly, Jian Chen disappeared from where he had been standing. He charged toward Ouyang Yangwen as a blur. His eyes were cold while a powerful killing intent poured out uncontrollably. The temperature of the surroundings suddenly plummeted.

Ouyang Yangwen had injured Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin on the Tian Yuan Continent. He had injured Tie Ta and the white tiger. Jian Chen’s sister had even become heavily injured because of him, and, this time in particular, all the Origin realm experts on the Tian Yuan Continent probably would have been slain by him if Jian Chen had not made it back in time. As a result, Jian Chen’s killing intent for Ouyang Yangwen was sky high.

“Get into the God-slaying Formation!”

As Jian Chen charged toward Ouyang Yangwen, Xiong Zhong yelled out. His voice was slightly faster than the time Jian Chen took to arrive before Ouyang Yangwen.

Jian Chen brushed by Ouyang Yangwen. As a blur, he sent the sword Qi in his hand toward Ouyang Yangwen’s head. The sword Qi passed through Ouyang Yangwen’s head without any obstructions. It did not even manage to draw blood. Ouyang Yangwen’s figure faded in front Jian Chen, completely disappearing all together. The Origin realm experts from the World Mountains also vanished. Jian Chen no longer stood in the World of Forsaken Saints but in a hazy space.

“The space of a formation,” Jian Chen sighed in surprise as he looked around emotionlessly. The World of Forsaken Saints sure had an impressive heritage, far greater than what the Tian Yuan Continent had. They even had formations that could be used by Origin realm experts.

At this moment, a powerful sword Qi shot out of nowhere, heading toward Jian Chen while filled with a devastating power.

The power contained in the sword Qi had reached mid Reciprocity, nearing late Reciprocity.

Moreover, it was not a single sword Qi. After it appeared, the surroundings violently twisted once again, and soon after the first, a second, third, and fourth appeared, until there was nine of them. Each sword Qi radiated with a devastating presence and was equivalent to the first sword Qi in terms of power.

The nine strands of sword Qi filled the surroundings, trapping Jian Chen. A supreme sword intent radiated out and permeated the space around him. Suddenly, the nine strands of sword Qi all let out a resplendent light before shooting toward Jian Chen, as if they could destroy everything.

“The power is only slightly weaker than late Reciprocity. My Chaotic Body at the eighth layer is equivalent to the peak of early Reciprocity. If I add my Way of the Sword, there are barely any late Reciprocity experts that are my opponent,” Jian Chen murmured, feeling at ease. Deep interest filled his eyes. His soul had already reached late Reciprocity, so the imperfect space was obviously unable to keep his senses trapped. He had expanded his soul outside and could clearly see the formation. It had been created on an ancient formation diagram. Ouyang Yangwen and the others all used the diagram to form the formation.

The moment the nine sword Qi shot out, all the Origin realm experts taking part in the formation paled. At that moment, a third of the origin energy within them was drained by the formation.

The God-slaying Formation was obtained by the Spiritking after breaking through the seal in the very depths of the Sacred Spirit Hall, which he then passed onto them. If they pushed its power to the limits, they could kill gods, but they had not fully grasped the intricacies of the formation yet, and with their limited strength, they were unable to push the formation to the limits, which is why the toll exacted on them was so harsh. They only had enough in them for three attacks, and after that, they would be out of power.

“I refuse to believe that Jian Chen can survive. Although this God-slaying Formation is rarely used, it can heavily injure late Reciprocity experts, possibly even kill them,” said Ouyang Yangwen coldly. As soon as he thought about how Jian Chen had fended off all the Origin realm experts earlier, he shivered inside.

Ouyang Yangwen had never thought that Jian Chen’s strength would grow to the point where he could only look up to him after twenty years.

“We can only use three attacks. If we fail to kill him after these three attacks, we can only rely on the Spiritking. I wonder if the Spiritking has received our message,” Xiong Zhong said in an extremely grim voice.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》