Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1598: The Spiritking Appears
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1598: The Spiritking Appears

Chapter 1598: The Spiritking Appears

Many of the protectors and elders became bitter inside when they heard what Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen had said. They all felt extremely indignant.

Twenty years ago, the overall strength of the Tian Yuan Continent was nothing in their eyes. If it were not for the extraordinarily powerful divine hall that had suddenly appeared, they would have conquered the other world already, but they would never have thought that their world would actually be forced into such a state twenty years later, where they had to pool all their power into a formation to temporarily stop Jian Chen. If the formation collapsed and the Spiritking did not appear, all of them would probably die.

It had just been twenty years, yet the situation had drastically changed. Many of the Origin realm experts from the foreign world were unable to accept the new situation even now.

A huge statue stood in the depths of the third floor of the Sacred Spirit Hall. Its eyes had been destroyed, replaced by two sword slashes. A gate that seemed like a Space Gate was hidden within the statue’s eyes and it seemed to lead to a wonderland. The origin energy was several times denser than the outside world.

A middle-aged man sat in the wonderland and cultivated. His appearance was nothing special, but a terrifying presence, enough to make the world to shake, radiated from him unconsciously. It shot into the air, and just a wave of his hand would have been enough to collapse an entire region of space. His presence was terrifyingly great.

The middle-aged man was the Spiritking, the strongest existence that had ever appeared in the World of Forsaken Saints in all of history.

At this moment, the Spiritking slowly opened his eyes. His face was neutral, bearing no particular emotions at all. He indifferently glanced at the world around him and only spoke after a while of silence. “The laws of this world are incomplete, and there seems to be a hidden restriction. Is it really impossible to reach Godhood in this world? Am I unable to truly reach that realm even after comprehending laws and grasping the key to Godhood?

“After twenty years of cultivation, my strength has reached late Reciprocity. I have arrived at the very peak of Reciprocity, but I still can’t break through to Godhood. Can I only truly reach Godhood after venturing to the Saints’ World?

“The World of Forsaken Saints isn’t a real world after all. After unlocking the secrets of the Spiritsages hidden here, I agreed to senior He Tu request and will take the Spiritsages back to the Saints’ World, but the tunnel to the Saints’ World is in the other world. Since I can’t break through, continuing my seclusion is pointless. It’s time for me to leave…”

The Spiritking murmured quietly. At this moment, his face suddenly changed, and with a flip of his hand, a simple medallion appeared. It was rapidly flashing with a dazzling red light.

The Spiritking frowned. “This is a message of the highest priority. This is only used when something extremely significant has happened. What’s happened?”

With that, the Spiritking vanished from the miniature world. As if he had teleported, he reappeared inside the Sacred Spirit Hall…

Nine extremely sharp sword Qi condensed around Jian Chen, who was in the formation space. With a single thought, Jian Chen’s nine sword Qi turned into streaks of light and shot toward the strands of sword Qi that had been condensed by the formation with lightning-like speed.

With a boom, a total of eighteen strands of sword Qi collided and produced a terrifying force. They made the realm of the formation violently shake.

The many Origin realm experts who took part in the formation all jerked. They all grunted while blood oozed from the corner of the protectors’ mouths.

“Quick, the second attack!” Ouyang Yangwen was extremely grim and immediately ordered everyone to use the second attack. The Spiritking was not present right now, so if they could not stop Jian Chen, they would all face the true threat of death.

All the Origin realm experts gritted their teeth. A sliver of madness filled their eyes as they channeled their origin energy into the formation for a second attack.

However, Jian Chen did not give them any time to form the second attack. He used his Chaotic Force and Way of the Sword to condense a sword Qi over a meter long and shot it at the space above him.


Jian Chen’s attack had reached the level of late Reciprocity, clearly exceeding the limits of the formation space. With a great boom, the entire formation collapsed.

The formation was destroyed so quickly not because the God-slaying Formation was not powerful. Instead, Ouyang Yangwen and the others had only grasped part of it, and with their limited strength, the formation that was known to slay gods could only demonstrate limited power. The formation was powerful enough to easily kill early and even mid Reciprocity experts, but it was useless against late Returnance.

As soon as the formation was destroyed, all the Origin realm experts experienced an extremely great backlash. They all spat out blood, staring at Jian Chen in shock as he emerged from the formation.

Jian Chen took to the sky, and above him hovered an ancient scroll, giving off a strange presence. He grabbed the scroll and could clearly see three words on it—God-slaying Formation. The ancient scroll was crucial to using the formation.

Jian Chen did not study the scroll in great detail. He casually placed it into his Space Ring. He knew that it was an ancestral treasure and could even kill gods when its true power was demonstrated.

Jian Chen then condensed a strand of sword Qi in his hand and aggressively charged toward Ouyang Yangwen without any hesitation.

Ouyang Yangwen’s face drastically changed and he rapidly retreated. At the same time, a blood-red world was conjured behind him. A blood-red sun and crescent moon replaced each other. He was using his secret technique.

Xiong Zhong moved at the same time, using the same secret technique, copying Ouyang Yangwen. The secret technique was the most powerful attack they possessed. They had run out of choices while facing Jian Chen, so they could only put up a desperate last stand.

Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen used all three forms of the secret technique at the same time, but the attacks were nothing to Jian Chen since the two of them were only early Reciprocity experts.

Jian Chen tore through their secret techniques like a hot knife through butter. The sword Qi in his hand glowed with a dazzling white light as he stabbed it toward Ouyang Yangwen’s forehead without any hesitation at all.

“Jian Chen!” At this moment, a heavy voice reverberated through the surroundings. It smashed through the sky like a clap of thunder. Following the voice was a terrifying sword Qi, which permeated the surroundings. On the horizon, a dark metal sword shot toward the World Mountains a the speed of lightning, tearing through space. It had reached an unimaginable speed, reaching the top of the World Mountains in a single moment. It shot toward Jian Chen with a terrifying presence.

Wherever the sword passed, the space behind it collapsed, becoming pitch-black. It left a trail of darkness behind it. It looked like a black line was being drawn across the world from afar.

“It’s the Spiritking!” Jian Chen jumped to a conclusion and immediately became stern. With the arrival of the Spiritking, the stab Jian Chen was sending toward Ouyang Yangwen paused, but it soom continued on. He was extremely determined in killing Ouyang Yangwen.

However, Ouyang Yangwen managed to use everything he had to dodge the fatal strike because Jian Chen paused for a second. However, his arm was chopped off by Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

Jian Chen’s eyes were icy-cold and killing intent still lingered inside them. He formed a seal with one of his hands and the Zi Ying Sword on his back thrummed, flying out as a dazzling streak of violet light. It went to receive the dark metal sword without any fear. As the Zi Ying Sword shot away, the sky rumbled. Large regions of space collapsed wherever the Zi Ying Sword went. It radiated a supreme sword Qi, which filled the surroundings and conflicted with the Spiritking’s sword Qi. Its influence on the surroundings was no weaker than the metal sword.
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