Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1603: A Battle to the Death
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1603: A Battle to the Death

Chapter 1603: A Battle to the Death

The Spiritking was rapidly pushed back by the golden sword Qi in outer space. He was pushed away so quickly that a golden comet appeared to cross the sky, crossing a great distance in a single moment.

Jian Chen ran through space. He was not slow as he pursued the Spiritking with his entire strength. However, the golden sword Qi moved much quicker than him, causing the distance between him and the Spiritking to widen.

“I never thought he would know such a great ability.” The Spiritking was shocked inside. While he was being pushed back by the golden sword Qi, he was unable to move his body since the sword Qi was moving too quickly. He could only wait as he was pushed further and further away.

If it were not for the tip of his sword, which was still pressing against the golden sword Qi, he probably would have been pierced by the sword Qi.

The mysterious power in the metal sword rapidly ate away the golden sword Qi, causing its power to drastically decline. Finally, the golden sword Qi weakened. The Spiritking put some force into his right arm and the tip of the metal sword jerked. With a great push, the Spiritking moved to one side and avoided the rest of the sword Qi.

The golden sword Qi continued on without slowing down at all, continuing toward the starry depths. In the end, the residual sword Qi struck the moon with a boom and caused it to shake violently. The sword Qi pierced through the body of the moon and emerged on the other side. The power of the attack was just shocking and terrifying.

Everyone clearly watched a golden streak of light cross the sky above the Tian Yuan Continent. All of them immediately became deeply astounded when they saw the streak of light penetrate the moon.

The battle prowess at Godhood was unbelievable. If experts at Godhood went all out without restraining themselves, destroying a planet would not be a problem.

Jian Chen ran through space while the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force filled his body. All his wounds rapidly healed. He had already recovered from most of them by now.

“Sword-breaker can counter all sword moves in the world. I never thought you’d know something like that.” A violet light revolved around Jian Chen as he coldly spoke while staring at the Spiritking in interest.

However, Jian Chen was nowhere near as calm as he seemed on the surface. Underneath, his heart churned. The technique used by the Spiritking had made him remember the figure he had tried to forget the most. That figure had created the Sword-breaker, which could be used to counter all sword moves in the world. The difference in power between the Spiritking and the person Jian Chen knew was like heaven and earth. One targeted sword moves used by mortals while the other contained devastating power, but the Sword-breaker used by the Spiritking actually made him feel a sliver of familiarity.

The Spiritking also stared at Jian Chen with great interest. A gleam of light flickered through his eyes when he heard what Jian Chen said. He coldly replied, “Just as I expected. Jian Chen, it really is you.”

Jian Chen’s heart began to billow the moment he heard the Spiritking speak. At that moment, he had never felt more shocked. During the several decades he had spent in this world, his astoundment had never been so intense.

“This is our battle to the death. I’d like to see if you can defeat me this time.” The Spiritking’s presence soaring. At that moment, he erupted with great battle intent, greater than anything he had ever displayed in his life. He revealed his entire strength to engage in a battle to the death with Jian Chen.

“Form-breaker!” The Spiritking yelled while his metal sword shot toward Jian Chen with a mysterious power. Everything in the surroundings fell silent the moment the Spiritking attacked while all the stars dimmed. The attack possessed a wondrous power. It could destroy everything, targeting everything with a form.

“Taiyi Sword Technique!” At the same time, Jian Chen struck out. He fused his body and soul with his sword and condensed a strand of sword Qi from his body, using it as a sword. He charged toward the Spiritking without any fear.

The collision of the two people resulted in a devastating boom. Terrifying energy splattered in all directions, causing a huge hole across countless kilometers of space to form. The laws of the world in the hole became jumbled, and the two of them were engulfed in a huge crack, making them disappear.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking emerged with lightning-like speed from the dark hole. They stood opposing one another several dozen kilometers away. They were both covered in blood, but Jian Chen’s wounds were even more severe than the Spiritking’s injuries. A huge hole had been punched through his body while the Spiritking possessed several terrifying slashes that bled constantly.

His Form-breaker was an extremely powerful attack. It was a counter to everything with a form, thus, able to destroy everything in the world. It was countless times more powerful than Sword-breaker.

“A Will that Splits the Heavens: The Sword Shakes and Stars Shatter!” The Spiritking cried out. His cry was so loud that it reverberated through outer space. The metal sword began to tremble violently as a ring of visible ripples appeared. It rapidly expanded toward Jian Chen with a devastating power. The meteors that came in contact with the ripple, some of which were over ten kilometers away, actually shattered, turning into dust.

Jian Chen was grim. He felt an extremely intense sense of threat from the ripple, even greater than the threat he felt from Form-breaker. He did not doubt that he would instantly shatter into pieces even with his eight layer Chaotic Body if the ripple reached him. He would turn into dust just like the meteors.

As the ripple expanded, an even larger region of space was engulfed and sealed off, preventing Jian Chen from dodging.

The attacks from the Spiritking were becoming more and more powerful.

However, Jian Chen did not fear them. He had not spent twenty years cultivating to only elevate his Chaotic Body to the eighth layer. He had also grasped various sword techniques, which were on a whole different level. At the same time, every single sword technique was more powerful than his Sky-severing Strike.

“Linear Lightning Release!” With Jian Chen’s voice, he turned into the sword. He shot off, like a loose arrow, in a resplendent violet light and a deep, thunderous boom. He surged forward like dazzling lightning, where each bolt was several meters thick. They possessed great power as they licked the surrounding space, dancing about like snakes. The bolts caused space to cave in as Jian Chen viciously shot toward the ripple.

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to have become a bolt of lightning. He moved incomparably fast, appearing to break free from the limits of time and space. He arrived before the ripple in a single moment and collided with it. The lightning immediately distorted and several bolts were put out. Jian Chen’s body shook and he became extremely pale. He even vomited blood while his Chaotic Body showed signs of collapse, revealing cracks.

However, the ripple rapidly disintegrated after Jian Chen’s collision as a lightning bolt. Jian Chen vomited blood as he continued on at a supreme speed, flickering with lightning and shooting toward the Spiritking.

Jian Chen moved far too fast. He had truly reached the speed of lightning, arriving before the Spiritking in a single moment. The Zi Ying Sword stabbed the Spiritking in the chest, reemerging on the other side. However, since Jian Chen was moving unbelievably fast, he lost control and collided with the Spiritking, which immediately resulted in a deafening boom. The two of them flew off like meteors.

The Spiritking vomited blood. He had become heavily injured. His injuries did arise from Jian Chen’s sword, but from the collision.

The Spiritking felt like he had been hit by a mountain the moment Jian Chen struck him. The power was immense. His entire frame groaned from the strain while his organs tossed and turned like waves.

Jian Chen was not any better off either. He had been injured from the ripple and his Chaotic Body had almost crumbled. He was even more injured now.

However, he had no other choice. He had only recently grasped the technique, so he was still slightly unfamiliar with using it. He was unable to control his speed, which was why he collided with the Spiritking like a cannonball after stabbing him.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》