Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1608: Impending Crisis
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1608: Impending Crisis

Chapter 1608: Impending Crisis

The evil spirit moved in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent at full speed through the depths of space. The space in front of it seemed to fold up as it flew, causing the red streak of light to blink forward every time it broke through a fold. It would cross an extremely vast distance in a single moment.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking healed as quickly as they could. Their eyes were fixated on the depths of space as they carefully sensed the evil spirit’s location. They were grim.

The evil spirit moved very quickly, but it was extremely far away from the Tian Yuan Continent. It would need some time if it wanted to arrive.

Six hours later, Jian Chen recovered from his wounds first and returned to peak condition. However, the Spiritking was not as quick as Jian Chen even after consuming two precious pills. He had only healed half his wounds.

The Spiritking looked at Jian Chen again when Jian Chen had completely healed. There was some uncontainable shock on his face. He knew that Jian Chen healed very quickly, but he had never thought Jian Chen would heal so fast. He had used six short hours to recover from such heavy wounds.

“Shan Jian, you heal too slowly. We don’t have much time left, so I’ll help you out.” Jian Chen stood up and spoke from very far away. Afterward, he took a step into the air and walked over, arriving before the Spiritking in just a few steps. The origin energy of Class 9 Radiant Saint Force condensed in his hand before he slowly pressed it against the Spiritking’s shoulder.

The Spiritking was cautious, but he did not turn down Jian Chen’s good intentions. However, his caution did not decrease at all. Even when he was covered with the dense, gentle, milky-white light, he did not relax in the slightest.

The Spiritking could clearly feel that his wounds were actually healing much faster than with just the pills alone. This secretly shocked him. Only now did he really sense just how powerful Radiant Saint Force origin energy was. Although the power did not possess many offensive capabilities, its rate of healing was equivalent to consuming a divine pill.

The Spiritking made a full recovery very quickly with Jian Chen’s assistance. It was also at this time that Jian Chen took out the God-slaying Formation scroll he had obtained in the foreign world from his Space Ring. He said, “Since this is called the God-slaying Formation, it must be something designed to kill gods. Shen Jian, you know this God-slaying Formation better than me. If you get all the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints to work with all the Origin realm experts from my world, how much power can it display?”

The Spiritking looked at the scroll and said, “Since the God-slaying Formation is with you, Ouyang Yangwen must have used it against you. You should also understand the power of the formation. Although the formation can easily kill Godkings if all of its power is displayed, the strength it requires to kill a Godking incredible. Now that Ouyang Yangwen is dead, my world has lost a Reciprocity expert. Even if all the elders and protectors from my world work with your Origin realm experts, it’ll probably be very difficult to reach the level of Godhood. The gap between the Origin realm and Godhood is extremely large and cannot be overcome so easily. We’ve only been able to achieve our stauses by comprehending the Way of the Sword.”

“Looks like only the two of us can take part in this battle. No one else will be able to help,” Jian Chen said gruffly. The upcoming battle was one that belonged to the realm of Godhood. Origin realm experts would not have the power to take part.

Triggering the power of the God-slaying Formation depended on cultivation and had nothing to do with battle prowess. Jian Chen and the Spiritking were both at Reciprocity in terms of cultivation, so if they activated the God-slaying Formation, the power demonstrated would roughly be the same as their regular battle prowess.

After a moment of silence, Jian Chen continued, “This is a crisis of the world. If we can make it through, our worlds will continue to thrive, but if we can’t, then both our worlds will be completely annihilated. We’ve basically reached the end of the line now. We have to use everything we have in these desperate times. The God-slaying Formation may not be able to kill gods, but it might be of great use at a certain, crucial time.”

The Spiritking could obviously understand what Jian Chen was saying. He wanted to get all the Origin realm experts of the two worlds and maybe even some Saint Emperors to use the God-slaying Formation. As this was related to the survival of the two worlds, the Spiritking obviously did not mind. He stood up and said, “You’re right. I’ll go to the World of Forsaken Saints to get all the elders and protectors. You can handle your Origin realm experts.” With that, the Spiritking left, directly heading back to the World of Forsaken Saints.

Time was tight right now. They did not have much time left now, so they needed to get everything prepared as soon as possible.

Jian Chen also left, but he did not return to the Tian Yuan Continent. Instead, he went to the World of Forsaken Saints with the Spiritking because Shangguan Mu’er was still there.

When Jian Chen and the Spiritking passed through, Shangguan Mu’er was still fighting against the elders and protectors. They fought an extremely intense battle, causing the World Mountains to constantly tremble. The entire world had darkened from the fighting.

The simultaneous return of Jian Chen and the Spiritking stopped the battle very soon. Without saying much, Jian Chen immediately left the World of Forsaken Saints with Shangguan Mu’er.

“Jian Chen, how did your battle with the Spiritking go?” As they traveled through the tunnel, Shangguan Mu’er looked at Jian Chen in concern.

Jian Chen gently held Shangguan Mu’er hand in the tunnel. He grimly said, “We ended in a draw, but it’s no longer about the battle against the foreign world anymore. The evil power in the Yinyang Saint Rock has broken free early and is currently heading toward the Tian Yuan Continent. We’re currently facing an unprecedented crisis. I’ve struck an agreement with the Spiritking already. We will work together against the evil power.”

Shangguan Mu’er’s face suddenly changed. She was familiar with the evil power sealed in the Yinyang Saint Rock. No matter how much her strength had increased, she always felt chills whenever she was near it. This was still the case even though she was at the peak of mid Reciprocity right now.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》