Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1609: Working Together
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1609: Working Together

Chapter 1609: Working Together

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er returned to the Tian Yuan Continent. A deafening cheer came from the experts of the four races the moment they appeared. They did not know about the situation of the foreign world, nor did they know whether Jian Chen emerged victorious or not. However, they had seen just how intense their human sovereign had fought against the Spiritking. The shattered moon was the best evidence.

No one knew who ended up victorious in the fight between Jian Chen and the Spiritking, including the Origin realm experts, but they all knew that Jian Chen was now powerful enough to stand up to the Spiritking. Their Tian Yuan Continent had truly gained the power to keep the World of Forsaken Saints at bay.

Jian Chen extended his hands and made the crowd quiet down. He did not say much and only commanded all the Origin realm experts of the four races to gather in the supreme divine hall.

Jian Chen told all the Origin realm experts about the evil power, without hiding anything at all, in the supreme divine hall, causing the silence of death to sink in. All their joy and excitement had vanished in a single moment.

“We’ve also sensed the presence from deep outer space. I never thought it would be a crisis of the world,” Feng Xiaotian said sternly.

“The power is very great. Even with my battle prowess at Godhood, I am not confident I can defeat it, so I’ve struck an alliance with the Spiritking to face it with the power of two worlds,” Jian Chen said grimly as he slowly glanced at everyone.

The divine hall immediately fell silent. Everyone looked at each other. Many of them found this to mirror a drama. They had started out as mortal enemies with the World of Forsaken Saints, yet in the blink of an eye, they had to work together. The changes were so great that they would find it hard to adapt for some time.

However, most of them remained silence because of the impending crisis. The existence of the crisis would force the two worlds to temporarily put their differences aside and work together. They had to stand together, making it quite obvious just how terrifying the crisis was.

“Jian Chen, the fur of the Winged Tiger God contains a great secret. You can use it to comprehend Mo Tianyun’s Way of Slaughter. It’s just been a pity that we’ve tried comprehending it for years, yet no one’s gained anything. Your talent is better than ours, so if you comprehend the Way of Slaughter, you should have a better chance against the evil power,” said Houston. He also mentioned the shocking secret that maybe Mo Tianyun was the Winged Tiger God.

“Big brother, it’s with me. I’ll give it you you.” Xiao Ling passed the white fur to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen accepted the white beast fur. As his soul entered it, his consciousness was immediately taken to the world within, experiencing the same thing that Houston and the others had gone through.

Jian Chen’s consciousness slowly returned to him a while later. Even though what he saw inside surprised him slightly, he remained extremely calm. What surprised him was the Way of Slaughter that Mo Tianyun had left in the beast fur and not the possibility that Mo Tianyun was the Winged Tiger God.

Jian Chen had already stumbled across the possibility long ago. He had searched through a large number of records in the Changyang protector clan to understand Mo Tianyun. In the end, he slowly deduced that Mo Tianyun might have been the Winged Tiger God, except he could never prove it.

“No wonder Xiao Ling suddenly said that I had Mo Tianyun’s presence when I first visited Mercenary City. I had not met Mo Tianyun back then and the only thing that was somewhat special was that white beast fur. The white beast fur bears Mo Tianyun’s presence, which is why Xiao Ling had mistaken me and thought I possessed Mo Tianyun’s presence,” thought Jian Chen. Now, he really felt rather glad that he had taken the beast fur that had been passed down through the Bi family into Mercenary City back then. The beast fur was the reason he ended up meeting Xiao Ling.

“I went to Mercenary City again after adopting the white tiger and Xiao Ling said that Mo Tianyun’s presence on me had become heavier. Looks like that was due to the white tiger. The white tiger’s presence might be extremely similar to Mo Tianyun, or maybe exactly the same. After that, the white tiger slowly grew up and learned how to keep its presence concealed, so Xiao Ling was unable to sense anything when the white tiger was present before Xiao Ling. Even if she did sense it, she wouldn’t have thought too much about it with her childlike mentality.”

Through the secret hidden within the beast fur, Jian Chen was even more certain that Mo Tianyun was the Winged Tiger God. However, he also knew that no matter how certain he was, the truth could not be confirmed until there was evidence.

“Jian Chen, is it difficult for you to comprehend Mo Tianyun’s Way of Slaughter?” Houston stared at Jian Chen. They, the Origin realm experts, would not be useful during this crisis. They all had to rely on Jian Chen, so they all wished that Jian Chen could become even more powerful at such a crucial time.

Jian Chen carefully folded up the beast fur and replied in a deep voice, “If you give me some time, I can comprehend the Way of Slaughter, but the evil power will descend on the Tian Yuan Continent very soon. There’s not nearly enough time.” Jian Chen sighed inside. He felt extremely helpless. His greatest trump card would be the Profound Sword Qi. He was confident that once he refined the first strand, his battle prowess would increase even more than if he comprehended the Way of Slaughter. Unfortunately, he just did not have the time. He did not even have the time to use a Comprehension Tea Leaf.

At this moment, violent energy suddenly spewed out from the tunnel connecting the two worlds. The tunnel suddenly began to tremble at that moment as well. Figures flickered in the depths of the tunnel as they slowly headed toward the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Oh now, the people from the World of Forsaken Saints are invading again.”

“What! Those bastards are coming again? Hmph, do they really think that our Tian Yuan Continent is a public park and that they can come and go as they please?”

“What’re you afraid of? Don’t forget that we now have sovereign Jian Chen. Sovereign Jian Chen is no weaker than the Spiritking, so we don’t need to fear the foreign world anymore.”

The changes to the tunnel were discovered as soon as they happened. The experts of the four races gathered on the Tian Yuan Continent did not pale in fear as if they were facing an apocalypse. Instead, they were all brimming with high spirits. They showed no fear at all as they all roared with battle intent. They rapidly got into formation, ready to receive the unwelcome guests.

Very soon, all the people exited the tunnel and appeared in the Tian Yuan Continent. There were not many of them, only around forty, but every single one of them gave off a terrifying presence. The surroundings shook even though they were just standing.

The fighters in the surroundings all became stunned at this sight. Their faces all changed. All the people who had emerged were Origin realm experts.

“Quick, report to sovereign Jian Chen!”

Someone immediately exclaimed.

However, before he had finished speaking, Jian Chen and the Origin realm experts all emerged from the supreme divine hall. Their appearance immediately made the people of the four races let out a sigh of relief.
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