Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1680: Movements Exposed
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1680: Movements Exposed

Chapter 1680: Movements Exposed

“Let’s see the two flying swords first,” Jian Chen said calmly. He was unable to use his twin swords in the Saints’ World, so he had to prepare another sword. Only like that could he muster all his strength. Although the twin swords were of extraordinary origins, they were not of a particularly high quality due to the lack of materials. They had barely reached medium quality immortal artifacts. As such, if he used another medium quality saint artifact, it would not affect his strength.

“Sir, we do have medium quality saint artifacts, but the price…” The old man behind the counter looked at Jian Chen hesitantly. Jian Chen and Shen Jian had even sold him first grade Truth Tier cultivation methods and battle skills. Just that was enough for him to tell that the two of them were not rich. How could they afford a medium quality saint artifact? Even if they took a look, it would just be a waste of a look.

Most importantly, he was unable to do anything about the matter, as the manager of Maple Leaf Pavilion was required to show them the medium quality saint artifacts.

Jian Chen’s face sank slightly, and his gaze immediately sharpened. He asked, “Are there requirements for just having a look at your medium quality saint artifacts?”

The old man immediately jerked from Jian Chen’s sharp gaze. Even his face changed drastically, becoming rather pale. He felt that Jian Chen’s gaze was like two extremely sharp swords. He felt like he had become surrounded by swords just from the gaze, making him feel a slight prickle all over him. It was like thousands of swords would pierce him with just a slight movement.

“Sir, please calm down, please calm down. I’ll go ask the manager, as the medium quality saint artifacts are stored on the highest floor of our pavilion. There are many formations there. Only the manager has the right to take you up there,” the old man said with a trembling voice. His forehead had already become drenched with cold sweat. He stared at Jian Chen fearfully. The old man had reached early Receival, so even peak Reciprocity experts were unable to pressure him so much from just a single stare.

“Godhood, he must have reached Godhood,” the old man was secretly shocked. Without any hesitation, he immediately went to contact the manager of Maple Leaf Pavilion.

Very soon, the old man returned with a white-clothed, scholarly, middle-aged man. Jian Chen could tell from a single glance that the middle-aged man was at early Reciprocity.

“I am Chu Fei, the manager of Maple Leaf Pavilion. Are you the two looking to buy medium quality saint artifacts?” The middle-aged man spoke to Jian Chen and Shen Jian enthusiastically and also studied them secretly. He discovered that he was unable to tell either of their strengths, so he immediately shivered inside. He behaved even more politely.

“We want to have a look,” said Jian Chen.

“Please come with me then,” the middle-aged man extended a hand to invite Jian Chen and Shen Jian, before directly taking them to the top floor of the pavilion.

The defences of the top floor were extremely tight. Layers of formations encircled one another, resulting in a combination of illusion formations, killing formations, and defensive formations. Even Jian Chen could not help but take a few extra glances.

“The defences here are so tough that even a Deity would have to take some time to get through them. If they end up trapped here, it won’t be enough to threaten their lives, but leaving will be an entirely different matter,” Jian Chen thought.

At this moment, the middle-aged man opened the formation with a secret technique and directly lead Jian Chen and Shen Jian in.

The fourth floor of the Maple Leaf Pavilion was extremely spacious. There were only six objects placed in the quiet room, unlike the first floor that was filled with various items.

Jian Chen glanced past them and discovered that basically, all six were weapons. There were three medium quality saint artifacts, while the remaining three were low quality saint artifacts that were close to being medium quality.

Jian Chen did not pay too much attention to the other saint artifacts. His eyes were fixated on the two medium quality saint artifact flying swords as if he had been drawn in by them.

Both of the swords were around the same size, 1.3 meters long and two fingers wide. One was completely fire-red and shone with red light as if flames were burning inside.

“This is a fire-attributed saint artifact. If experts who have comprehended the Laws of Fire uses it, their strength will be increased drastically. Of course, even if you’ve comprehended the laws of other attributes, you still can use this sword, but you won’t be able to use its full power,” the manager explained from one side. He was extremely enthusiastic. In reality, his attitude had undergone an overwhelming change after understanding that it was extremely likely for Jian Chen and Shen Jian to be Godhood experts.

Jian Chen’s gaze remained on the fire-attributed flying sword for a short while before losing interest. Then he looked towards the second flying sword.

The second sword was completely silver-white and covered by a hazy white glow. To no surprise, it had reached the fifth grade as a saint artifact. Meanwhile, the red sword was also a medium quality saint artifact, but only of the fourth grade.

“Manager Chu, may I inquire about the price of this sword?” Jian Chen stared at the flying sword and asked without looking away.

“The name of this sword is Flying Snow. It was personally forged by master blacksmith Xin Nong in the Dong’an province, and it is the most valuable item in our Maple Leaf Pavilion. It has been crowned the name of the treasure of our pavilion. Its price is a hundred thousand mid grade divine crystals,” replied the manager.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen said, “Manager Chu, can you put this Flying Snow sword on hold for me? I’ll come back a few days later to buy it.” A hundred thousand mid grade divine crystals were equivalent to ten million low grade divine crystal. Jian Chen only had a little more than a hundred thousand low grade divine crystals on him right now, so he had nowhere near enough to buy the sword.

However, he possessed the strength of a Godhood expert after all. He could even fight early Gods, so obtaining ten thousand mid grade divine crystals was only a matter of time.

“Of course I can. Actually, the Flying Snow sword has already been with our Maple Leaf Pavilion for over a thousand years now. It hasn’t been sold during that time, so leaving it here for a few decades wouldn’t be a problem at all. Looks like the Flying Snow sword will find its owner very soon now,” manager Chu said straightforwardly.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian left Maple Leaf City with their low grade divine crystals. Then they returned to the Mo clan on the flying vehicle provided to them.

On the vehicle, Jian Chen gave Shen Jian all the low grade divine crystals, assisting him in increasing his strength. Once Shen Jian reached mid Deity or late Deity, he would be prepared to move against the ancestor of the Lu family.

After the duo left the city, the manager of Maple Leaf Pavilion stood politely before the city lord of Maple Leaf City in the city lord’s estate. He told the city lord everything that had happened in Maple Leaf Pavilion earlier.

The city lord of Maple Leaf City was a dignified, middle-aged man. He vaguely gave off a unique, Godhood presence. After listening to the manager’s report, he sank into his thoughts temporarily.

“He only looked at the Flying Snow sword?” A while later, the city lord asked with a stately bearing.

“Yes, he was only interested in buying the Flying Snow Sword. He didn’t seem to have enough divine crystals on him, which was why he didn’t buy it. He got me to place it on hold, and he said that he would come back a few days later to buy it,” the manager responded politely.

The city lord waved his hand and said, “Alright, I understand. You can go.”

The manager was dismissed. After that, the city lord waved his hand and a jade mirror appeared. Through a series of hand seals, the jade mirror immediately began to flicker, and a while later, the patriarch of the Mo clan’s face appeared.

“Brother Mo, the Flying Snow sword in my Maple Leaf Pavilion caught the eyes of the two people you mentioned. Except their funds seemed low, so they did not buy it. Do you want the Flying Snow sword?” The city lord smiled towards the patriarch.

“Yes, of course, I want it. I’ll send people over to take it right now. However, brother Feng, we’ve been friends for thousands of years after all, so could you cut the price of the sword a little,” the patriarch of the Mo clan chuckled.

“Sure, sure…”

At the same time, a black figure silently appeared outside the location where the ancestor of the Lu family cultivated. He said politely, “Ancestor, there has been news about the two people you’re searching for. Recently, they appeared in Maple Leaf City, and they rode the flying ship from the Mo clan.”

Bang! A heavy sound rang out from the room, causing the ground to shake. The ancestor’s furious roars rang out from inside, “Mo clan, it really is you. I suspected that it would be you. I will never let you go. I will wipe out your entire clan.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》