Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1720: Uproar
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1720: Uproar

Chapter 1720: Uproar

The Mo clan and the Ando clan were not the only ones who had made prior arrangements about the information regarding Godking Duanmu’s jade. The Lu family had also made similar preparations. Soon after Lu Tian’s death, the news of Godking Duanmu’s jade caused an uproar in the Dong’an province.

Even for a smaller provincial city like the one in Dong’an province that did not even possess a single Overgod, the sudden news of a Godking’s dwelling really was hard to believe for a few people. There were even many people who doubted the validity of the matter and wondered if someone had nothing better to do than to tell tall tales. However, there were also some people who believed in the news vehemently, leaving the provincial city as soon as possible to go to the Mo clan and the Ando clan.

Many of the people among them were at Reciprocity. At the same time, there were a few Deities and even Gods.

However, these Gods did not belong to the powerful clans of the Dong’an province. They were Gods who came from other places.

Although they knew that they would not be able to participate in the fight for fortune even if the news of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling was true, they were unable to hold back their curiosity and were unable to stop themselves from heading there to have a look. At the same time, there were quite a few people among them who wanted to try their luck.

“News of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling has appeared in the Dong’an province. Pass this onto the clan immediately…”

“Immediately report the matter to the patriarch…”

“Godking Duanmu is a supreme Godking. Once you obtain Godking Duanmu’s legacy, your strength will definitely skyrocket. Even without his legacy, just the treasure he has left behind will be enough to rival kingdoms…”

“If someone in the Dong’an province obtains Godking Duanmu’s treasure, an Overgod will definitely appear in the Dong’an province, and they might even become a Godking. No, the treasure can’t end up with the people of the Dong’an province…”


Quite a few cultivators from various other regions who had come to the provincial city reported the news of Godking Duanmu’s jade to their superiors. They did not dare to waste any time at all, regardless of whether the matter was true or false.

At the same time, all the Gods in the eighteen powerful clans of the provincial city emerged from seclusion at the same time. Even a few Gods who were out journeying hurried back after receiving the news.

“Immediately send people to the Mo clan and the Ando clan to investigate the validity of this matter…”

“Investigate, immediately investigate this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, just investigate it. Go now and come back as soon as possible…”

“Deities are too slow. It’ll take quite some time for them to travel, so get Gods to go personally…”


Basically all the powerful clans in the Dong’an province passed the same orders at that moment. Even though many of them were doubtful towards the news, they were unable to remain composed before the news either. They were afraid it was true.

Three powerful presences permeated the Dark Cloud Mountains, enveloping the entire place. Each presence had reached the level of God.

The Huo family, Dong family, and Nanyun clan, the three most powerful clans of the Dong’an province, had stationed three Gods here. Even though they were only early Gods, not a single petty thief considered robbing the place with their presence.

‘Hmm? A Godking’s dwelling has appeared in the Dong’an province? And the key and exact location of the dwelling is in the hands of the Mo clan and the Ando clan?” At this moment, the eyes of the three Gods snapped open at the same time. Clearly, they had received the news from the provincial city. Without any hesitation, they immediately hurried off to the Mo clan and the Ando clan.

A dignified, middle-aged man in luxurious robes had lost his temper in a grand manor within the provincial city.

“Who is it? Who leaked the news of Godking Duanmu? Tell me, Zhan Yi. What is this all about? Why has it become like this? All the preparation I made across all these years have all gone down the drain.”

A black-clothed man stood before the middle-aged man. He seemed to have fused with the darkness, making it difficult to detect his presence without a careful glance.

“Patriarch, if I’ve guessed correctly, it should be the Lu family that leaked it,” said the man.

“The Lu family? Impossible. Why would the Lu family leak something so important to them?” The middle-aged man inquired loudly as his entire body trembled.

“Patriarch, the operation of the Lu family and the Ando clan against the Mo clan failed. Instead, the Lu family was defeated, and the Ando clan was captured. Lu Tian fell in battle. I am guessing that the news has been leaked due to the arrangements that Lu Tian made beforehand. He did this to stop the Mo clan and Ando clan from assembling Godking Duanmu’s pieces of jade together selfishly,” said Zhan Yi.

“What? Lu Tian and the Ando clan banded together against the Mo clan? Zhan Yi, why didn’t you tell me something so important sooner?” The middle-aged man had completely lost his temper. He no longer possessed his usual bearing.

“The Lu family and the Ando clan have been extremely cautious with their movements against the Mo clan. The people we’ve set up in their clans had no opportunity to pass on this information. I’ve only learnt about this recently as well,” said Zhan Yi.

“God dammit!” The middle-aged man paced back and forth in his room. His face became terrifyingly sunken as he complained, “I knew about Godking Duanmu’s jade long ago. With our clan’s strength, getting the three pieces of jade from the three clans would take no effort at all. I just didn’t want to raise the attention of the other clans in the Dong’an province, so I was never bold enough to move against the three clans openly, moving secretly in an attempt to obtain the three pieces of jade without raising anyone’s attention. I never thought that the news of the jade would be leaked instead and spread like wildfire, making it the talk of the town. It’s driving me insane,” the middle-aged man became more and more angered as he spoke. He directly slammed his hand on the table before him out of frustration, reducing the valuable piece of furniture to dust.

He was filled with regret.

If he had not worried so much that the other clans would learn about Godking Duanmu’s jade, the three pieces of jade would have ended up in his hands long ago.

“Patriarch, the ancestor wishes to see you,” at this moment, a female servant’s voice rang out.

The middle-aged man rapidly suppressed his anger when he heard that the ancestor wanted to see him and immediately left the place.
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