Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1726: Overgods Descend
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1726: Overgods Descend

Chapter 1726: Overgods Descend

“Even if I’m poisoned, I can still stop you from entering,” Jian Chen said coldly. He stood sturdily with an indomitable spirit, blocking the enemies all by himself.

The formations outside Godking Duamu’s dwelling had finally been activated. A Space Gate ripped open there, revealing the chaotic space inside. Everything was blurry.

“Quick, brother Jian Chen. Come!” Mo Ling’s voice rang out from afar.

The four Gods of the Wayner clan burned with desire. At that moment, the four of them could no longer bother with Jian Chen. They directly made their way around Jian Chen as they charged towards Godking Duanmu’s dwelling as fast as possible.

Even after suffering a backlash, Wayner Sen ignored his worsening condition and used a secret technique to charge towards the dwelling with his greatest speed.

“With me here, none of you will be entering the dwelling,” Jian Chen said coldly. He suppressed the poison within him as he blocked their path.

A great battle erupted amongst the four of them once again. However, even after being poisoned, Jian Chen did not seem to weaken at all. He remained extremely powerful, keeping the four Gods of the Wayner clan busy all by himself. Not only were the four of them unable to approach the Godking’s dwelling, but they were even forced further and further away from it by Jian Chen’s barrage of attacks.



After around a dozen clashes, the two early Gods from the Wayner clan were heavily injured by Jian Chen. They constantly spurted blood. Only Wayner Ti and Wayner Sen remained locked in battle against Jian Chen. They produced monstrous sounds as wild energy shockwaves wreaked havoc in the surroundings. They tore the clouds to shreds and tipped whole mountains, reducing the depths of the ancient mountain range to a mess. It was no longer the same as before.

The elders of the Mo clan and the Ando clan had already entered Godking Duamu’s dwelling. Only Mo Ling and Ando Fu remained waiting outside. A gleam of light flickered through Ando Fu’s eyes as he watched Jian Chen fight against the four Gods in a devastating battle. He began to hesitate.

He clearly felt some doubts. After all, if he entered the dwelling right now and closed it, Jian Chen would not be able to do anything to him from outside.

However, as soon as he thought of Jian Chen’s terrifying speed, he shivered inside. In the end, he abandoned the bold thought.

This was because he knew that even if he entered the Godking’s dwelling, it was impossible for him to obtain anything. He did not even consider Godking Duamu’s legacy. Even their three Overgod ancestors could not obtain it, so it was even more impossible to end up with him, a puny early God.

Jian Chen was already covered in blood as he continued to engage in a vicious fight against the four Gods. He had clearly suffered some wounds, and he had lost some control over the poison within him, so it had begun to spread again. He would experience excruciating pain wherever the poison spread to. After that, he would experience numbness as if he would lose control of whatever place the poison reached.

“What powerful poison.” Jian Chen’s heart sunk slightly. He asked Mo Ling secretly, “Brother Mo Ling, how long does it take for the entrance to the Godking’s dwelling to close?”

“Ten seconds,” replied Mo Ling in a similar fashion.

“Alright. You two enter first and close the entrance. I’ll come within ten seconds,” Jian Chen responded.

Mo Ling hesitated slightly. He soon made up his mind and immediately entered the dwelling with Ando Fu and also put away Godking Duanmu’s jade.

Without the support of the jade, the entrance to the dwelling immediately began to close up slowly.

“Nooooo!” The four Gods of the Wayner clan all cried out as they bathed in blood. They were all filled with regret. Madness filled their faces as they all charged towards the entrance of the dwelling.

“Piss off!” Jian Chen bellowed out and blocked their way, preventing them from approaching the dwelling.

“Don’t block my way! Let me in! I want to enter the dwelling…”

“Sir, why must you do this to us? Why don’t we work together? We can enter the dwelling together to obtain the fortune. There’s no need for us to suffer together…”

“Let us into the dwelling. We’ll owe you a favour. You can get us to do anything in the future…”

The four Gods of the Wayner clan were all extremely flustered, but they were unable to break free from Jian Chen. They all began to state conditions for Jian Chen to let them through.

By now, six seconds had already passed and two-thirds of the entrance had closed.

Jian Chen did not waver at all. He stabbed out with the Flying Snow sword with lightning speed. Paying the price of a few more wounds, he forced the four Gods who had basically lost their minds back by a few thousand meters.

The entrance to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling became smaller and smaller.

“No, no, no! Let me in! Don’t block me, let me in…”

“We already know where the dwelling is. If you don’t let us in, we’ll announce the location to the world! You’ll only be able to hide in there for the rest of your life…”

“Right. If you don’t let us in, we won’t let you have it easy. Once the location is announced, experts will definitely gather here. You’re done for once you come out…”

The Gods of the Wayner clan roared out angrily. Their eyes became bloodshot as they became filled with intense unwillingness and hatred.

The entrance to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling had already shrunken to the size of half a person now.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard the words of the four Gods. He turned around and saw the closing dwelling. He launched a strand of Daluo Sword Qi, forcing the four people back before using the Linear Lightning Release. He turned into a bolt of lightning and charged into the dwelling a moment before it had closed up completely. He could vaguely hear the mad roars of the four Gods the moment he entered the dwelling.

The entrance closed and the surroundings calmed down very soon. From the outside, it was very difficult to imagine that a Space Gate to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling was hidden here.

The four Gods of the Wayner clan were all enraged. Their faces were terrifyingly sunken. They immediately announced the location of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling as quickly as possible, immediately causing a huge uproar in the Dong’an province.

After all, this news had come from the ancestors of the Wayner clan personally. Without a single doubt, this directly confirmed the existence of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling and was not a tall tale told by people who had nothing better to do.

With that, none of the powerful clans in the Dong’an province were able to sit still anymore. All their Gods set out, heading to where the dwelling was located as quickly as possible.

At the same time, the matter spread towards the other provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian like wildfire. It spread across the thirty-six provinces as soon as possible, reaching the royal city and even the region beyond the kingdom. It caused a huge commotion.

In a short amount of time, the location of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling became the place where Gods gathered. Several dozen Gods stood in a crowd there, with their numbers rapidly rising. It reached triple figures very soon.

At this moment, a terrifying presence that made all the Gods present tremble crushed down from above. A hunchbacked old man slowly drifted down with a dragon-headed staff. He radiated with a supreme presence.

“An Overgod!”

“Heavens, Overgods have hurried over so quickly…”
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