Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1727: The Yubing Clan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1727: The Yubing Clan

Chapter 1727: The Yubing Clan

With the appearance of the hunchbacked old man, the clamour immediately died down. At that moment, everyone’s gaze was gathered on the old man with the dragon-headed staff. Reverence and fear poured out from their eyes.

The Deities and Origin realm cultivators gathered in the surroundings were all forced into a rapid retreat by the old man’s tremendous presence. All of them turned rather pale. The huge disparity in strength made them find it difficult to breathe under the old man’s presence as if a mountain sat on their chests, making them suffocate.

For that time, the hunchbacked old man became the centre of attention.

“He seems to be the ancestor of the strongest clan in the Frigid Snow province, the Yubing clan…”

“That’s right. I haven’t seen the ancestor of the Yubing clan before, but I have seen an image of him in the past. He really is the one from the Yubing clan…”

“The Frigid Snow province possesses one of the five most powerful provincial cities in our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and this is all because of the Yubing clan. Because of their Overgod ancestor, their status is supreme within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian…”

All the Gods gathered there communicated with one another secretly. None of them dared to speak aloud, including the people from the three most powerful clans of the Dong’an province.

The hunchbacked old man walked around in the space of the area. His powerful soul that was at the level of Overgod scanned the region there time and time again. He performed a close search and did not forget any corners at all.

The old man’s soul was rampant and overbearing. He did not try to keep it concealed at all. As his soul expanded, everyone present sensed a great pressure. Some of the Origin realm experts even experienced splitting pain in their souls, immediately frightening them into retreating. They left the mountain range.

“Overgods are actually so powerful. Just the senses of their souls make me feel so pressured…”

“Is this the strength of an Overgod? It’s so terrifying. It really does fill me with anticipation. I wonder if there’ll be a day I reach Overgod in my life…”

Many Gods were secretly shocked and felt even more fear towards the hunchbacked old man.

A while later, the hunchbacked old man dismissed the senses of his soul. A pressing light flickered through his ancient eyes, and he sighed in amazement while staring at the space there, “It really is the dwelling of a supreme Godking. It’s actually so well hidden. Even when I stand near the entrance and search carefully, I can’t find anything.” The old man then looked around at the surrounding Gods, and his old voice rang out, “Who knows the precise location of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling?”

Wayner Ti immediately flew over and bowed towards the old man politely. After stating his origins, he pointed towards the entrance and said, “Senior, the entrance is right there. I’ve personally witnessed the people of the Mo clan and the Ando clan enter the dwelling through there.”

The old man arrived at the place where Wayner Ti had pointed to with a single step, and he extended his staff towards the space there.

All the Gods present felt an extremely terrifying energy strike the space when the old man made his move. It immediately caused them to pale. Although the old man had not directed his attack towards them, they could sense just how terrifying the strike was from the side. Even mid Gods would die instantly if the attack landed on them.

The space there remained the same as before after taking the old man’s strike. Aside from the rampant origin energy there, there was nothing abnormal.

“What an impressive method. I actually can’t find the entrance to the dwelling at all. The entire dwelling has been hidden in space, making it impossible to sense from the outside,” the old man frowned.

Jian Chen gathered with the people of the Mo clan and the Ando clan within the dwelling. Currently, they stood at the entrance to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, except the entrance was closed now. It could only be opened again with Godking Duanmu’s jade.

“Brother Jian Chen, are you fine?” Mo Ling arrived before Jian Chen and asked with great concern.

What he saw was that Jian Chen had been dyed red with blood. Beneath his red robes, most of his skin had blackened. The poison had spread severely as if it had almost reached the point where he could not keep it at bay anymore.

After all, this was a poison that could even claim the lives of late Gods, and it could even cause some trouble to Overgods. If it were not for Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body, making his body extraordinarily tough, he probably would have been reduced to a puddle of liquids long ago.

Jian Chen shook his head, “The poison is potent, but it can’t kill me. I’ll force it out of my body immediately.” With that, Jian Chen sat down and began to circulate his Chaotic Force as hard as he could to fend off the poison.

Shen Jian and Mo Ling immediately stepped up to watch over Jian Chen. They stared at Ando Fu cautiously. Clearly, they were worried about Ando Fu the most.

Ando Fu also understood that he was not trusted, so he made his way to another side and sat down, knowing what to do in the situation. He continued to heal himself while the elders of the Ando clan all stood around Ando Fu.

Ando Fu had become extremely fearful of Jian Chen. Even though he knew that his sneak attack against Jian Chen would probably be effective right now, he had lost the courage to do something like that. This was because he knew that even if Jian Chen was forcing out the poison, he would still remain vigilant about the world around him. Ando Fu would probably be killed mercilessly as soon as he moved.

Shen Jian also sat down nearby to continue his recovery. However, he did not drop his guard at all.

“Everyone, rest for a while. The dwelling is extremely dangerous, so do not move individually,” Mo Ling said to the elders before guarding over Jian Chen.

Under his full power, the poison in Jian Chen was controlled very soon. Forced by the Chaotic Force, the poison that had spread across a large portion of his body began to recede. At the same time, strands of Chaotic Force that had filled Jian Chen’s blood, flesh, and bones surged out, beginning to drive away the poison.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force was still weak. It was not true Chaotic Force and was nowhere near true Chaotic Force in terms of power. However, it was still a kind of Chaotic Force after all. The poison was naturally not its opponent.

Almost an hour passed before Jian Chen’s eyes snapped open. He extended a finger towards the ground and a pool of poison immediately shot out. It came into contact with the tough, stone floor and emitted a series of hisses, eating away a small hole through the tough floor at a visible rate.

“Brother Jian Chen, you’ve forced out the poison so quickly?” Mo Ling was shocked when he personally witnessed this. The poison could kill late Gods after all.

“It’s fortunate that this poison is not of a particularly high quality. It can only poison Gods to death. If it could poison Overgods to death, I probably would have been done for,” Jian Chen said indifferently. Just poison that could claim the lives of Gods did not pose too great of a threat to him. However, once he came across anything stronger, he would be in trouble.
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