Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1728: Fairy Hao Yue’s Departure
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1728: Fairy Hao Yue’s Departure

Chapter 1728: Fairy Hao Yue’s Departure

Mo Ling immediately praised Jian Chen when he heard that. Admiration filled his eyes.

Ando Fu, who was sitting nearby, opened his eyes as well. He glanced towards Jian Chen and thought to himself, “What are the origins of this kiddo? A poison that can even claim the lives of Gods poses no threat to him. I refuse to believe that he’s a God. Although his comprehension of laws has surpassed mine, I can tell that it seems to remain at the level of Gods from my battle with him.”

“There really isn’t origin energy in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling at all. We can only replenish origin energy through divine crystals, pills, and heavenly resources,” Jian Chen looked around and murmured to himself. He guessed that the formations of the dwelling had cut off the origin energy of the outside world.

Although there was no origin energy here, Jian Chen could sense that Radiant Saint Force filled the surroundings. Radiant Saint Force and origin energy were two vastly different energies. Any Origin realm or Sainthood cultivator could sense origin energy, but only Radiant Saint Masters could sense Radiant Saint Force.

The formations within the dwelling could keep out origin energy, but it was unable to keep out Radiant Saint Force.

“Cultivating as a Radiant Saint Master would be quite a good choice in here, except it is not the time for that right now. My battle prowess as a fighter is beyond mid God, but my abilities as a Radiant Saint Master only makes me equivalent to a Saint Emperor. Even if I can increase my abilities in here, it’ll be very difficult to raise it to the point where I can threaten Gods.”

“Aside from that, my usage of Radiant Saint Force remains at the level of the lower world. Even if I do make any improvements, it won’t really make me more powerful,” Jian Chen thought inside. He no longer thought about the Radiant Saint Force and focused on healing.

Jian Chen completely relied on the Chaotic Force to recover and did not use any Radiant Saint Force at all. Clearly, he did not want to expose his identity as a Radiant Saint Master before Mo Ling and Ando Fu.

Several hours later, Jian Chen made a full recovery, but Shen Jian had only recovered from a third of his injuries after ingesting the medicine that Mo Ling had given him. After all, the amount of time that had passed was simply too short for him to make a full recovery.

After recovering, Jian Chen began to tidy through everything he had obtained. He basically carried all the wealth of the Ando clan and the Lu family on him right now. There were also the two Space Rings from the Gods of the Huo family and the Nanyun clan on him.

“There are close to ten million low grade divine crystals, with several tens of thousand mid grade divine crystals. There are actually even more high grade divine crystals than mid grade ones, reaching into the two hundred thousands. Looks like the Lu family excavate all of these recently…” Joy flooded Jian Chen’s eyes. The number of divine crystals made him overjoyed, as they were enough for Shen Jian to progress to late Deity.

They had been trapped in the Godking’s dwelling now. Although Jian Chen did not know about the situation outside, it was obvious that various experts had already gathered, encircling the entire entrance. Under such grim circumstances, the stronger the people on his side were, the better it would be.

“There’s also quite a few cultivation methods and battle skills as well as notes on cultivation. There are even quite a few pills. There’s recovery, healing, and… hmm? What’s this?” Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. With a flip of his hand, a jade bottle appeared silently. On it was a label that said ‘Hundred-year God Origin Pill’.

“Brother Jian Chen, this is a pill for cultivation. It’s even useful for Gods. There are a total of three levels, which are Hundred-year God Origin Pills, Thousand-year God Origin Pills, and Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills. They can directly give you a century, a millennia. or ten millenia’s worth of cultivation. The ones you possess are Hundred-year God Origin Pills, which can directly increase your cultivation by a hundred years’ worth. Each pill is invaluable. However, the effects of the pill are brutal as well. It’s extremely overbearing such that any carelessness can result in heavy injuries from the backlash of its medicinal effects. At the same time, using the pills to increase your cultivation will leave behind many great problems. Consuming too many will make your foundation unstable,” Mo Ling introduced the pill to Jian Chen. Clearly, he understood these pills very well.

A strange light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. Without any hesitation, he uncapped the bottle and discovered that there were actually ten pills in there.

“Ten pills will give you one thousand years’ worth of cultivation. That’s equivalent to a second grade Immortal Tier Violet Cloud Peach. However, there are Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills. Just a single one of them will be even more effective than a ninth grade Immortal Tier Violet Cloud Peach,” Jian Chen thought. Although Hundred-year God Origin Pills were not particularly useful to him, Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills would be extremely helpful if he could find any.

A single Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pill contained as much origin energy as a regular cultivator could absorb over ten thousand years. However, this total would differ depending on the talent of the person, their cultivation method, and the environment.

The origin energy absorbed by a person with ordinary talent might only be equivalent to a few hundred years of effort by someone with impressive talent. This period would be even shorter if it was a prodigy.

After all, the number of years worth of cultivation a pill could provide was only a unit of measurement. It did not mean it was equivalent to ten thousand years of cultivation for everyone.

“Brother Mo Ling, may I know where I can find Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills?” Jian Chen asked.

“There’s one in the royal city. It’s said that the divine king of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian brought it back from some other divine kingdom. It has always been on sale in the auction centre within the royal city, except it hasn’t been sold even after several tens of thousands years. It’s just too expensive, and no one is bold enough to consume a Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pill. God Origin Pill are known for their brutality, so the backlash will be even more terrifying for a ten-thousand-year one. They’ll probably end up exploding and dying once they ingest the pill before they can increase their strength at all,” said Mo Ling.

“A Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pill,” Jian Chen murmured inside as he secretly made up his mind. Once he made it out of here, he would do everything he could to exchange for a few Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills. The pill might have been a type of poison to others, but it was something fantastic for Jian Chen who cultivated the Chaotic Body!

He was not afraid of the backlash from the pill, and he could directly ignore any destruction to his foundation.

After tidying through everything, Jian Chen gave a few divine crystals to the people of the Ando clan and the Mo clan. He gave the rest to Shen Jian, as well as all the recovery and healing pills. The pills would be more useful to Shen Jian than himself in here.

Jian Chen treated the people from the Ando clan fairly. Every extra person in the dwelling would be some extra power. He might still need them in the future.

Jian Chen was in no hurry to search through Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. Even three Overgods had died in here before, so he probably could not even save his own skin in here. As a result, the matter at hand was to increase his own strength as well as to give Shen Jian enough time to break through.

Jian Chen took out the formation discs he had found in the Space Rings of the Gods from the Huo family and the Nanyun clan. He gave one to Shen Jian and used one for himself, casting down a defensive formation around him that could even withstand several attacks from Gods. Afterwards, he sat down and prepared to condense the second strand of Profound Sword Qi.

Formation discs were extremely common treasures in the Saints’ World. They were created by formation masters who engraved their formations into the disc. A person could activate the formation inside a formation disc regardless of their understanding of formations, allowing them to use it either against their enemies or to defend themselves.

“Jian Chen, when do you plan on venturing into the dwelling?” Just when Jian Chen was about to refine the second strand of Profound Sword Qi, fairy Hao Yue’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Fairy Hao Yue, you know that I’m rather weak right now. I’ll probably be doomed if I venture in hurriedly, so I have to increase my strength,” Jian Chen replied. It was exactly fairy Hao Yue that had urged him to enter the dwelling in such a hurry. Basically, it was her who wanted to enter the dwelling.

“Jian Chen, I’ll scout ahead first and see if I can get lucky and recover my body. Once you emerge, just attack any of the formations in the dwelling, and I’ll return immediately. I’ll guide you as well,” said fairy Hao Yue. Her illusionary soul then drifted out, forming a hazy figure before Jian Chen.

“Fairy Hao Yue, are you familiar with this dwelling? There are quite a few formations in here. Even Overgods can die. In your current state…” Jian Chen asked with some concern.

The corner of fairy Hao Yue’s lips curled up scornfully. She said, “These formations aren’t enough to garner my attention unless that kiddo called Duanmu has some mastery over formations. Jian Chen, don’t you look down on me. I’m just a soul, and I won’t even be able to defeat Origin realm cultivators, but I can move around as I wish in here.”

“Kiddo?” Jian Chen had no idea how to respond when he heard fairy Hao Yue refer to Godking Duanmu as such.

With that, fairy Hao Yue set off by herself. She passed the control over the Bright Moon Divine Hall to Jian Chen.

“Hmph, if it weren’t for condensing the perfect body, why would I still be in the form of a soul right now? I can’t count on the high grade divine crystal mine for now. I just hope that the things in here don’t disappoint me…”

Vaguely, Jian Chen seemed to hear fairy Hao Yue’s grumbling.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》