Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 140: The Tianxiong Clan’s Retrea
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 140: The Tianxiong Clan’s Retrea


By that point, the rest of the mercenaries finally overcame their surprise and took out their Saint Weapons to fight.

The sword wielding swordsman turned himself over in the air and dodged the incoming strikes before gracefully landing on the ground. The Sword Qi radiating from his sword slowly covered the air around it. It soon also enshrouded the mercenaries within it as well.

By the time the Sword Qi had dissipated, the Tianxiong clan members had all fallen to the ground with a hole in their throats. A trickle of blood leaked from their wounds out onto the earth below.

Taking back his sword, Jian Chen calmly looked at the grounded members before saying, “You’ve given me quite the useful amount of information. 30 Saint Masters and over 200 Great Saints, the Tianxiong clan really isn’t weak at all. To think that they would send that many people into the Magical Beast Mountain Range to find me, it’s no wonder they are the number 1 clan in Wake City.

Jian Chen became silent for a moment before his face slowly started to turn into a smile, “So if you aren’t going to let me go, then don’t blame me for being fierce. I’ll play around with you then.”

In the blink of an eye, several days had passed, and in the span of those days, Jian Chen had roamed around the place and focused on dealing with the men from the Tianxiong clan. Although Jian Chen normally wasn’t one for revenge, he also wasn’t one to not fight back. After being provoked and bullied to such a state by the Tianxiong clan, if he didn’t make a move, then he wouldn’t be able call himself Jian Chen.

Already the amount of people killed by Jian Chen had reached somewhere in the two hundred range. Among those, there were 10 Saint Master experts, the rest were all Great Saints. With a disastrous loss like this, even for the Tianxiong clan, it would be hard to recover from since they had been damaged down to their roots.

The Tianxiong clan actually knew this well and clear, but they had taken no steps to remedy it. On the contrary, they had instead taken more members from their clan and had them search the Magical Beast Mountain Range in search of Jian Chen’s footsteps. Tianxiong Lie definitely wanted to take revenge for his deceased son no matter how heavy a price he would have to pay.

The events that had transpired for the past few days had been known to everyone in Wake City. The Tianxiong clan had been the main ruling power for over 10 years, so Tianxiong Lie’s reputation could even be said to be very clear. The permanent residential mercenaries and merchants all knew who Tianxiong Lie was and how strong he was.

The news that the heir of the Tianxiong clan, Tianxiong Kang, was killed and that Tianxiong Lie had brought a group of ferocious looking mercenaries into the Magical Beast Mountain Range to find the assassin had caused a huge commotion in Wake City. This topic was spoken by mercenaries and merchants alike over a cup of tea and a plate of food. However, whoever was so audacious to kill Tianxiong Kang, no one knew who that person was. The only thing they had known about this mysterious assassin was that he was an extremely young person, every other detail was unknown.

The other clans in Wake City had secretly observed the affairs of the Tianxiong clan. When they realized just how much damage the Tianxiong clan had taken while in the Magical Beast Mountain range, each one of them had begun to prepare their clan to take over and divide up the shares of the Tianxiong clan in the market.

The Tianxiong clan had controlled a large part of Wake City, causing every other clan to be incredibly jealous, but some of them had feared the power of the Tianxiong clan, so they had stayed patient. However, now that the Tianxiong clan had come across such an unexpected accident, their power was no longer the same. Many of the clans couldn’t let this opportunity pass by them anymore, and began to stretch out with their hands for the Tianxiong clan’s profits.

In the Magical Beast Mountain Range, a group of 20-40 year old worried mercenaries sat in a circle around each other.

“Clan leader, the situation isn’t looking to good here. That brat is as treacherous as a devil and has also gained many experiences about how to hunt in a forest. We are at a disadvantage since he holds an advantage with the terrain and has already shaken us off his trail multiple times. Not only that, but this brat is also very strong, many of the smaller groups didn’t have the strength to kill him at all and eventually were destroyed. Even if his opponent is an expert of the Saint Master, he has been able to go against them all the same. So far the amount of people we brought into the Magical Beast Mountain Range has been reduced down to half, but I’m afraid that if things continue on like this, the amount of people we will have left would be countable on our hands.” A middle aged man said with concern.

“That’s right, clan leader, that brat is far too cunning. If we group together, he takes on an ambush approach in a way that we don’t get to see his face and the moment we split up, he comes after us one by one. Not only that, but he is as nimble as a monkey in these forests so we’re unable to chase after him. What can we do about that? In our group right now, only my lord would be able to go up against this brat.” Another mercenary said with the same amount of worry.

“Clan leader, right now we are at a disadvantage, it would be best to retreat for now and think things over.” A frail looking person said.

“Clan leader, right now since we have lost so many members in the Magical Beast Mountain Ranges, our development in Wake City will be halted. We cannot let that happen.”

Tianxiong Lie clenched his fist in frustration as his face revealed a hesitant expression. In his heart a fierce struggle was being played.

After some time, Tianxiong Lie bit his lips and spoke out, “Tell everyone to retreat.”

“Yes, clan leader!”

Upon hearing this order, each and every mercenary revealed a happy expression as their hearts secretly let loose a breath of air in relief. After facing Jian Chen these past few days, not a single one of them wanted to throw away their lives. It was with good fortune that Tianxiong Lie had been accompanying them. In their eyes, they were deeply afraid of coming across Jian Chen without him.

A person grabbed onto a bamboo chute before setting the fuse on fire. With a shrill whistle, the bamboo chute flew straight up into the air before exploding with a loud bang and transformed into a scarlet fog of smoke that scattered everywhere.

Within the depths of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, there was a group of mercenaries that sat around in a circle and ate some pieces of meat.

“Ai, when this assassin will be captured, I don’t know. The amount of casualties our Tianxiong clan has accumulated has already reached over a large amount, 10 Saint Masters have already died.”

“To be able to kill Saint Masters with ease, with us having only the strength of a Great Saint, I don’t know how long it’ll be before we become a target for him.”

“As long as we don’t come across him, we’ll be fine. Otherwise, we won’t have a life to return home with.”

The mercenaries sat around the fire and chattered among themselves with worry.

At that moment, a loud shrill sound spiraled into the sky. Hearing that, every single mercenary looked up past the tree canopy to see the blossoming fireworks in the sky, leading to a few mercenaries crying out in relief.

“That’s our Tianxiong clan’s retreat signal!” One of the mercenaries cried out in joy.

“We can finally return home! What’s everyone doing just standing around? Let’s hurry up and go home, did you guys want to stay around here or something? That assassin could come at any time and slaughter us like livestock!”

“Right right, let’s hurry up and go. This isn’t a place we should stick around.”

After that, no one was in the mood to eat their food and immediately left the place. Not too long after they left, a shadow dropped down from the trees. This figure was wearing the leather of a magical beast, and already there was the beginning signs of a beard growing on his face.

Seeing the group of mercenaries fade out from sight, the figure revealed a sneer, “So you want to retreat? That’s fine, but just this last time, I hope you let loose one final stream of blood. Whoever offends I, Jian Chen, will not be able to leave so easily.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》