Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 266: Desire to Figh
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 266: Desire to Figh


Shortly afterward, Jian Chen looked outside the window where several steel chariots had giant steel boxes on it. The soldiers all guarded the chariots very seriously and stared at whoever passed by them with an intense glare, causing everyone to look on with curiosity.

Jian Chen’s eyes hovered over the steel box with a curious stare. He felt that an extremely strong amount of energy was contained within those steel boxes. It was a familiar source of energy that Jian Chen had felt several times before; it was almost as if there was a large amount of monster cores piled up within.

“Could the box be filled with monster cores?” Jian Chen muttered to himself. The very moment the thought flashed across his mind, he broke out into cold sweat. If the situation was like what he thought, then with there being so many steel boxes there, they should all be filled with monster cores as well. The number of monster cores would be a terrifyingly large amount.

Looking away slowly, Jian Chen tried not to think about the matter any longer lest he attract the suspicion of the soldiers guarding the steel boxes.

“This time the Gesun Kingdom is done for. Although their strength is stronger than our Blue Wind Empire, but with three kingdoms simultaneously fighting against them, no matter how strong they are, the Gesun Kingdom cannot withstand three of the Four Great Kingdom’s might.” Suddenly, the low voice of one of the men rang out.

“Right, if they have anyone to blame, then they should blame themselves for having such a prosperous and fertile land all other countries have long since coveted. In the past, we all feared of the patriarch of the Changyang clan so we didn’t dare make a move. Now that the patriarch has long since been missing, I bet he’s dead by now. With him gone, the Gesun Kingdom has no way of defending themselves from the rest of the Four Great Kingdoms.” The other soldier laughed.

“Third eldest, things aren’t as easy as that. Although the patriarch of the Changyang clan may be dead, the Gesun Kingdom isn’t weak in strength. They still have the Ten Experts, every single one of them being a Heaven Saint Master. With that alone, they are stronger than our Blue Wind Kingdom many times over. Plus, who knows if they secretly have any more Heaven Saint Masters than just ten.”

“That’s right, not a single one of the ten Heaven Saint Masters are a part of the Changyang clan. My teacher told me that the patriarch of the Changyang clan has a servant who is also at the Heaven Saint Master level, but this is a little known secret that no one talks about. If my teacher’s words are to be believed, then the Gesun Kingdom has at the very least eleven Heaven Saint Masters. That’s three more than what our Blue Wind Kingdom has.

“If I were to pair the Blue Wind Kingdom up against the Gesun Kingdom, then the Blue Wind Kingdom would lose greatly. However, it’s a shame for them that with the rest of the Four Great Kingdoms combined, there are a total of thirty Heaven Saint Masters. Hmph, I want to see how the Gesun Kingdom will face off against that.”

A few of the higher ranking soldiers were talking among themselves. While the restaurant was filled to the brim with people, only that table was talking. So while they were chatting quietly, everyone else could clearly hear them.

Barely able to keep himself composed, Jian Chen’s face grew dark as he began to think to himself with worry. The Changyang clan was the very first family he had since he entered this world, so they held a special place in his heart. The amount of people he truly cared about wasn’t many, but the people he definitely cared about would be eldest brother Changyang Hu and second sister Changyang Mingyue. Even more so, the one he definitely cared most was the one who cared about him since his birth; his mother Bi Yuntian.

Just hearing about how four forces were uniting themselves to fight against the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel worried for his family in the Changyang clan. In fact, he felt a desperate desire to return back to the Gesun Kingdom, but that thought was instantly thrown out. He wasn’t an impulsive person; he knew his own strength. With his azure and violet Sword Spirits, he may be able to deal with an Earth Saint Master, but up against a Heaven Saint Master expert, he would have no chance to even retaliate. Although he had never gone up against a Heaven Saint Master before, it wasn’t hard to speculate the outcome with his strength.

Bending down to take another bite of his meal, there was a clear stiffness to the actions. Jian Chen simply no longer had the same appetite from before.

At that moment, a soldier that looked to be the commander of the soldiers spoke up, “Do you think the patriarch will show up? Although he has been gone for these years, it’s most likely that he’s dead, but in the end, all of this is still speculation.”

“That patriarch has long since arrived at the pinnacle. After disappearing for ten years, I bet that he is looking for a way to make a breakthrough.” Another said.

“Then will he be able to? If he does make that breakthrough, then we’ll…”

“Shut your mouth! That’s impossible! From now on, don’t say such things.” Immediately, another person roared at him to be quiet.

Jian Chen sat by the side eating his meal while also tilting his head to listen to the men talk. From their chat, Jian Chen had more or less found out some major piece of information. The most important fact was that four major kingdoms were joining together to fight against the Gesun Kingdom. It would take two or three years worth of time since the four wanted to eliminate the Gesun Kingdom in a single spurt of action. Therefore, the war supplies and preparations had to be done in advance and expertly so. Furthermore, because of how the news had to be dispatched from soldier to soldier, the preparations would take even longer.

After the meal, Jian Chen immediately headed back to his room to rest. Coincidentally, the same high ranking soldier that had entered the restaurant with him had rented a room in the same inn. They hadn’t gone to another inn for their entire troops, but instead each one had rented a place for the night at a regular looking one instead of a fancy inn.

That night, Jian Chen sat on his bed to meditate. Right below his window, Jian Chen could see several soldiers guarding the steel boxes on the chariots. Each one of them were guarding it with a cautious expression.

By now, Jian Chen could already guarantee that the contents within the steel boxes were all monster cores. A war between the Blue Wind Kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom was on the verge of starting, so there would definitely be a huge need for Magical Crystal Cannons. So the huge supply of monster cores underneath him was most likely being transported in order to supply the energy for the cannons.

By early morning, the soldiers had already ate their breakfast before buying a large amount of rations and drinking water in the inn. Immediately, the soldiers began to lead the several chariots in a grandiose manner out of Lanfeng City.

Not too far behind them, Jian Chen left the inn too and rode his Class 2 Magical Beast some distance away after them. There was no way he would allow those monster cores to be transported to the border of the Blue Wind Kingdom to be used against his Gesun Kingdom,

Despite not knowing how many experts the enemy had or how difficult this task would be, for the sake of his Changyang clan, this had to be done. From the chat he had eavesdropped on, when the war breaks out, the Changyang clan would most definitely be on the frontlines.
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