Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 405: Strong Assisting Army One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 405: Strong Assisting Army One

Chapter 405: Strong Assisting Army (One)

This stronghold had protected the Pingyang Kingdom for many years and had weathered many storms, but it had been easily destroyed by Jian Chen. With the stronghold destroyed, Jian Chen could see the million remaining soldiers who were staring back at Jian Chen blankly. A look of abject horror and dread could be seen from their eyes at the floating figure of Jian Chen.

The stronghold of the Pingyang Kingdom had been reduced to rubble and the four Heaven Saint Masters killed; this was a catastrophic blow to the Pingyang Kingdom. It had severely undermined the strength of the Pingyang Kingdom, and the death of the four Heaven Saint Masters was an irrevocably irreversible disaster that would also destroy the morale of their fighters.

A Heaven Saint Master’s existence was the pillar of strength for a kingdom. They were symbols of strength and honor with many years of fighting experience that countless of soldiers could rely on. With their victory—the soldiers would be confident. With their death—they would all lose any fighting spirit.

Giving one last final glare at the million soldiers, Jian Chen began to ascend into the air. Within the next instant, Jian Chen streaked toward the center of the Pingyang Kingdom.

Chang Wuji looked in the direction where Jian Chen had disappeared to with an apprehensive mutter, “Just where is he going to cause trouble now? The imperial palace of the Pingyang Kingdom?”


On the way, Jian Chen continued to push his speed to the max as the wind element covered his entire body. The scenery whizzed by him along with cities of all size as he continued to travel toward the city with the imperial palace.

The imperial palace of the Pingyang Kingdom was about 7000 kilometers away from the stronghold, meaning it would take six hours for Jian Chen to be able to fly there.

Two hours after Jian Chen’s departure, the million soldier assault force had gathered ten kilometers away from the northern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom. This was just in range for the Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons. At this moment, the soldiers had already completely assembled and were now waiting for the signal to start the besiegement.

The eighty meter tall stronghold had already been worn down to a terrible state. Many areas of the stronghold had already collapsed without anyone being able to enter. By the stronghold gates, the tempered steel doors had already plenty of indents and holes in them. They were so damaged that the gates could no longer open by themselves normally.

On top of the stronghold walls were several armored soldiers that walked around anxiously. Each one of them had a sallow and dried up expression that had definitely seen better days.

“It appears our Gesun Kingdom cannot escape from calamity now. There are a million soldiers standing out there ready to attack us, and another two million back within the strongholds of the Pingyang Kingdom. With our measly 800,000 soldiers gathered here, we have no power to stop them.” One of the armored elders spoke with a sigh.

“As of right now, our northern walls have fifty Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons and two hundred Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannons that are no better than scrap metal now. If we continue to use them, it would be a bigger danger to ourselves and would deplete our monster core supply. We cannot keep this on for much longer.” Another heavily bandaged person spoke dejectedly.

“However long we can last will be our legacy. Even if we are to die here, we will not let them pass easily.” One of the injured middle-aged man spoke with his eyes radiating bloodlust.

Seeing the look on the man’s face, the armored soldier to his side let out a long sigh, “Changyang Ba, I know your son was captured by the Pingyang Kingdom, but you needn’t worry. Senior Wuji is far too strong—he’ll bring Changyang Hu back.”

Changyang Ba had a grievous look on his face as he lamented, “There are rumors saying that Changyang Hu had all four limbs hacked off and is now a cripple. Even if he returns, what will be the point, he will be living a life worse than death.”

Hearing this, the surrounding people let out a sigh. Although a strong enough Radiant Saint Master would be able to grow back the limbs, a Radiant Saint Master of that level was extremely rare to come by in the Tian Yuan Continent. Even if they were able to find one, the Changyang clan’s influence was not even remotely close enough to bug a Radiant Saint Master of that level. In short, Changyang Hu had a nearly nil chance of returning to his previous state.

“Changyang Ba, don’t forget about your fourth child, Changyang Xiangtian. At the age of fiteen, he was able to condense and for a Saint Weapon! With his genius talent, he will definitely come back home with a strength no weaker than his eldest brother.” Another armored man consoled. He was one of the four greatest clans within Lore City and was good friends with the Changyang clan.

Upon hearing the name of his fourth child, Changyang child, Changyang Ba sighed. A few years ago, because of the power of the Hua Yun Sect, the youngest child had been forced to leave home before he had even turned sixteen. Several years had passed now without any letter or information, leaving Changyang Ba to not even know if his child was still alive or not.

Just then, a young armored youth came forward with a smile. “Dear friends, I couldn’t help but overhear you talk about Changyang Xiangtian; do you think I could hear more of his past achievements? Being able to create a Saint Weapon at the age of fifteen, how incredible! I was only able to make mine when I was eighteen years old—I must admit I am curious to what type of person he is.”

Upon seeing this youth come forward, the other commanders began to call out to him enthusiastically.

“Dear Ming Dong, if you are that curious, then allow me to explain the story from the very beginning.” An armored elder smiled. Explaining the story in a detailed manner, he talked about Changyang Xiangtian’s genius talent. As a Saint, he was able to defeat several other Saints and a Great Saint. An achievement like this had even earned the praise of the king, but because of the Hua Yun Sect’s influence, Jian Chen had been forced to leave from his home.

“Ai, Changyang Xiangtian was only fifteen by the time he left. It has been several years since his departure, but we don’t even know if he is even in the Gesun Kingdom. If he is no weaker than his eldest brother, then he would be a Great Saint Master at the very least.” The armored soldier sighed.

“Hua Yun Sect!” The armored youth muttered under his breath with an amazing glare before calming himself quickly. “Leader Changyang, your son will definitely return home safely.”

Changyang Ba sighed with sorrow, “That much is no longer important. I’m afraid in the next few days, my Changyang clan may no longer exist. Even if he returns, it will be to bury his family. If my Xiang’er is still alive, I sincerely hope he does not return so that he may avoid seeing this calamity.”

“Please don’t worry, lord Changyang.I will definitely protect the Changyang clan with my entire strength. If I cannot, then I will beg my uncle Tian once more.” The youth spoke grimly but honestly.

Upon hearing the youth mention his uncle, the others began to light up. “Dear Ming Dong, is your uncle Tian very strong?”

“The extent, I do not know, but if my uncle Tian were to participate, then preventing this army in front of us would be no problem to him. Don’t look at me like that, I have asked my uncle Tian many times before, but he was unwilling to participate in the war.” The youth explained.

Hearing this, the men all looked dejected once more.

Just at that moment, a cyan robed elder came walking in with a look of bitter anguish on his face.

Changyang Ba’s eyes lit up when he saw the return of the elder and immediately called out to him, “Chang Bai, you’re back! How is A’Hu, did you bring him back?”

Chang Wuji let out a great sigh as he spoke painfully, “Leader, the young master was successfully brought back without danger to his life, but in the future… ai…”

Changyang Ba’s instantly grew pale as he listened to Chang Wuji’s words. Among the four children he had, the eldest son and youngest son were both geniuses of the clan. With the fourth child’s current conditions unknown, the eldest son’s future in jeopardy and the third child with no talent in cultivation, Changyang Ba wouldn’t be able to find another capable child to succeed him.

After a long period of time, Changyang Ba stilled his emotions and let out a sigh to the sky. “As long as he is alive, that is good. Whatever the future may hold, we shall see to it later.”

Chang Wuji had remained silent, but he shared the same sorrowful look as Changyang Ba. His feelings and Changyang Ba were of the same; with Changyang Hu in such a miserable state, they were both in pain. After all, Chang Wuji had looked after him growing up, and although they were not family, they were closer than family.

The several men around them were quiet, but their faces were grim. The calamitous situation the Gesun Kingdom was facing was unavoidable now. Before the day was over, all of their hatred would be buried with them in the ground.

After some time, Chang Wuji squashed his sorrows and spoke, “Leader, I have a piece of good information I should perhaps announce. When I went to rescue the young master, I came across a mysterious youth. By himself, he was able to kill four of the Pingyang Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters and completely level the entire stronghold.”

Immediately, every single person there was astounded. Each one of them looked at Chang Wuji in disbelief before another elder spoke, “Senior Wuji, what did you say? Four of the Pingyang Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters were killed by a single youth? Is that true?”

Chang Wuji waved his head, causing the four bloody heads of the Heaven Saint Masters to appear onto the table from his Space Ring.

Seeing the four heads, everyone immediately became silent in utter shock.

Ming Dong’s eyes flashed brightly as he asked, “Senior Wuji, did the person who killed these four say his name?”

“I don’t know, by the time I arrived, the young master had already been saved. It seems that there is some sort of relationship between the young master and him.”

Hearing this, Ming Dong had a look of contemplation on his face with his eyes flashing with curiosity.

Afterward, Chang Wuji floated the heads of the four Heaven Saint Masters ahead of the walls for the soldiers to see and boost their morale.

Suddenly, two furious roars could be heard as a red and yellow streak of light flew toward the Gesun Kingdom’s strongholds. With a huge amount of power radiating from their bodies, the soldiers below suddenly felt themselves breathless.
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