Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua One

Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua (One)

Within the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, the heavily dressed king had a faint smile on his face as he spoke with the two men at the table with him. There was an elder and a young male who were both dressed in royal clothing. They also exuded a special aura and had a refined way of speaking.

These two men were the prime minister and the prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. As soon as the Gesun Kingdom had finished its war, the two envoys had set off from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom before finally arriving at the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial palace to speak to the king.

The king was extremely busy at this point. Yesterday afternoon, he had been talking with envoys from the four kingdoms, all of them shared two important topics. The first topic was to figure out what relationship the Qinhuang Kingdom had with Gesun Kingdom and if they could see one of the Imperial Advisors. The second was about the compensation they owed.

The Imperial Advisors had already left, so the envoys from the four kingdoms were unable to see them. However, from the deliberate leakage of information from the king, they heard something extremely important: The reason why the Imperial Advisors came to provide assistance to the Gesun Kingdom was because of the order of an Imperial Protector from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The reveal that there was an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom involved had utterly shocked the four envoys into breaking out into cold sweat. They themselves were all high ranking members in their respective kingdom, so they naturally understood what the rank of an Imperial Protector symbolized.

As if intimidated by the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the negotiations went smoothly. Each one of the four kingdoms agreed to pay money and a large amount of monster cores. With just the money alone, the Andreas Kingdom, Blue Wind Kingdom, and the Hidden Dragon Kingdom all agreed to pay a total of fifty million purple coins. With such a large sum, the Gesun Kingdom’s empty treasury was quickly recovering.

The Pingyang Kingdom was the kingdom to give them the least amount of money, only a single million purple coins. Bursting into tears, the envoy from the Pingyang Kingdom explained to them that a mysterious expert had invaded their treasury and stole everything of value.

The five kingdoms continued to talk without any additional problems for two hours before the king of the Gesun Kingdom gave the order to release the king of the Pingyang Kingdom.

Because of the unique position of being the king of the Pingyang Kingdom, he had not been executed yet. Instead, he had been held prisoner within the northern stronghold’s prison.

After the negotiations finished, the king of the Gesun Kingdom didn’t pause to take a break. In the next moment, he went to speak with the visiting envoys from the other kingdoms. This led to him being very busy, and with the two envoys from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, it was compulsory that he went to greet them personally.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was definitely not a kingdom the Gesun Kingdom could afford to anger.

The prime minister from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom began to speak with the king of the Gesun Kingdom while the prince sat by the prime minister’s side without speaking.

The prime minister spoke in a roundabout way, trying to understand the situation between the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom. At the same time, they were trying to find out the reason why the Qinhuang Kingdom would help the Gesun Kingdom against the other four kingdoms.

The king of the Gesun Kingdom had already devised an answer for such a topic that would put the Gesun Kingdom in the most advantageous position and emphasize the Imperial Protector’s status. Right now the Gesun Kingdom’s relationship with the Qinhuang Kingdom was something even he wasn’t too familiar with, but he had no desire to anger the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom either.

Upon hearing that the Gesun King had an Imperial Protector helping his kingdom, the prime minister and the prince from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom grew solemn. Speaking several more words to the king, they switched topics to the second task given to the prime minister by his own king.

“Your Royal Highness, I’ve heard princess Ge Lan is already twenty years old and is still not yet married. Our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom hopes that our two kingdoms will become allies for many generations, so this servant has come here today to propose a marriage. Our kingdom hopes that the princess Gelan will be wedded to our Heavenly Kingdom’s second prince.” The prime minister spoke with a faint smile.

Hearing this, the Gesun Kingdom’s king had an embarrassed look on his face. Several years ago, he had engaged princess Gelan to the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian. This was done in hopes that an expert would be linked to the imperial family and also because Khafir had constantly praised him for his talent. If Changyang Xiangtian were to die in those years when he was gone, the wedding would naturally be canceled and the king would find another candidate for the princess’ hand in marriage.

Two days ago, he had heard that Changyang Xiangtian had returned back home. Since things had progressed like this, he would naturally not break the engagement first and honor it. The Changyang clan of now was far different than the one before. With Chan Wuji revealing his strength, the Changyang clan had risen in power. Even the imperial palace wouldn’t dare offend them easily.

Most importantly, the king of the Gesun Kingdom couldn’t help but be skeptical of the reason why the Qinhuang Kingdom was so willing to help the Gesun Kingdom. He had thought that it was because of the Changyang clan. It was very possible the mysteriously vanished ancestor of the Changyang clan had been responsible for this, so the king of the Gesun Kingdom didn’t dare neglect the Changyang clan.

After thinking for a moment, the king of the Gesun Kingdom replied, “Prime minister Che, Yue’er is my only precious daughter. I cannot so easily discuss this without speaking to her and seeing what she wishes for.”

“That is of no problem, His Majesty is a good father, this official truly admires such a trait.” Prime minister Che didn’t rushed the decision and smiled. Even the prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom did not show any dissatisfaction on his face and was extremely calm.

After several more words, the two envoys from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom left to rest. As soon as they left, the king of the Gesun Kingdom let out a long sigh before closing his eyes and rubbing his temples.

Being united with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom through marriage was something that would make the king’s heart pound. If they were to to do this, the Gesun Kingdom would surely benefit from such a contract and would be vital in the development of the entire kingdom.

“If there is no connection between the Qinhuang Kingdom and ancestor Changyang, what should I do? Do I anger the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and honor the marriage with Changyang Xiangtian, or do I anger the Changyang clan for the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?” The king muttered to himself. In his position as king, he naturally had to put the kingdom’s development first and foremost. Although he loved his daughter dearly, but even he could not move about freely.

Although he knew Changyang Xiangtian of the Changyang clan was no ordinary genius, in his heart, he knew that Changyang Xiangtian’s growth would take a very long time. At the very least, it would take ten years, at the very most, it would take well over a hundred years. This was a timespan that he couldn’t wait for.

The king of the Gesun Kingdom wasn’t sure why the Qinhuang Kingdom had helped them, but if it was because of some senior having a friendship with the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, it did not guarantee a second time of assistance. He had to bring his Gesun Kingdom onto the more definite path.

At the peak of the Tianhua Mountains, the winds blew with an ear piercing whistle as if demons were screaming. A short distance away from the Hua Yun Sect, the white robed Jian Chen stood in the sky and faced off against three others.

“It is no wonder you were so arrogant, you were a Heaven Saint Master.” Saiya spoke with a dark expression of jealousy.

Jian Chen ignored Saiya completely. Saiya had only just entered the Heaven Saint Master realm and so his strength had not yet stabilized. Furthermore, a First Cycle Heaven Saint Master was a very lowly existence to them.

Jian Chen paid attention to the two grand elders, “Make your move, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you do not go all out, you will lose very miserably.”

The two grand elders weren’t angered by his words, but their faces darkened slightly. They were aware of Jian Chen’s speed with the wind element and the fact that his control over the world energy was stronger than theirs.

Giving a mutual glance to each other, the two grand elders knew what each other was thinking. Immediately taking out identical looking Saint Weapons, they shot two rays of Sword Qi toward Jian Chen.

Saiya hadn’t slacked off in speed either. Forming a great sword in his hands, he quickly flew toward Jian Chen. He had full confidence that with the two grand elders attacking at the same time, Jian Chen would stand no chance by himself.

Jian Chen’s hands swiped at the sky causing all of the fire elements in the world to gather at unbelievable speeds. In an instant, three blades made of fire materialized in midair and shot toward the three.


After a loud explosion, flames began to spread throughout the area and illuminated the skies. The intense energy engulfed the clouds completely. Afterward, the skies cleared up to show a plain blue sight.

The two Sword Qi had been broken apart by the blow while Saiya had been forced back. However, with the Saint Force covering his body, it provided a form of protection against the plumes of fire.

Jian Chen’s body flickered for a moment before flying toward Saiya with the help of the wind element. His right hand opened up to form an open palm before collecting all the fire elements to form a giant ball of the element.

“In a battle like this, you have no right to participate, remove yourself!” Jian Chen spoke icily before shooting out with a lightning fast palm. As soon as the palm drew close to Saiya’s chest, the energy within the palm exploded abruptly. The energy shattered Saiya’s defenses and slammed into his chest fiercely.

“Pfch!” Saiya spat out a mouthful of blood before turning pale in the face. Losing control of his body, he fell back down to the earth like a kite with its string cut.

He was only just a man who had recently become a heaven Saint Master. His strength was still at its lowest, and even just flying was something unfamiliar to him. So, against Jian Chen who had a countless amount of experience fighting against other Heaven Saint Masters, Saiya stood no chance.
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