Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 499: Seeing the White Stone Again One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 499: Seeing the White Stone Again One

Chapter 499: Seeing the White Stone Again (One)

Along with the remaining generals, Jian Chen and the soldiers swiftly walked through the palace into the deepest parts of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

The treasury of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was located within the depths of the palace. Measured at a height of three stories, the treasury was built from a metal that was refined a hundred times over so that it was incredibly durable.

The gates to the treasury had clear indicators of having gone through a battle. There were corpses strewn about everywhere and the entire area was filled with blood.

If this was in any ordinary time, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would have a Heaven Saint Master and 500 of their elite soldiers protecting the treasury. But with the entire palace already seized by the Eastern Deity Swords and all of the Heaven Saint Masters essentially either dead or captured, there were no experts left. The elite soldiers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were killed, and now the Eastern Deity Swords took their place protecting it.

“We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!” At Jian Chen’s approach, the soldiers guarding the treasury immediately knelt down to the ground and cried out a greeting.

“No need to be so polite, you all may rise.” Jian Chen spoke calmly while looking ahead. Although the treasury was a large building, the doors to it were quite small. Two men standing shoulder to shoulder would find it quite difficult to enter, and at this moment, the gates were shut tight, having not yet been forced open.

“Honored Imperial Protector, we went to notify you straight away after we discovered the treasury. However, even after having all our soldiers search the area, we couldn’t find the key.” An Earth Saint Master reported quietly.

“En, you’ve done well!” Jian Chen nodded his head in approval. Walking up to the gates, Jian Chen’s palm struck the meter thick metallic walls. The metal was cold to the touch and vibrated with a heavy resonance.

“I did not think that this door would be constructed from tungsten alloys. If thick enough, it is able to withstand even the strike of a Heaven Saint Master with no problem.” Jian Chen spoke with some surprise. Tungsten alloy was a very bizarre metal and was considered to be one of the sturdiest materials on the continent. It possessed a strange ability to be able to distribute the force applied to it into something manageable. If one wished to shatter tungsten alloys, then one would need to apply a force capable of shattering it in one strike. Tungsten alloys could not be destroyed piece by piece, so the defensive ability of the alloy was highly sought.

If one wanted to break open the tungsten alloy, one needed a tremendous amount of strength. If the thickness of the tungsten alloy reached fifty kilograms, it would be able to withstand the strike of a First Cycle Heaven Saint Master. With 250 kilograms, it would be able to withstand a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master. If it was over 500 kilograms, even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would find it difficult to destroy.

The durability and the scarcity of the tungsten alloy made it an extremely precious and expensive item. Worth almost its weight in currency, if there was a deposit of fifty kilograms worth of tungsten alloy, it would be worth 500 kilograms of purple coins. Despite the price being ten times the weight, not every city used this as a standard.

“It appears that the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is quite prosperous if they are able to build the doors to their treasury out of tungsten alloy. This large chunk should be around 250 kilograms at the very least. If I want to break it, I would need to exert myself by a decent amount.” Qin Wuming muttered. With that, Qin Wuming walked up to the tungsten alloy door. “Imperial Protector, please allow me to try and destroy this gate.”

Jian Chen nodded his head before taking a few steps back to allow Qin Wuming.

Not only was Qin Wuming the vice-general of the Eastern Deity Swords, he was also a Heaven Saint Master who reached the Third Cycle and possessed several battle skills. As long as the tungsten alloy door was less than 250 kilograms in weight, he would be able to break it.

Qin Wuming made every nearby soldier move farther away before bringing the large amount of Saint Force in his hand up, to strike at the small door.


A loud explosion rocked the entire palace as Qin Wuming’s hand pressed against the tungsten alloy door. The entire treasury seemed have begun to shake, and if not for the fact that the entire building was made of reinforced steel, the treasury would have came crashing down.

Taking his palm off, Qin Wuming and the others could see that the tungsten alloy door was still standing nice and tall in front of them. It hadn’t been broken, and Qin Wuming’s palm didn’t even leave a trace of it on the alloy.

Seeing that his own palm was useless, Qin Wuming let out an icy grunt before taking out his Saint Weapon that blazed with a blue-colored Saint Force. With all his strength, Qin Wuming struck at the door.

Using his Saint Weapon, Qin Wuming’s strike was roughly two to three times stronger than his palm strike. With his current strike, even a large mountain could be cleaved in half by him.

“Bang!” A fierce explosion could be heard as the whiplash of energy flooded the entire area before dissipating. The ground near the treasury started to fracture and split into crevices. Some of the soldiers of the Eastern Deity Swords were even forced back several steps.

However, even after the tremors subsided and Qin Wuming had finished his strike with his Saint Weapon, the door had not been broken.

“Father, the door must be beyond 250 kilograms in weight, it could possibly be beyond 500 kilograms! We should go call for some of the others to help us break down this door.” Qin Wujian mentioned.

Qin Wuming put away his Saint Weapon in resignation. Sighing, he spoke, “I didn’t think that this tiny Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would have amassed such a large amount of tungsten alloy. Ah, it is truly surprising. If we really wish to break open this door, we’ll need several more people to break it.”

“No need for that, allow me to try!” Jian Chen came up from behind. “I doubt such a small metal door would be able to block my path.” Seeing how Qin Wuming was unable to break past the door, Jian Chen decided to not hold back. Bringing forth the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, Jian Chen’s right hand began to glow with the same azure and violet colors.

Qin Wuming retreated without a sound. He knew that Jian Chen’s talent was nearly terrifying, but he hadn’t ever been able to understand it. This time, he would take this chance to observe it for himself.

Jian Chen stood right in front of the tungsten alloy door. Without any superfluous movements, he stabbed directly onto the door with the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits in his right hand.

“Tzk!” A metallic ring could be heard. Despite the tungsten alloy door being incredibly durable, the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits was able to stab deeply into the door almost as if it was made of tofu.

“An azure and violet color, how curious, what type of powerful energy is that?” Qin Wuming spoke in amazement at the Origin Energy in Jian Chen’s right hand.

Qin Wujian, Khafir, and Ye Ming all stared hard at the Origin Energy in Jian Chen’s right hand as well. Each one continued to guess in curiosity at what the energy was. All three of them were extremely curious.
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