Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 500: Seeing the White Stone Again Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 500: Seeing the White Stone Again Two

Chapter 500: Seeing the White Stone Again (Two)

While tungsten alloy was an extremely durable alloy, the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits was something even the Saint Weapons of a Heaven Saint Master couldn’t defend against. So the Origin Energy easily stabbed deep into the tungsten alloy.

Despite this, Jian Chen could still feel a strong resistance coming from the alloy as it tried to resist the push of the Origin Energy. What could be made certain was the fact that if Jian Chen were to not use the Origin Energy, he would have no chance of breaking open the door.

Tungsten alloys were incredibly rare on the Tian Yuan Continent with an almost excessively high price tag. Thus, Jian Chen was nearly unwilling to destroy the tungsten alloy. He instead used his Origin Energy to cut apart the door frame so the door itself would remain unharmed, yet they would still be able to enter the treasury.

“Bang!” A suppressed explosion could be heard as the door came crashing down to the ground. At that moment, everyone could only stare in shock as they realized that the thickness of the door was about two-thirds of a meter.

“Heavens, if the tungsten alloy door was this thick, it had to be at least 1500 kilograms heavy!” Khafir was stunned. Such a weight like this was equivalent to roughly 150,000 purple coins. A single door like this was somehow worth 150,000 purple coins.

“The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is truly quite prosperous.” Qin Wuming sighed in envy.

Jian Chen peeled his Origin Energy weapon away from the steel reinforced door frame, leaving behind just the tungsten alloy block. This chunk seemed less like a door and more of a rectangular pillar about two meters long, one meter wide, and two-thirds of a meter thick.

“I did not think that the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would send me such a considerable gift after I entered their treasury.” Jian Chen chuckled as he looked at the door. Slowly grabbing it, his arms began to bulge from the effort as he brought the tungsten alloy door into the air. With roughly 1500 kilograms worth of weight, Jian Chen’s legs began to sink into the ground a little.

“What amazing strength!”

Watching Jian Chen lift the incredibly strong tungsten door, everyone let out a startled cry. Jian Chen’s strength was just far too much to believe.

Although Jian Chen didn’t look sturdy and instead looked frail and weak, the Chaotic Force had tempered his body so that it had been strengthened many times over. His muscles had grown larger, and he could fight a Great Saint Master on equal grounds with just pure strength alone. With his muscles growing stronger, Jian Chen’s strength had increased as well. Lifting something of this weight was not an impossible task for him.

Jian Chen placed the door back on the ground, causing the entire ground to shake along with the explosive sound of a door smashing into the ground to appear.

“We all underestimated the prosperity of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. None of us expected them to have such a heavy amount of tungsten alloy. This chunk isn’t 1500 kilograms. I estimate it to be around 2500 kilograms around actually.” Jian Chen had a happy smile on his face. Jian Chen was extremely happy because of this priceless amount of tungsten alloy.

Hearing that the expected weight was around 2500 kilograms, everyone let out a shocked cry.

Now that the door to the treasury was open, Jian Chen and the rest could walk into the treasury.

There was a total of three stories to the treasury of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. The first layer was extremely big with Space Belts nicely ordered about the entire area with symbols up above them to signify what was inside each Space Belt. The entire first floor seemed to have, for the most part, army provisions and high grade armor.

The king of the Gesun Kingdom approached one of the nearest Space Belts and retrieved a single black set of armor from it. With sparkling eyes, he cried out, “This armor is made from tungsten alloy! Just how does the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom have such a large amount of tungsten alloy?”

Hearing this, Jian Chen walked up to a nearby Space Belt and took out a suit of armor as well. This suit of armor was surprisingly constructed from tungsten alloy as well. A suit of armor made from tungsten alloy was generally very thin, but it weighed about 5 kilograms and boasted of a defensive strength that was far stronger than a suit of armor crafted from reinforced steel. If a soldier were to wear this suit of armor, it would greatly improve their fighting ability and survivability. Because of the light weight of the tungsten alloy armor, the amount of weight generally pressed up against a soldier was greatly reduced.

The king slapped the tungsten alloy armor and sighed, “This armor is quite excellent. Not only is it light, but its defensive might is ten times stronger than the black armor my Black Armors wear.”

Jian Chen let loose a small smile as he listened. “Your Majesty, we might as well give these suit of armor to the Black Armors to wear. They are the elite squadron of our Gesun Kingdom, so we must do our best to raise their fighting ability to their best.”

The king couldn’t hide the overjoyed look on his face, but when he saw Qin Wuming standing right next to him, he became quite embarrassed. “That’d be too much. The invasion of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was all due to the contributions of the Qinhuang Kingdom. These suit of armors should go to them instead.”

Qin Wuming laughed, “Although tungsten alloy is quite pricey, it isn’t considered much by our Qinhuang Kingdom. The five elite divisions of our Qinhuang Kingdom don’t use tungsten alloy, but the difference isn’t too great. Furthermore, we would need ten million of these suits in order to give to everyone. Aside from that, our Qinhuang Kingdom has armor that is a level higher than tungsten alloy, so we have little use for them.”

“If that’s how it is, then I will accept these tungsten alloy armors for my Black Armors.” The king of the Gesun Kingdom didn’t argue any longer and took the armor happily.

Afterward, Jian Chen had several of the soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords help collect most of the Space Belts. In total, there were 300 suits of armor made from tungsten alloy. With each of them weighing about five kilograms, this amounted to roughly 1500 kilograms worth of tungsten alloy. In this trip to the treasury, the amount of tungsten alloy they had received was quite vast.

Aside from the suits of armor made from tungsten alloy, there was nothing else on the first floor that caught Jian Chen’s eyes. Therefore, Jian Chen led the group to the second floor.

The second story mostly consisted of monster cores and currency. They were sorted into several hundred Space Belts. Jian Chen didn’t even bother with any of them. He had the Eastern Deity Swords collect them into their own Space Belts. Without stopping, he walked to the third floor.

The third floor was quite different from the first two floors. All sorts of treasures were collected here. Oddities and items were stored all around, and while their purpose wasn’t clear, what was clear was the fact that they had to be quite expensive.

Suddenly, when Jian Chen stepped onto the third floor, Ziying and Qingsuo both spoke into Jian Chen’s mind.

“There is a howlite!”

“Howlite! There’s one here! Master, master, quickly take the howlite into your hand!”

Ziying and Qingsuo were both extremely excited and seemed as if they were impatient for something.

The sudden voice in his head caused Jian Chen to falter for a moment. The azure and violet Sword Spirits rarely spoke to Jian Chen, so he hadn’t expected to hear them talk right now.

“Howlite? What is that?” Jian Chen thought in confusion. Shortly afterward, a strange sensation could suddenly be felt in Jian Chen’s head, causing him to turn toward one of the corners of the treasury.

All that could be seen was a single white stone placed on top of a table. There was nothing significant looking to this white stone, making it seem quite ordinary. At first glance, anyone would think this to be no different than any other stone. If it were thrown into a heap of rubble, it wouldn’t be noticed at all.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with recognition before quickly walking to the table. His eyes stared hard at the white stone, and memories of what had happened a few years ago in Wake City began to flash in his mind. At that time, he didn’t know that the two glows of light in his dantian were the Sword Spirits, but he had realized the curiosity that was the white stone instead of dismissing it as an ordinary stone because of the strange sensation coming from them when he walked the streets of Wake City. It was because of this curiosity that he had purchased the white stone.

Jian Chen never had a second thought for the white stone in his Space Ring because he simply had no idea just what use the white stone served. As time went on, if it were not for the fact that Jian Chen had come across a second stone and had the Sword Spirits not mentioned it, Jian Chen would have completely forgotten about the fact that he had bought one.

The white stone had been placed on top of a steel table for Jian Chen to pick up with both hands. Straight away, Jian Chen felt the weight of the stone and was shocked. This single fist-sized white stone was approximately 500 kilograms in weight. If not for his strength, it would have been difficult for him to pick up from the table.

“Ziying, Qingsuo. Just what is this white stone? If it excites you two, does that mean it a treasure of some sort?” Jian Chen asked the two Sword Spirits. This question was on his mind ever since the very first time he had bought the white stone. At that time, neither Sword Spirit was capable of communicating with him, so he had never been able to learn of the oddity or history behind the white stone.

“Master, this howlite is an incredibly rare material used to refine one of the most indispensable materials used for high-leveled Artefacts. As you say, it can be used to construct weapons.” Ziying spoke with unbelievable joy.

“Oh, so it is a material used to create weapons?” Jian Chen was disappointed for a moment, “If that’s it, it isn’t too precious. With the people of the Tian Yuan Continent using Saint Weapons, there is practically no need for weapons to be made since any type of weapon. No matter what material it is made from, is weak in front of a Heaven Saint Master. It wouldn’t even manage to defend against a Saint Weapon.”

“Master, you underestimate these Artefacts. Artefacts are far stronger than you could possible imagine. Wait until you enter that realm, you will come to understand the strength of a magical weapon.” Ziying spoke.

“That’s right, master. Ziying isn’t wrong. Artefacts are extremely amazing. They are far stronger than the Saint Weapons you use.” This time, Qingsuo spoke with the same singsong voice.

“Is it truly that amazing?” Jian Chen had his curiosity piqued. Although he didn’t know what an Artefact was, he could guess they were another way of classifying a weapon.
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