Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 507: Might of a Saint Ruler One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 507: Might of a Saint Ruler One

Chapter 507: Might of a Saint Ruler (One)

There was a total of fourteen people with Jian Chen as they traveled day in and night out. Finally, they arrived at the giant mountain where the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was and descended down onto it.

“The leaders of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, come on out quickly now.” After setting down, the general of the Eastern Deity Swords, Qin Wuming immediately boomed. His voice traveled like the rumbling sounds of thunder throughout the mountains, echoing loudly through the world.

Perhaps knowing that the Qinhuang Kingdom would come to start trouble, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had already made their preparations. As soon as Qin Wuming’s voice boomed out, a dozen individuals could be seen flying forth before stopping twenty meters away from those from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

There was a total of sixteen people from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Aside from the prior ten people who had been in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, there was still another six men that were new. From those six, there was a middle-aged couple, two middle-aged men, and another two elders who looked to be in their seventies.

“You all must be men from the Qinhuang Kingdom.” A purple-robed elder cupped his hands as he spoke to them with an expressionless face.

“Correct. We are from the Qinhuang Kingdom. Sect of Dragon and Tiger, not only did several of your members take away a criminal we captured, but you even injured my son. What is the meaning of this? Could it be that you wish for an open war to take place between you and the Qinhuang Kingdom?” Qin Wutian glared dangerously at the group of people from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

“Sect of Dragon and Tiger, you must offer us compensation for this affair. Otherwise, our Qinhuang Kingdom and your sect will cross blades instead.” Qin Wujian spoke in a low voice.

Hearing the two men speak, the purple-robed elder gave a faint smile, “If you two could please calm down. This one is the sectmaster of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger — Kris. Pertaining to the event that happened several days ago, I know of it, but it was nothing more than a misunderstanding.”

“Hmph, what kind of of bullshit understanding is it? Sect of Dragon and Tiger, do not think you can shirk your responsibilities. Our men have been injured by your sect. Speak then, how should this matter be absolved?” Qin Wujian spoke dangerously. Despite being in front of the mountain gates to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, he was not in the slightest bit afraid of them since he had the forces of the Qinhuang Kingdom ready to support him from behind.

Qin Wutian stepped forward with a sinister glare directed toward the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. “There is still the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. This man is someone our Imperial Protector wishes to capture. Yet, your men still dared to steal him away. This is simply a clear example of not willing to work with our Qinhuang Kingdom.”

The sectmaster of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, Kris, did not grow angry. Instead, there was still a faint smile on his face, “Our sect truly did offend your Qinhuang Kingdom several days ago; therefore I, Kris, wish to apologize. However, this second prince has a special identity since his mother is a member of our Sect of Dragon and Tiger. So the second prince is considered to be a member of our sect and not an outsider. As such, we naturally cannot allow your Qinhuang Kingdom to take him away.” Kris spoke with a gentle voice, but the meaning within his words was loud and clear. As long as he or she was a member of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, the Qinhuang Kingdom would have no right to take him or her away. The second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom included.

When the men from the Qinhuang Kingdom heard the implied meaning of what Kris had said, they all took on a rather hard look on their faces.

“Sectmaster Kris, what do you mean by your words?” This time, it was Xiao Tian who spoke with unbridled anger in his voice.

“Haha, this one doesn’t mean anything more. It is only that the second prince is of our sect. Our Sect of Dragon and Tiger will naturally protect him. This matter, I hope everyone will not be too forceful on. Although our Sect of Dragon and Tiger isn’t of the same level as your Qinhuang Kingdom, we are not that easy to bully either. This one offers an apologies for the injuries inflicted several days ago. Seeing that your Highness seems to have been fully healed, his injuries must not have been too grievous, meaning that it was not a big matter either.” Kris spoke. Although his words were kind sounding, he did not place any of the Qinhuang Kingdom in his eye. He only spoke several words of apologies that seemed to try and even out the situation where Qin Wutian had been injured.

“Hmph, your Sect of Dragon and Tiger dreams quite grandiosely. How could the injuries of my brother be so trifling that it could be placated with words?” Qin Wujian spoke angrily.

“Then what might your Highness propose we should do?” Kris asked Qin Wujian.

Qin Wujian held up two fingers, “Two conditions. First, you will hand over the second prince. Second, whomever injured my brother, we want his arm cut off.”

Hearing this, the sectmaster Kris had a flash of coldness go through his eyes. The previously warm expression in his face had transformed into a sinister one as he suddenly spoke, “Absolutely not.” Kris was resolute on his decision and held no leeway for discussion.

Jian Chen snorted as he strode forth. Unyielding, he spoke, “Then this means to say that there is no way we can compromise over this. Since it is like so, allow us to give our masterstroke here.”

“Men of the Qinhuang Kingdom, your bullying ways are too much. You truly do not give our Sect of Dragon and Tiger any options.” The middle-aged man next to Kris spoke angrily.

“What bullying? It was you that first gave us trouble. If you did not provoke us, then we would have eaten our fill and would have no quarrel to give with you.” Qing Xiaofan retorted.

“There is nothing more that needs to be said about this. Then please allow our Sect of Dragon and Tiger to see the masterstroke of the Qinhuang Kingdom.” The other middle-aged man growled before drawing out his Saint Weapon to charge at one of the Imperial Advisors.

Following the actions of the middle-aged men, the other individual of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger immediately sprung into action as well. Both sides joined the fray, and in some time, practically thirty Heaven Saint Masters were fighting right in front of the gates to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Huge waves of energy continued to burst wave after wave from both sides and destroy the surrounding area in the blink of an eye. The battle of the thirty Heaven Saint Masters was so strong that several of the surrounding giant trees were reduced to splinters and the ground was littered with craters.

As soon as the battle first started, a transparent barrier wordlessly appeared over the gates to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. It enveloped the entirety of the sect inside and prevented it from being targeted. This barrier seemed weak, but with the battle residue of thirty Heaven Saint Masters flying about, the barrier hadn’t even wavered a bit.

Inside the sect, several thousand disciples had been alarmed by the battle taking place outside. Standing one by one on the higher points of the place, they stared at the faraway but spectacular battle. With the barrier protecting them, they weren’t in the least bit afraid of being hit by a shockwave from the battle.

Fighting up in the sky, Jian Chen himself fought against three men. Fighting him was the sectmaster of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, Kris, the vice sectmaster, Hu Ba, and a seventy year old man. Each one of them were extremely strong, Hu Ba and the elder were both at the Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master strength, and Kris was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. He had already reached the peak of the Heaven Saint Masters and thus had a battle strength that was astounding.

With him fighting against three people, Jian Chen had decided to take it seriously. From the get go, he had used the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits which was the thing he relied on the most.

These three had taken the initiative to attack Jian Chen. Hu Ba had clearly told the others of Jian Chen’s identity, warning both Kris and the other elder of the dangers of the Origin energy. For that reason, they didn’t dare to fight Jian Chen directly. Instead they had two people distract him while the third would find an opportunity to strike at Jian Chen from behind.
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