Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 584: Fealty From the Six Major Clans One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 584: Fealty From the Six Major Clans One

Chapter 584: Fealty From the Six Major Clans (One)

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen spoke, “Very well. If the six clans have come to our doors to stop us, then we will get two birds with a single arrow and subjugate them all at once. Take me there, we’ll head over now.”

And so after, Jian Chen called for You Yue and Tie Ta to accompany him out from the inn and onto their Class 3 Magical Beast mounts to ride away.

At this moment within a large courtyard in the Cloud Capital, hundreds of men were gathered within the enclosure to surround a group of fifty so tightly that not even water could leak out.

From within these fifty people, there were five different figures that were especially prominent in everyone’s eyes. There were perhaps only a small handful of people that wouldn’t know these five; captain Ha Ni of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries, captain Jasmine of the Bloodrose Mercenaries, captain Zhan Tian of the Carnage Mercenaries, and his two vice captains Shan Xiong and Mu Chi.

Jasmine and Ha Ni were both staring heavily at the surrounding people--their eyes had most especially been focused on the dozen people standing in front. The both of them had grim expressions as they registered just who these people where. Each one of them were all titular figures of the Cloud Capital and were experts of the Earth Saint Master realm. Each one of them had been Earth Saint Masters for far longer than Ha Ni and Jasmine and could easily fight them two to one with an advantage.

Zhan Tian, Mu Chi, and Shan Xiong were all relaxed despite the situation they were in. Each one of them were calm despite being surrounded, and instead of being concerned like Jasmine and Ha Ni were, they had instead looked at the group with a cold sneer as if their enemies were beneath their notice.

It had taken a long period of time before Zhan Tian took a single step powerful step forward. “Gentleman, what is the meaning of this? Do you wish to start a war with the Flame Mercenaries?”

“Ai, Zhan Tian, Mu Chi, Shan Xiong, Jasmine, Ha Ni, we may not be very close to one another, but we have talked with one another before. It was an unexpected piece of information to hear that your group of all people would throw away your good position of captains to become the lackeys of an unknown mercenary group like the Flame Mercenaries, how is that worth it?” An elder spoke with regret as if he felt that it was a complete shame that these five people would willingly work another.

“Zhan Tian, Jasmine, Ha Ni, you three should withdraw from the Flame Mercenaries. Think about the glory you had as captains. What need is there to be a lackey, this is a complete insult to your status.” Another man spoke.

“Yes, Zhan Tian. Your Carnage Mercenaries were amongst the strongest within the Cloud Capital. But now you’ve completely thrown away your entire group to the whims of another to use, is that not an unworthy use of them?”

“There’s still time to go back. With the combined power of the Cloud Capital, we’ll definitely be able to drive out the evil…”

Practically every single person there were hoping that the five Earth Saint Masters would leave the Flame Mercenaries. Unless there was no other choice, not a single one of them wanted to engage in battle with the five of them. If one did happen, then there would undoubtedly be plenty of deaths, and those five Earth Saint Masters were definitely figures to be reckoned with.

“That’s enough, you should all stop talking.” Mu Chi waved his hand in irritation. “We have joined with the Flame Mercenaries for glory. Don’t even bother trying to use your cheap words to instigate us. It is futile.”

“Aye. I, Ha Ni, rejoice at the fact to join with the Flame Mercenaries! Trying to fan the flames of resentment is a waste of your energy and our time, so forget about it.” The captain of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries spoke. After joining the Flame Mercenaries, he was finally able to obtain the Earth Tier Battle Skill that he had always dreamed of. Such a prize had excited him to no end and had caused him to feel extremely devoted to the Flame Mercenaries.

Each one of the figures from the six clans grew dark in the face as they listened to Mu Chi and Ha Ni. “It seems that the poison has already taken root within your body. There is no saving you now.”

“Hehe. I figured that us joining with the Flame Mercenaries would have nothing to do with you. To each their own they say. So when did our actions have to be managed by you?” Zhan Tian laughed.

Everyone could only stay in silence after hearing Zhan Tian’s words.

No longer even pretending to bother with the six heads, Zhan Tian turned to the elder by the side, “Lord Griff, if I may ask about your thoughts on our proposal. If you join our Flame Mercenaries, then the rewards you will receive will be far beyond what you could possibly gather within a single lifetime. It is a path that has no end in potential!”

“Impudence! Zhan Tian, Griff is already a part of our alliance, and yet you still dare try to pull him into your own. Do you even have eyes for our alliance?” Another elder spoke with a heavy expression. Zhan Tian was growing more and more out of control the more he represented the Flame Mercenaries, and now he was completely unafraid of them all. This result had made them all feel rather uneasy.

There had to be something amiss here!

“I didn’t think that this place would be so lively. Every single faction within the Cloud Capital is here it seems.” Suddenly, a loud but clear voice could be heard from the outside as several men and women suddenly came walking into view. They had an air of regalness to them that was unlike the ordinary air to most.

Zhan Tian and the other four had lit up when they saw these figures--they could see that it was Jian Chen and the others.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes flew over to land onto Jian Chen’s body with a look of extreme displeasure.

“Who are you?” A middle-aged man barked at Jian Chen’s group.

“He is the captain of our Flame Mercenaries!” Before Jian Chen had even said anything, Zhan Tian had introduced him first. He knew that Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master with unlimited potential, so he would naturally want to curry favor with him.

Everyone had looked flabbergasted at Jian Chen when they heard Zhan Tian’s introduction. Shocked at the news, not a single one of them had thought that the one responsible for annexing three of the strongest mercenary groups in the Cloud Capital would be a youth that was barely in his twenties.

“And here I thought that the captain of the Flame Mercenaries would be some sort of strong burly man. Not once did I suspect that it would actually be a green horned brat! How ridiculous!” A black-robed elder mocked.

“Three of our Cloud Capital’s strongest mercenary groups willingly kneeled down in front of a wet behind the ears brat like this? My my, how shameful that is.” Another thin-looking elder shook his head with a sigh.

Jian Chen’s eyes grew icy for a split-moment before he barked out, “Ming Dong, Dugu Feng!”

Understanding what Jian Chen was asking them to do, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng immediately charged forward with their Saint Weapons out and ready to strike. Saint Force billowed out from their weapons as it stabbed out at the two.

The two elders that had spoken earlier were Earth Saint Masters as well, meaning that their reactions to Dugu Feng and Ming Dong had been swift. Straight away, they had taken out their Saint Weapons to block the strike.

The sword in Dugu Feng’s hand grew fiery as it approached his target, and with the sound of thunder striking metal, his sword clashed against the other with a large explosion. The elder he had clashed with had been forced back by the impact.

“Third Cycle Earth Saint Master!” The man had cried out in shock. But then the next words that came out from Dugu Feng’s mouth had shocked him even more.

“Earth Tier Battle Skill--Heaven Splitter Earth Breaker!” A tremendous amount of fire billowed out from his giant sword as he lifted it upwards. With a mighty heave, Dugu Feng brought the sword down onto the elder to cleave him in two.

The elder had wanted to dodge when a fierce amount of pressure suddenly locked him into place. Feeling as if he had been bogged down by some sort of quagmire and had a thousand pound weight forced onto him, the elder had been rendered helpless to move. With no other choice, the elder could only make use of his Human Tier Battle Skill to try and defend himself against the Earth Tier Battle Skill.

A Human Tier Battle Skill was like striking a stone with an egg when faced against an Earth Tier Battle Skill. As expected, the elder’s body had been knocked flying away with blood coming out from his mouth after sustaining a tremendous amount of damage.

At the same time, the thinner looking elder had been grievously wounded by Ming Dong as well. Collapsing twenty meters away, he landed back down onto the ground with such force that a series of spiderweb-like cracks appeared all around him. The elder’s face was white as if devoid of blood, and compared to the one that fought against Dugu Feng, this elder was far more injured.

Ming Dong had not used any battle skill, but because of his strength as a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master, he was an extremely terrifying existence. A Second Cycle Earth Saint Master like this elder would be easily defeated by him.

Ming Dong and Dugu Feng’s strength had completely startled the entire group, but they were not too afraid of the two just yet. There were over a dozen of them after all, and in numbers, they evidently had the advantage. With numbers, they could stifle even strength.

But the use of an Earth Tier Battle Skill by Dugu Feng had been something everyone salivated over. Each one of them had thus looked to Dugu Feng with a look of avarice that wasn’t hidden at all.

“Impudence! How dare you strike at our allies? Everyone, forward!” Suddenly, another elder had let out a loud shout as he charged at Dugu Feng with his Saint Weapon and an impassioned look in his eyes.

As soon as this elder spoke, the other remaining Earth Saint Masters had regained their wits and charged at Dugu Feng without fear of the consequences.

Jian Chen looked at the group charge towards Dugu Feng with a cold sneer, “How reckless!” Jian Chen’s hands clutched at the sky so as to gather the energy of the world. With a sudden push of his hands, Jian Chen let out a burst of explosive energy that howled mightily as if it was a dragon towards the group.

Not a single one of the Earth Saint Masters that had charged at Dugu Feng had enough time to react before the tide of energy had slammed against them. Their robes had completely disintegrated into dust from where the energy had struck while each one of them had been sent flying back. With blood coming out from their mouths, each person stumbled ruthlessly across the ground.

It had only been a brief moment where not even enough time had transpired for a breath to even form. But in just that small prolapse of time, over ten Earth Saint Masters had been injured so severely that they could only lay on the ground in pain.

In front of a Heaven Saint Master, an Earth Saint Master was an extremely weak figure. There was not a chance for them to even be able to resist, and only Ming Dong was an exception.
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