Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 628: Subjugation One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 628: Subjugation One

Chapter 628: Subjugation (One)

The patriarch of the Jiede clan was one with the space around him. In his current state of harmony, he was free to travel almost instantaneously toward Jian Chen. His Saint Weapon resplendently shined as it flew at Jian Chen. Following the path of the blade, a fissure about two meters wide was torn asunder.

Even Jian Chen felt slightly intimidated by the might of this sword swing. He knew that his Chaotic Body had been strong enough to endure a throat-crushing experience, but this time he was facing the edge of an extremely sharp weapon. Compared to a claw, a sword was far more intimidating. Jian Chen had no guarantees that he would be able to handle survive this attack as easily as the strike before.

The power that came from a Saint Ruler when they used their Saint Weapon was not insignificant. Unwilling to take the sword head-on, Jian Chen decided to evade by dodging to the side.

However, he was still a Heaven Saint Master. It was true that he had the battle strength of a Saint Ruler, but Jian Chen had not been blessed with an iota of comprehension of the profound mysteries of the world. This one sword swing of the patriarch was imbued with the powers of space itself. Jian Chen was left with no bargaining power as he tried to dodge the sword. In the end, Jian Chen was struck in the chest by the flaming sword.

However, the sword did not pierce his body as expected. When the moment came for the Saint Weapon to make contact with Jian Chen’s chest, the forward momentum of the sword came to a grinding halt, and moved no further. Despite its unbelievably sharp point and the power behind it, it was only capable of cutting through a shallow layer of skin, drawing a dot of blood.

Patriarch Jiede’s irises dilated to practically a needle’s circumference as he gasped in shock at the small point of damage on Jian Chen’s chest. He couldn’t believe it; while he didn’t put his entire might into this one swing, it was still roughly eighty percent of his raw might. This energy could destroy the world around him if directed, yet Jian Chen was still floating in front him practically unharmed. Such a sight was far too much for him to accept.

Jian Chen looked down at the mosquito-bite-like injury on his chest, and an extremely wide smile graced his face. A Saint Ruler had used his Saint Weapon, yet it was ineffective! This only went to show just how strong the Chaotic Body was. Now, Jian Chen was no longer afraid of the patriarch.

“Master, Ziying and Qingsuo haven’t yet recovered our strength so the Origin energy is not yet comparable to the Chaotic Force. During this battle, please use the Chaotic Force in your body instead. Your Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force are only at a rudimentary level, a level so rudimentary that it cannot even be considered as the Chaotic Body or Chaotic Force, but it should pose no threat when fighting a Saint Ruler of this world.” Ziying spoke in Jian Chen’s mind.

Jian Chen immediately gave up the notion of using the Origin energy of the sword spirits to fight. The Chaotic Force within his body began to surge and bubble like the water in a river. A moment later, it had covered his entire body before Jian Chen rushed to fight the patriarch.

He wasn’t skilled in close combat fighting, but there wasn’t a suitable weapon available that he could use. He couldn’t even use the Origin energy. The circumstances were pushing him to use his fists.

The patriarch easily dodged Jian Chen’s fist and moved behind him. He brandished his Saint Weapon and swung it with all his might to strike Jian Chen down.

Like lightning, the Saint Weapon arched into Jian Chen’s back, but the attack only served to cut away his robes, revealing his unblemished skin. Shortly afterward, a small white line appeared where the blade had cut him. Blood could be seen dripping from the white line. With his white skin as contrast, the blood was very eye-catching.

The patriarch could only stare in mute shock at the wound on Jian Chen’s back as his skin regenerated back to its original state as if it had been completely unharmed in the first place. The patriarch had used his entire strength to cut down Jian Chen, but the end result was a slight paper-cut-like wound that instantaneously healed itself.

“Im—impo—imposible!” The patriarch stuttered. He was completely dumbfounded by this result where only an insignificant wound had been inflicted.

“Mrrrr…” The tiger cub hiding on Jian Chen’s shoulder had been affected by the tremendous aura of the Saint Ruler, causing it to let out a small, frantic cry. It clung to Jian Chen’s neck with both its paws. The cub seemed like it was about to collapse.

Feeling the slight burn that traveled up his spine, a malevolent glint appeared on Jian Chen’s face. Moving the tiger cub from his shoulder to under his left arm, Jian Chen moved to punch the patriarch.

In fierce battle between Jian Chen and the patriarch, both combatants were using their entire strength. Each attack they threw out was capable of destroying the world around them. When their attack impacted against something, a tremendous sound resonated and great winds erupted. One after another, fissures appeared in the space around them. They sucked in the light of the world, revealing twilight in the holes. By now, the forest around them was a desolate place.

The battle in the sky continued for a very long time without stop. Soon enough, the manor of the Jiede clan had been utterly wiped out and leveled with only remnants of the place to be seen scattered about. The members of the clan had long since evacuated the place with the help of the ten Heaven Saint Masters. They were in a safe area several dozen kilometers away.

Jian Chen felt very sullen about the current progress of the battle. It had been dragging on for so long, but he was never able to make contact with even the robes of the patriarch. Each time he tried, the patriarch of the Jiede clan would escape.

On the inverse, he didn’t even know just how many blows the patriarch had landed on him. The Jiede patriarch’s strikes had not been a threat to him because of the immensity of the Chaotic Force. The wounds Jian Chen sustained only took a small moment to heal without leaving a mark.

Although Jian Chen possessed the strength of a Saint Ruler, he was still a Heaven Saint Master that hadn’t comprehended the profound mysteries of the world. Without that comprehension, he could only defend against a Saint Ruler. There was no way he could land a finishing blow or even manage to seriously injure one.

Unless the Saint Ruler gave up on using space to evade, Jian Chen had no other choice but to continue!

Hovering a thousand meters in the sky, the patriarch stared at Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, after this long fight, you and I are getting nowhere. Why don’t we stop here; fighting any longer would only be a meaningless waste of time.” After battling for so long, the patriarch knew he couldn’t harm his opponent even though held the advantage over Jian Chen. Even if he went all out, Jian Chen would only experience scratches.

Jian Chen came to a stop in the sky as well. A slight tint of azure light wrapped his body as if he was gathering the energy of the world to make him fly. It was unlike the patriarch’s ability to fly without using the elements at all.

“Patriarch Jiede, I am unable to harm you, but the future Jian Chen will definitely remember this grudge. He will visit once more and ensure that a disastrous payment will be taken from your clan.” Jian Chen emotionlessly replied. He had been extremely angry and sullen at the beginning of the fight, and had lost all his fear earlier. Jian Chen was now trying to intimidate the patriarch since he couldn’t harm him
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    《Chaotic Sword God》