Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 729: Blue Badge One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 729: Blue Badge One

Chapter 729: Blue Badge (One)

Just as Jian Chen took the carriage with Jamie towards the main off of the Radiant Saint Master Union, a white-robed old man who seemed to be in his seventies in a luxurious courtyard slowly allowed the dense Radiant Saint Force around his hands to dissipate. On the old man’s chest was an exquisite blue badge.

The blue badge represented a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master and was distributed by the main office of the union. Only Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters had the right to wear it, so the old man clearly was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

Before the old man sat Lei Mingao, the person who had fallen out with Jian Chen before having his finger broken by the small white tiger. He was currently moving his right index finger, which had just been healed.

“Mingao, fortunately you rushed back to the clan in time. Otherwise, the wound would begin to coagulate if too much time passed. Then, even I won’t have the power to fix it. Only the elders of the union would possess that power.” The Class 6 Radiant Saint Master said to him with no expression.

Lei Mingao stood up from the seat. He bowed courteously to the old man and said, “Thank you, third grandfather, for healing Mingao’s finger. Mingao will never forget third grandfather’s deed.”

The Class 6 Radiant Saint Master sighed, “Mingao, although our Lei family has some status in the City of God, we aren’t all-powerful. There are plenty of clans greater than our Lei family in the city. You shouldn’t cause so much trouble.”

“Mingao will take third grandfather’s wisdom to the heart.” Before the old man, Lei Mingao did not dare to be brash. His third grandfather was the only Class 6 Radiant Saint Master of the family after all, as well as a core member of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He possessed an extremely great status.

The Radiant Saint Master nodded before leaving the room wearily. As soon as he left, the expression of respect on Lei Mingao’s face disappeared. He became overcast as he grinded his teeth, “Even a mere low class Radiant Saint Master dares to be so brash before me, and he even broke a finger of mine. If I don’t take revenge, do I still have any dignity to face the Lei family anymore?”

“Brother, your sister likes the tiger cub that the low class Radiant Saint Master owns very much. You have to bring it back for your sister.” As soon as Lei Mingao finished speaking, a female’s voice echoed from outside. A lady with a green Radiant Saint Master badge walked in. She carried an expression of great arrogance.

Seeing the lady, Lei Mingao immediately began to smile, “Sister, don’t worry. Your brother will definitely bring back that tiger cub. Brother’ll give it to you as a gift.” Towards his younger cousin, Lei Mingao did not dare to be impolite. His cousin’s status in the family was extremely special, and was much greater than his status as the third young master.

This was because his cousin was extremely talented, reaching Class 4 as a Radiant Saint Master when she was twenty-three years old. She became one of the most outstanding ten geniuses of the City of God and beared the high hopes of the elders of the family. She was even praised by an elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union that she would definitely reach Class 6 in another twenty years, and might even possess the potential to reach Class 7.

As a result, even though his younger cousin was not a member of the direct line of descent, She possessed a status that completely superseded him, the third young master. This as due to the fact that all Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would take up the position of an elder of the union, which was an extremely great status. Even in the entire union, there were only around twenty elders who had reached Class 7.

At this moment, a guard that Lei Mingao had sent to stalk Jian Chen hurried in. He knelt on one knee and said, ‘Reporting to the young master, the low class Radiant Saint Master is currently leaving in a carriage along with the vice-manager of a third-rate branch. Looking at their direction, they seem to the hurrying towards the main office of the union.

Hearing that, Lei Mingao furrowed his eyebrows. After a period of thought, he mumbled to himself, “What’s he going to the head office of the union for?”

At this moment, the green-badged lady pondered slightly and said to herself, “That low class Radiant Saint Master seemed to want to go and get tested. The third-rate branch on Sun Street can only test up the Class 4. Once it exceeds Class 4, they need to go to the main office to be tested. Perhaps that untested Radiant Saint Master is already Class 5?”

As soon as he heard Class 5, Lei Mingao’s expression changed. He said dramatically, “Impossible, that’s definitely impossible. He looks even younger than me. How can he be a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master?”

The lady thought for a while with furrowed eyebrows. Afterwards, she looked coldly towards the guard and said, “Quickly prepare a carriage, I need to go to the head office.”

“Yes, young lady Lei Yin!” The guard replied courteously before rushing off.

The female who was referred to as young lady Lei Yin did not hesitate either, leaving immediately.

Lei Mingao hesitated slightly as he watched Lei Yin slowly disappear into the distance. With gritted teeth, he immediately began to chase after her, “Sister, wait for brother. I’ll come with you.”

The City of God was extremely large. The luxurious carriage rolled down the wide streets quickly, finally arriving at the centre of the city after a whole day and night of travel. It finally came to a stop in front of a grand castle.

The castle was the main office of the Radiant Saint Master Union. The castle was extremely big, at least a hundred meters in height. The entire castle radiated with a layer of soft white light, carrying with it a holy feeling, and even more so, the pure beauty of sacredness. However, the most eye-catching part was the very top of the castle. There was a ball of light around ten meters in diameter, completely condensed out a Radiant Saint Master. It did not disperse and seemed to be everlasting.

As soon as Jian Chen exited the carriage, he was stunned by the scene in front of him. His gaze immediately landed on the ball of dense Radiant Saint Force and he was unable to look away. He could feel that the ball of light contained vast Radiant Saint Force, and that the force was so powerful, it was enough to stupefy Jian Chen for a while.

At this moment, Jamie and Lin Bai exited the carriage rather wearily together. Their gazes also landed on the ball of light at the top of the castle.

“That’s the symbol of the Radiant Saint Master Union. In the very centre of that ball of dense Radiant Saint Force is the only saint artifact that allows Radiant Saint Masters to reach Class 7. It’s activated every fifty years, and every time it’s activated, only ten people can enter and obtain the opportunity to reach Class 7. There is only one year, five months and eighteen days till the next activation.” Jamie explained to Jian Chen on one side. This was not a secret in the Holy Empire. Almost all Radiant Saint Masters knew about it.

Jian Chen stared deeply into the powerful ball of Radiant Saint Force on the top of the castle. Although it contained the saint artifact that allowed people to reach Class 7, he was unable to see it at all. The dense Radiant Saint Force was just too powerful, and there was also an extremely powerful seal outside protecting it. Even his presence could not get through it.

“Who would’ve thought that the union would actually place something so valuable there. Looks like they’ve made plenty of preparations for the safety of the artifact and that they don’t fear anyone taking it away.” Jian Chen thought. He forcefully suppressed the unrealistic thoughts that had blossomed in his mind, before following Jamie and Lin Bai into the castle.

Jamie brought Jian Chen into the huge castle. Within the castle, there were many Radiant Saint Masters in white robes with varying badge colors, gathered together in small groups and conversing.

Jian Chen followed Jamie to a counter. Behind the counter sat an old man who also wore an azure badge.

“Jamie you old debauchee, what’re you coming to the union headquarters for and not staying in your branch? Perhaps you’ve got a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master to test?”

“Gaethyr, you’ve actually guessed correctly. I’ve indeed come this time to have someone tested for Class 5.” Jamie chuckled.

Gaethyr focused his gaze and looked attentively at Lin Bai. He thought in surprise, “Perhaps this youngster’s already reached Class 6? He doesn’t even seem to be fifty years old. This is just unbelieveable for him to reach Class 6 with such a young age. He actually cultivates several times faster than fighters.”

Although he was secretly shocked, Gaethyr did not hesitate. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to get tested.”

Not long after, Jian Chen and the others followed Gaethyr into a secret room. Gaethyr pulled out a thumb-sized bead from a decorated box in the room, before arriving before Lin Bai sternly. He said, “Since you’ve passed the Class 5 test already, you should already know the rules. I guess I don’t need to say anymore.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》