Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 742: Killing Intent on the Ferry Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 742: Killing Intent on the Ferry Two

Chapter 742: Killing Intent on the Ferry (Two)

Jian Chen’s gaze towards Quan Youcai carried some astonishment. He did not think that Quan Youcai, someone as thick-skinned as a pig and rather unreliable, would actually possess the strength to challenge the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.

Force the first time, there was some change to Jian Chen’s opinion of Quan Youcai. He could not help but believe what Quan Youcai had said to Lin Bai about how he had a rather great attainment in Radiant Artes slightly, though it was only slightly.

Noticing Jian Chen’s change, Quan Youcai immediately revealed a smile that he believed to be enchanting and giggled at Jian Chen, “How is it, brother Yang Yutian? Do you finally believe it now? I, Quan Youcai, am not as deplorable as you’ve described. If you discuss matters with me, an esteemed Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, not only will you not suffer losses, it’ll even benefit you extremely greatly at my expenses. Shouldn’t you give this a serious consider?”

Jian Chen shook his head with a slight smile. He did not say anything, though he thought to himself, “This Quan Youcai really does harp on those three great Radiant Artes.”

“Three months ago, I heard that brother Yang Yutian has unprecedented talent and is a modern prodigy. Not only have you reached Class 6 at a young age of twenty-four, your talent in practising Radiant Artes is close to one of a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. Currently, it’s getting closer and closer by the day to the fight for a chance at breaking through to Class 7. The elimination competition will begin in a month’s time. I wonder how confident brother Yang Yutian is for obtaining a position in the top ten?” A luxuriously-robed old man said. He was the one in control for the Hou clan, master Hou. He was also a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

The remaining members of the clans at the tables all cast their gazes towards Jian Chen. They clearly cared very much about the answer to the question.

Hearing master Hou’s question, Quan Youcai immediately revealed a shocked expression. He stared fixedly at Jian Chen, clearly also astounded by Jian Chen’s age and talent. However, he recovered soon after and thought to himself, “No wonder this Yang Yutian can break through the seals to those three Radiant Artes, his talent for Radiant Artes actually approaches Class 7. Though, I wonder about his current strength and to what level he can use Radiant Artes.”

Jian Chen smiled, “Master Hou is too kind. It was only because I was rather lucky that I reached Class 6 so quickly. However, in regards to the elimination battle in a month’s time, I’m not confident that I will obtain a position in the top ten, but I will definitely give it my all.”

“I, Cheng Jian, believe brother Yang Yutian will definitely enter the top ten. After all, Yang Yutian’s talent for Radiant Artes is almost similar to a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, exceeding all of us. I trust that placing within the top ten is nothing difficult for brother Yang Yutian. Here, let us celebrate in advance for brother Yang Yutian in obtaining a place in the top ten in the name of the Cheng family,” said the refined, middle-aged man of the Cheng family as he raised his glass of wine towards Jian Chen.

After drinking the wine, Chang Jian continued, “Brother Yang Yutian, I have a proposal. In the elimination battle a month away, why don’t we work together? That way, both our chances at placing top ten will greatly increase. I wonder how brother Yang Yutian feels about it?”

“Brother Yang Yutian, Cheng Jian’s proposal is pretty good. If we work together, our chances at the top ten will greatly increase.” As soon as Cheng Jian finished what he was saying, an old man spoke out.

Master Hou began to laugh, “Whenever it is the time of the elimination battle, the eight great clans of the City of God will almost always work together. Brother Yang Yutian, why don’t you work together with us? That way, the chance of survival inside will be much greater than when you are alone.”

Afterwards, the remaining people of different clans all spoke out to invite Jian Chen to join them. They knew that Jian Chen’s future accomplishments would greatly exceed their own, just from looking at his talent.

Jian Chen did not accept the invitations of the eight clans. He hesitated for a while and during that time, he could not help but remember the words spoken by the president, “Right now, the Holy Empire is not so peaceful, so it’s best to avoid getting too close with organisations related to the three great clans.”

Thinking up to there, Jian Chen made his decision. He said apologetically to the people, “I understand everyone has good intentions, but in the battle a month away, I do happen to have my own plans, so I am unable to be with everyone.”

What Jian Chen had said immediately caused many people at the tables to change in expression. Even the lively atmosphere seem to freeze at that instant and in the next moment, the deck of the ferry became abnormally quiet, that even the sound from a dropped needle could be heard clearly.

A while later, the heavy atmosphere was finally broken, “Brother Yang Yutian, you must consider well. Going by yourself is extremely dangerous, making it extremely difficult to place within the top ten in the end.” It was an old man who spoke up, and he came from the Fire God clan.

Jian Chen rejected him without any hesitation, “I thank everyone’s good intentions, but I have already made up my mind, so there is no need to say any more.”

At the dining tables, the expressions of a few people became stern, while an undetectable silver of coldness flashed across the eyes of others.

At this moment, the dozing white tiger on Jian Chen’s shoulder suddenly opened its eyes, staring fixedly at the surface of the river.

Suddenly, the calm river surface was broken. Thirty people in dark clothing leapt out, lunging towards the tables at lightning speed as they flickered with colored lights from different attributed Saint Force. No one was spared, with Jian Chen, Quan Youcai and people of the eight clans becoming their targets for attack.

“Protect master Hou!”

“Protect the young master!”

On the ferry, the guards of the eight clans immediately sprinted onto the deck, retreating quickly and protecting their masters while rushing up to some of the dark-clothed people, engaging in intense battles.

“Fuck, around thirty Heaven Saint Masters! What a large scale!” Quan Youcai cried out in alarm. A ball of white clouds formed below his feet, and he disappeared from the deck of the ferry in the blink of an eye. He fled faster than a rabbit.

Of the thirty-odd Heaven Saint Masters, around twenty of them went for the eight clans, while the remaining dozen or so all went for Jian Chen. The eight clans all possessed Heaven Saint Master guards who guarded their masters tightly, and retreated from the deck as they repelled the attacks from the dark-clothed men.

All the people of the eight clans displayed stern expressions. They had brought plenty of Earth Saint Master guards, but there were only a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters, which was a great gap to the number of people trying to kill them. Not long after the battle began, the people of the eight clans were slowly forced into the hold of the ship. There were also many guards of the eight clans that had been injured from the attacks, covered in blood.

Suddenly, a ball of dazzling light illuminated the pitch-black sky, and purged the sky of much of its darkness. A few highly-regarded Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of the clans all struck out, and each cast Radiant Artes from their hands towards the dark-clothed men.

Currently, the people of the eight clans had already been forced below the deck by the twenty-odd assassins, while Jian Chen remained seated at the dining tables, perfectly calm and collected, while holding his head up high against the disaster. As for his surroundings, there were already a dozen or so men who had locked onto him, and currently approached him at lightning speeds.

A powerful ripple of energy originated from behind him. Three assassins approached Jian Chen first, and lunging at him. With their Saint Weapons glowing with a special attributed light, they were chock-full of Saint Force.

The corner of Jian Chen’s lips curled into a mocking smile. He tilted his head and downed the glass of good wine. Without even looking backwards, he said softly, “Radiant Saint Shield!”

The surrounding Radiant Saint Force began to gather around Jian Chen at an unbelievable pace, and formed a silvery shield with a diameter of a meter, blocking the strikes behind Jian Chen.

Although the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters were battling against the assassins, they would always subconsciously glance past Jian Chen. When they witnessed how quickly Jian Chen had congealed the Radiant Saint Shield, they were all astounded. Jian Chen’s speed at pulling up Radiant Saint Force was something they could not achieve even at full strength and looking at Jian Chen’s unfazed demeanour, he did not even seem to give it his all.

“This Yang Yutian really does possess talent for Radiant Artes that approaches Class 7. Just his speed of condensing a Radiant Saint Shield is already much greater than us.” Several Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters thought to themselves.

At this moment, the Saint Weapons of the three Heaven Saint Masters simultaneously collided with Jian Chen’s Radiant Saint Shield, and carried along with the weapons a powerful ripple of energy. The Radiant Saint Shield, completely condensed of Radiant Saint Force, seemed like an extremely sturdy piece of steel. Each time it was struck it gave off a great loud clang, so deafening that it had become rather painful.

Although the Radiant Saint Shield had blocked the simultaneous attacks of the three Heaven Saint Masters, it was covered in a layer of spider-web cracks. Shortly afterwards, Jian Chen pointed gently towards the shield and it immediately shattered with a loud sound. It turned into countless small pieces of shrapnel, and shot towards the three Heaven Saint Masters at lightning speed like a white rain.

The expressions of the three Heaven Saint Masters changed slightly. Vigorous Saint Force immediately surged from their bodies, and formed a barrier around their bodies to receive the shield shrapnel.

“The Radiant Saint Shield can actually be used like that. I’ve really widened my understanding today. Brother Yang Yutian really is impressive. You actually discovered an attack like that.” Quan Youcai stared fixedly at Jian Chen from the hold of the shift, and sighed with praise.

“But brother Yang Yutian needs to receive the attacks of a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters at the same time. Can he endure it? Should I help him out?” Quan Youcai thought for a little before speaking, “Nevermind. Although I, Quan Youcai, indeed has some strength, I’m helpless against so many Heaven Saint Masters. And since brother Yang Yutian seems so confident, let’s just observe the situation first, and have a look at brother Yang Yutian’s strength in the meantime.”

“Radiant Saint Sword!” Jian Chen did not pause in his actions. Just as the Radiant Saint Shield transformed into countless fragments and shot towards the three Heaven Saint Masters, a huge sword around two meters in length immediately condensed in front of him. With a swing of his hand, the giant sword became a white flash, and sped towards another black-clothed assassin.

The assassin did not treat the Radiant Saint Sword too importantly. To him, although Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters possessed a certain level of offense, it was still not enough to threaten him, much less a young man in his twenties.

However, when the Radiant Saint Sword collided with the assassin’s Saint Weapon, it immediately produced a great bang. The man’s expression changed greatly, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, as he was knocked backward with great force by the Radiant Saint Sword

Just a single Radiant Saint Sword from Jian Chen had caused a powerful Heaven Saint Master to vomit blood and retreat. This had caused all the other assassins who surrounded Jian Chen to be surprised, and just stare at Jian Chen in disbelief.

“Impossible, since when did Radiant Saint Sword become so powerful!” An assassin could not control himself and exclaimed aloud.
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