Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 744: The Strength of God’s Descen
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 744: The Strength of God’s Descen


“What!? Judgement’s sword!? Is it one of the three great Class 7 Radiant Artes, Judgement’s Sword!?” The people from the eight clans were immediately astounded, and stared at Jian Chen in absolute disbelief.

“Impossible! Yang Yutian is only a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master! How can he obtain the secret manual to practising Judgement’s Sword? I heard that it’s impossible to obtain it without being Class 7, and also impossible to practise!”

“Yang Yutian must be faking it. It’s a bluff. How is it possible for him to cast one of the three great Radiant Artes, Judgement’s Sword?”

The Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of the eight clans all spoke out. Most of them did not believe that Jian Chen could really use Judgement’s Sword.

“Impossible. It’s only been so long and brother Yang Yutian can already use the three great Radiant Artes. Is he not Class 7 but instead Class 7?” Quan Youcai who was hiding in the hold of the ship stuck out his head, staring fixedly at Jian Chen.

At this moment, a white light appeared in the distant horizon, illuminating the pitch-black sky. It created a unique scene, which attracted the attention of countless people on the distant riverbanks. The white rays of light were all Radiant Saint Force, that gathered towards Jian Chen from five kilometers away.

Jian Chen pointed at the sky with one finger. The vast quantities of Radiant Saint Force quickly condensed at the tip of his finger, and soon condensed into a silvery-white holy sword, ten meters in length. The sword radiated with dazzling light, and dyed the entire area snow-white.

Moreover, there was a surging pressure that originated from the sword, which caused the surrounding space to become sticky. When the other Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters faced the pressure, they even struggled to breathe.

Jian Chen stood perfectly straight on the deck of the ferry, under the silvery-white sword. He seemed just like a god, standing between the earth and the heavens. His cold expression and sharp gaze were filled with a certain sternness, as if he was holy and could not be offended.

“This… this… this is really the Judgement’s Sword!” A Radiant Saint Master of the eight clans cried out with a trembling voice.

“No, that’s not the true Judgement’s Sword. The true Judgement’s Sword would cause a phenomenon several times greater that it is now. Although Yang Yutian has cast Judgement’s Sword, it’s only a small portion of the true Judgement’s Sword.” Master Hou said with a low voice. Even though the Judgement’s Sword cast by Jian Chen was far from the true arte in terms of strength, it was still an incomparable deed in their eyes.

The expressions of the assassins who had surrounded Jian Chen became extremely ugly, and they cried out, “This is bad, this is one of the three great Radiant Artes, Judgement’s Sword. It can even kill Saint Rulers. Retreat, you definitely cannot be locked on by it. No one can escape it alive.”

Hearing that, the assassins in the surroundings immediately dispersed, flying into the distance as they fled.

Suddenly, Jian Chen swung his hand. The sword condensed on the tip of his finger transformed into a streak of silvery-white light, and shot towards the slower assassins at the back like a lightning bolt.

The sword was extremely fast, not allowing the assassins to escape at all. It passed through them, but the places it had cut through were not fatal. However, the sword was the Judgement’s Sword, one of the three great Radiant Artes so it carried an extremely great energy, killing them instantly.

Jian Chen’s two eyes seemed to explode with a flickering of light, like two lanterns in the dark night. In the next moment, his presence actually formed an extremely wondrous connection with the Judgement’s Sword. After the sword slaughtered the assassins it had actually continued to pursue the other darkly-clothed men, under Jian Chen’s control

With the speed of the Judgement’s Sword, it had killed another three assassin in less than a second. Afterwards, it continued to pursue the other with no change in speed.

“No, this isn't the real Judgement’s Sword. The real Judgement’s Sword’s strength is definitely not just this. Whatever. Since we can’t run, we might as well work together and cast a Heaven Tier Battle Skill together to break that incomplete Judgement’s Sword.” An assassin clearly understood the Radiant Arte, so he called out immediately to try and save them.

The remaining few assassins all gathered together, casting Heaven Tier Battle Skills simultaneously. Immediately, a powerful pressure began to permeate the surroundings, locking tightly onto the sword that shot over. A few Heaven Tier Battle Skills shot from the hands of the assassins, and collided violently with the sword, mid-air.

Boom! Followed by a deafening rumble, the sword and the several Heaven Tier Battle Skills collapsed together in the middle of the sky. The powerful energy ripples wreaked havoc on the surroundings, lifting up the water below to a height of a dozen or so meters. Even the ferry was greatly affected, with huge cracks appearing on the deck. It soon covered the entire ferry, while the bow of the ferry was essentially destroyed.

The several dark-clothed assassins were knocked backwards by the powerful energy ripple. Even with the Radiant Saint Shield covering Jian Chen in front, it caused Jian Chen to take several steps back after receiving the energy ripples with the shield.

On the other side, the eight clans had already stopped their battles with the twenty-odd assassins. All of them gazed at Jian Chen.

As a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, the arte cast by Jian Chen all by himself had shocked them all. Of the dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters that surrounded him, close to ten were already dead, while there were only the last few remaining.

The twenty-odd assassins around the members of the eight clans and the other Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters looked at each other. Afterwards, the assassins seemed to be connected on a mental level, all abandoning the people of the eight clans and rushed at Jian Chen. At that time, all of their gazes became icily-cold, including the people of the eight clan. Powerful killing intent began to permeate from them, clearly making up their minds to actually kill Jian Chen.

A dozen or so of the assassins all attacked Jian Chen with their strongest attack in a circle, while the others shot into the sky. They floated high in the sky, charging up their Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

Seeing that, Quan Youcai’s expression changed greatly. He mumbled in a voice which only he could here, “Mother of god, the people of the eight clans are going too far. Are they trying to silence him by killing him? Yang Yutian’s the disciple of the president. If they do that, wouldn’t they offend the president? Sigh, it’s such a pity that I only have this much strength. It’s certain death for against so many Heaven Saint Masters. I don’t even have the chance of escaping. Brother Yang Yutian, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s that I really can’t. I hope you are able to survive without harm. If anything really happens to you, I will definitely report it to the president and get him to take revenge for you.”

Feeling the killing intent from the darkly-clothed assassins, Jian Chen’s gaze became completely frozen over. A powerful killing intent began to permeate from his heart.

“Master Yang Yutian, you leave quickly. I’ll block them.” A heavy voice appeared. It was Yang Ling, standing in front of Jian Chen and blocking him with his large body. His expression was determined. At this moment, Yang Ling had already accepted death. Even if he had to die here, he needed to let Jian Chen escape safely.

Looking at Yang Ling’s muscular body, Jian Chen was deeply moved. His gaze became complicated. He could clearly feel that Yang Ling had already accepted his death, to die for someone who he had only known for less than three days and did not have any particular feelings for.

At that very moment, Jian Chen’s impression of Yang Ling skyrocketed.

“Ahhhh!” Yang Ling who stood in front of Jian Chen had no clue about how his status in Jian Chen’s heart had already underwent a great change. He gave out a long roar to the sky, and rushed towards the dozen or so assassins with a giant sword in his hand and without any fear. He carried a spirit with no fear in death.

Even though Yang Ling was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, the dozen assassins had an advantage in numbers after all. Also, they were not weak, with several being Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. As a result, as soon as he began fighting with them, he was suppressed by people at a similar level to him. Afterwards, he was struck in the chest with palm strikes from two assassins, causing him to spray blood from his mouth, already heavily injured. In the end, three Saint Weapons were thrust ruthlessly at his body, punching holes in his chest, heart and his dantian.

“Master Yang Yutian, leave!” Yang Ling gave a heart-wrenching roars as blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He used his own body to stop a few assassins from moving, to give time for Jian Chen to run.

Although Yang Ling knew Jian Chen was very strong, he was facing up against over twenty Heaven Saint masters, with several of them charging Heaven Tier Battle Skills at the same time. Once they struck forth with the battle skills, even Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters would die, without a doubt, not to mention the fact that Jian Chen had already gone through several battles before, consuming all the Radiant Saint Force in a radius of five kilometers. He had already expended a lot of his energy. Even if he currently still had some ability to fight, he was not able to resist against twenty Heaven Saint Masters working together in Yang Ling’s eyes. This was why Yang Ling had accepted death to make time for Jian Chen to escape, because he was responsible for Jian Chen’s safety.

Jian Chen stared dumbfoundedly as the three Saint Weapons pierced Yang Ling’s body. His killing intent had already reached the absolute limit as he said icily, “None of you will be leaving today!” Jian Chen quickly formed a weird seal with his two hands, slowly closing his eyes. At that moment, he seemed to fuse with the world.

Suddenly, there was an extremely bright light that appeared in the pitch-black sky. It was as dazzling as the sun above the nine heavens. It illuminated the entire area, not only painting the surrounding river in a near bright like daytime glow, it even illuminated a small portion of the City of God, ten kilometers away. It alarmed countless people in the city.

‘What… what’s this?” The sudden change caused the twenty-odd assassins to stop. They all looked into the sky, astounded.

“What- what- what… what is that thing?” On the ferry, the Class 6 Radiant Saint Master raised their heads one after another to look at the sky, all bearing shocked expressions.

Within the City of God, a dozen or so people appeared from nowhere above eight huge manors. They gazed at the powerful white light in the sky several dozen kilometers away. The depths of their eyes were filled with great worry.

“That’s the forbidden arte, God’s Descent. There’s a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master casting the forbidden arte!”

“No, this is different from how it’s described in the records. Although it’s caused a great commotion, it’s strength seems a little weaker.”

“Yep. This God’s Descent seems strong but it’s actually nothing. It can only pose some non-lethal threats to First or Second Heaven Layer Saint Rulers.”

In the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union, the president who sat cross-legged on the top floor, cultivating suddenly snapped open his eyes. He arrived beside the window in a flash and gazed into the distance in shock. He mumbled, “That’s the God’s Descent. No, that’s the incomplete version. It only possesses the form but not the power. I actually can’t feel any origin energy in it. Just which prodigy discovered a method like this? Although the arte’s strength will greatly diminish when cast like this, it doesn’t require the offering of longevity. No! I must go and see!” On a white cloud, the president shot out from the window into the distance like a lightning bolt.

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