Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 918: A Barrier’s Obstruction One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 918: A Barrier’s Obstruction One

Chapter 918: A Barrier’s Obstruction (One)

“We’ve entered a total of four halls and all the items in them are exactly the same. I’m pretty sure that the other halls will have the same items. Looks like only by gathering items from all the halls will you get the complete Tian Level Saint Technique, cultivation method, and comprehension of cultivation from the Octoterra Emperor,” Nubis murmured as he too had thought of this. His eyes flickered a few times, vaguely revealing a vicious light. Clearly, he had already thought about what he needed to do.

A gleam of light flashed across Mo Ji’s eyes when he saw Jian Chen and Nubis’ expressions. “Ruler, we might as well just gather all the other parts. They’re all invaluable treasures. The Tian Level Saint Technique in particular; other than the three halls, no one else in the vast sea realm has possession of any. If the ruler is able to return to the Turtle clan with the complete technique, it will definitely cause the clan’s strength to skyrocket.”

Mo Ji was hit with Xie Wang’s retort as soon as he finished speaking. “Are you crazy? We only have seven people including you and me. Do you want us to fight with over a hundred 14th Star experts that are no weaker than us? Plus, since they’re able to enter this place, they’re definitely all people of talent. Every single person will possess extremely strong strength in battle. And who knows, they might be hiding powerful trump cards. You never know, someone might have grasped a Tian Level Saint Technique. They’ll be very difficult to handle.”

Mo Ji stared straight at Xie Wang and said confidently, “It’s not like you haven’t seen the ruler’s strength. Do you really believe they’re the ruler’s opponent? It’s a piece of cake if the ruler wants to kill them. So what if they know Tian Level Saint Techniques? They won’t have the time to cast it at all.”

“Jian Chen, what do you think?” Nubis looked toward Jian Chen in thought, clearly wanting to listen to his decision.

Jian Chen shook his head. “Let’s not worry over this for now. We’re still in the central region of the divine hall, so there’s still a long way to go. Also, I believe that the objects toward the end will be even more valuable. We don’t need to fall out with everyone over these small things and fight each other to the death. Alright, let’s stop this here and let’s go.”

With that, Jian Chen directly exited the hall. No one had realized that an undetectable sliver of disappointment had appeared in Mo Ji’s eyes.

At this moment, almost all the other halls had been emptied out by others. All the doors were wide open, while whatever that was inside had been taken away. Many Saint Rulers stood around cautiously with their groups in the surroundings, each and every one of them filled with vigilance. They clearly had discovered the secret of the halls as well.

“Everyone, may I ask if the items you’ve obtained from each hall are the exact same? That they are a fragment of a Tian Level Saint Technique, the Octoterra Emperor’s comprehension in cultivation, the Octoterra Emperor’s cultivation method and a Space Ring?” At this very moment, a heavy voice rang out. It echoed through the entire region and everyone heard it clearly.

The speaker was a burly middle-aged man. He was bare-chested, revealing his powerful muscles and he wore shorts underneath. His attire was extremely simple but he radiated with a wild presence. He seemed like a brutal, feral beast.

The surroundings fell into a silence. The people who recognized this man revealed expressions of fear. The man was a renowned expert of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. His name was Thysnich, a genius of a large clan as well as a ruler of that clan. In just a thousand years of cultivation, he had reached the peak of the 14th Star and had even grasped a Tian Level Saint Technique that he could cast proficiently. He was extremely powerful. Very few people dared to provoke him.

There was even a rumor in the sea realm that Thysnich had recently been practicing a wondrous ruler technique that delayed his cultivation. Otherwise, he probably would have reached the 15th Star long ago.

Any ruler possessed talent that was no weaker than beasts of antiquity. They were destined to become as powerful as hall elders in the future or even emperors. They could not be underestimated.

Thysnich slowly scanned the surrounding people with a sharp glare, causing many of them to hide their expressions. He laughed and said, “Everyone, I guess many of you understand that this is a scheme of the Octoterra Emperor. He has split the item into many pieces and placed them in different halls for us to obtain, with intentions of making us kill each other.”

Thysnich paused then continued, “Correct, I need to say that the Tian Level Battle Skill, the Octoterra Emperor’s cultivation method, and his knowledge and experiences of cultivation are treasures you can’t just go looking for but don’t forget that we’ve only reached the center of the hall. I believe there will be even more precious treasures toward the depths, so there’s no need for us to fight to the death over these objects before us and give up on the other treasure in the depths as a result.”

As soon as the people heard his words, many of them had a change of heart. They immediately understood and the hostile aura from everyone decreased slightly.

“Looks like we’re not going to end up fighting,” Nubis said from behind Jian Chen with a slightly disappointed tone. He seemed to only be eager for everyone to start fighting.

“Let’s go,” murmured Jian Chen. They passed through the many halls and walked toward the depths. He did not worry at all over the Saint Tier Battle Skill fragments, pieces of cultivation method, or the Octoterra Emperor’s experience in cultivation. Currently, everyone was in the sealed divine hall. As long as no one could find the way to get out, no one could leave. He would have his chance to collect all the pieces and fragments later on.

Jian Chen’s group was the first to leave. They made their way unhurriedly down the wide path among the halls, immediately drawing the attention of many people in the surroundings. Everyone present was still wavering in a mental stalemate, so anyone who dared to leave confidently at this moment was naturally very attention-catching.

“It’s that terrifying turtle ruler.” All the people revealed a silver of extreme fear when they recognized that the person at the very front was Jian Chen. Before, when they hunted the vicious beasts, Jian Chen had repelled seven experts in one stroke and had even heavily injured them. This shocked everyone.

From that moment onward, everyone’s gaze toward Jian Chen underwent an overwhelming change. Who was it that said that members of the Turtle clan had better defense and weak attacks? The appearance of this Turtle clan ruler had completely overthrown their prior knowledge of the clan.

Thysnich stared deeply at Jian Chen’s back as a sliver of hostility appeared in the depths of his eyes. He thought, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you will become a powerful opponent of mine. We will end up fighting sooner or later. I just wonder if you’re stronger or am I on another level?” There was only one legacy of the Octoterra Emperor. It was destined to only be obtained by a single person of the hundred and sixty. The divine hall definitely would be dyed with the blood of Saint Rulers for this legacy.

There were many other famed experts besides Thysnich among the people who had entered the hall. Although they were not as well known as Thysnich, they possessed many hidden trump cards, none of which would be easily dealt with. Virtually all of them had come for the legacy, so if they wanted to obtain it, they needed to eliminate the strongest competitors first.

Undoubtedly, Jian Chen and Thysnich were the top competitors to them.

Unknowingly, the outstanding Jian Chen and the renowned Thysnich had already become the thorns in many people’s backsides. They were two great targets that needed to be eliminated.

The other experts all left with various thoughts and feelings after Jian Chen’s departure. They all made way for the depths of the Octoterra Divine Hall.

There were various formations hidden in the divine hall but none of them were more powerful than the ones on Dragon Island. With the corrosion of time, none of them were as powerful as they had once been before. Jian Chen’s group blazed through the obstacles, breaking through many formations and barriers. The finally arrived at the very depths of the divine hall.

A huge hall stood in the very depths of the divine hall. It had a total of nine floors, while each floor was over thirty meters tall. Jian Chen’s group arrived before it, lifting their heads from the front entrance to gaze at how grand it was. Suddenly, they all experienced a false impression. Weirdly enough, they felt as if the hall was a world. It represented a sky, resonating with the earth from afar. It was filled with a vast presence.

More and more people gathered outside the hall. The other experts had come as well and many were in a horrible shape, clearly quite tormented by the formations. There was barely anyone who remained uninjured. However, no one had lost their lives.

Along the way, they had obtained a pitiful amount of things. Other than some monster cores they had obtained from killing the vicious beasts earlier, everything they found in the halls was incomplete and useless.

“This hall should be the core of the divine hall. This definitely would be the place that the Octoterra Emperor once lived so there would be quite some treasures inside.”

“There are definitely quite a few treasures the Octoterra Emperor has left behind but we’ve only seen a bare minimum along the way. I think the treasures must all be in the hall.”

“The Octoterra Emperor’s legacy must be inside. It must be much more dangerous inside as well.”

Everyone participated in gossip, all staring at the hall with gazes of burning greed. Once they obtained the legacy of the Octoterra Emperor, they would be destined to become an emperor. This was something irresistible to all of them.

Although everyone felt extremely impatient, no one moved. Everyone wanted to inherit the legacy but no one wanted to be the one leading the way. Unknown danger lurked before them, so it was extremely likely for the person who entered first to die first as well.

Jian Chen did not move either. Instead, he stood there and inspected every part of the hall. He expanded his presence to his maximum but it could only expand to less than a thousand meters away. It could not pass through the structure an could only observe slightly more than the naked eye.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》