Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1088: Guihai Yidao One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1088: Guihai Yidao One

Chapter 1088: Guihai Yidao (One)

“Xiangtian, you’re now a great elder of our clan. You must consider the clan in anything and everything you do. I hope you can consider the future of the clan. If the Winged Tiger God is raised as the guardian beast of our clan, our strength will instantaneously surpass the nine other clans. Of course, if you let the Winged Tiger God successfully mature under the two great magical beast experts, there’s a great possibility that it will bring disaster to the continent. Do you really want to be condemned by the entire continent for all of eternity?” Changyang Qing Yun sternly argued.

“Elder Qing Yun, I am very grateful that you removed the seal within Luan’er, but there is no room for discussion in regards to the Winged Tiger God,” Jian Chen flatly replied.

“The clan takes priority over everything, Changyang Xiangtian. If you’re unwilling to leave behind the WInged Tiger God, we won’t make it difficult for you. However, I do hope your fiancée can move the Bright Moon Divine Hall into our clan from outer space, so many more female descendants of the clan can enter the divine hall to cultivate and thus strengthen our clan.” Changyang Qing Jueri and Changyang Qing Yunfeng walked in from outside. The speaker was Changyang Qing Jueri. He still had his sights set on the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Xiao looked at one another, and they frowned slightly. They became troubled.

Jian Chen’s face grew cold, “Yue’er needs to absorb Moonlight Force to cultivate. The divine hall can only gather Moonlight Force at a faster rate in outer space, so if it’s moved into this independent space, it’ll definitely affect Yue’er cultivation greatly, and if you want to cultivate by absorbing Moonlight Force, you need to have fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method and a special constitution. Even if you send the female clansmen into the divine hall, they can’t absorb Moonlight Force.”

“All the high-tier battle skills and cultivation methods obtained by ancestors have been stored in the library of the clan so that our heritage deepens. Jian Chen, you’re also a great elder of the clan, so can’t you think of the future of the clan?” Changyang Qing Jueri spoke to Jian Chen with an ordinary tone. He seemed like he was discussing something simple with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen sneered, and his eyes suddenly narrowed. A pressing coldness constantly flickered in his eyes as he called out, “Changyang Qing Jueri, are you forcing me to do that?” Jian Chen referred to Changyang Qing Jueri by his name. He was furious, so he showed no respect.

Changyang Qing Jueri stared blankly at how Jian Chen behaved, where he wanted to fight as soon as there was a disagreement. A sliver of cold light flickered in the depths of his eyes, and he said with a deep voice, “Changyang Xiangtian, this is the rules of the clan. All predecessors have abided by them. Do you plan on breaking them?”

“Jueri, enough. Xiangtian’s only just returned to the clan. He hasn’t adapted to the rules, so let’s not talk about the Winged Tiger God and Bright Moon Divine Hall for now,” Changyang Qing Yun mediated. He knew that forcing Jian Chen to do things he did not want to do with his stubborn personality would probably lead to blunders.

“Changyang Qing Jueri, do you really think that I, Jian Chen, really care about the position of a great elder? If it weren’t for my great-grandfather, I definitely would not have taken up the position. I hope none of you mention requests that go overboard in the future, or don’t blame me for disrespecting my elders,” Jian Chen coldly said. Even though he was in a protector clan right now, he felt no fear.

“Luan’er, let’s go!” Throwing that down, Jian Chen strode toward the exit of the clan with Huang Luan. He paid no attention to Changyang Qing Yun and the others who had already paled.

“Everyone, let’s not go overboard with Xiangtian. He’s no ordinary clansmen. We got him to join the protector clan after much difficulty, so if we end up chasing him away, only we will be in for the loss,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao grumbled. He seemed extremely displeased.

“Think about the matters with Flame City. Back then, when the ten protector clans appeared at the same time to stop Jian Chen, everyone still ended up helpless in the end,” added Changyang Zu Xiao, before leaving with Changyang Zu Yunxiao.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan left the protector clan accompanied by Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Xiao. As they traveled to the exit, the two great elders constantly comforted Jian Chen and also put in good words about the protector clan.

“My great-grandson, don’t let elder Qing Yun and Jueri get to your mind. The clan’s rules are indeed like that, so they’re just considering the clan’s future,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao explained.

Jian Chen did not want to dwell on the matter anymore, so he said to Changyang Zu Yunxiao, “I want to know about the strength and location of the Yama Hall.”

“The Yama Hall!” Changyang Zu Yunxiao slightly frowned. After a while of thought, he said, “That’s an organization that has existed on the continent for over a hundred thousand years. Their strength is quite impressive, much stronger than ordinary ancient clans. The leader of the organization was a Saint King at the Eighth Heavenly Layer a thousand years ago, but he was heavily injured by the sect master of the Bloodsword sect, Houston. He was at death’s door, but now that a whole millenium has passed, I wonder if the former Yama has recovered.

“Other than the former Yama, who is the most powerful, there are two other Saint Kings. One of them is the current Yama while the other is the Spectral Elder. Their strengths are unknown, and the organization is set up in a divine hall. It often moves around, so even if you use everything you have to look for them, it’s extremely difficult to find where they are in a short amount of time.”

Jian Chen learned some information regarding the assassination organization from Changyang Zu Yunxiao before bidding farewell to them. He directly proceeded to the sea realm through a Space Gate constructed by Changyang Zu Yunxiao.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan appeared above a boundless ocean, heading to where the Sea race was after determining their orientation.

Suddenly, the sunny sky darkened in an instant. A thick layer of clouds gathered at a shocking rate, blotting out the sky. The clouds radiated with light of seven colors.

“Someone’s reaching Saint King.” Both Jian Chen and Huang Luan became stunned. Jian Chen stared at the rainbow clouds in the sky as he murmured.

From today on, there would be one more Saint King.

On a desolate little island several tens of thousand kilometers away from Jian Chen, a bare-chested, middle-aged man in shorts sat on the ground. The profound presence of the mysteries of the world constantly radiated from him as the surrounding space violently shook so much that it was warping. It blurred the man’s figure.

In the independent space inhabited by the Tyrant’s Blade School, a hundred-meter-tall, glistening machete stood in a valley protected by multiple powerful formations. It possessed a devastating might as it radiated with a bright glow.

Suddenly, the machete began to tremble slightly even though it had stood there without moving for a very long time. Something seemed to have awakened within the blade, causing it to radiate with a vast pressure. It constantly increased, reaching an unbelievable level in the blink of an eye.

An extremely powerful energy fluctuated within the machete. It usually never stirred, yet it began to flow slowly at this moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The powerful formations in the surroundings that trapped the machete all exploded. The clear resonance of the blade rang through the entire space, and then the machete turned into a silver blob. It ripped through space and vanished from the independent world.

“Sh*t! The Emperor Armament’s run away!”

A panic-stricken and terrified cry suddenly rang out at almost the same time the machete had disappeared. Six people of varying ages fused with the surrounding space, arriving where the machete was in a single step.

All six of them were great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School. Fear and disbelief had flooded all of their faces right now.

“What’s happened? It was all fine, so how could the Emperor Armament run off without any reason…”

“This has never appeared in the records, so in other words, this is the first time something like this has happened in all of history…”

“The Emperor Armament is the treasure of our Tyrant’s Blade School. We can’t afford to lose it. We need to get it back…”

“The Emperor Armament ties into the heritage of the Tyrant’s Blade School. No matter how great the price is, we have to get it back…”

The great elders all became extremely stern as they panicked inside. They immediately opened the World Gate to the outside world and used a secret technique to sense where the Emperor Armament was. They chased after it.

In the vast ocean, the seven-colored rainbow clouds flooded the sky. The burly, middle-aged man remained with his eyes closed as he sat on the desolate island.

At this moment, an extremely terrifying energy appeared boldly from the horizon. A streak of dazzling white light cut through the sky, traveling straight for the middle-aged man with unbelievable speed.

Jian Chen sensed the extremely powerful energy ripple immediately from several tens of thousand kilometers away. He immediately became astounded and hoarsely said, “An Emperor Armament, this is the presence of an Emperor Armament. What terrifying pulses of energy. It gives me the feeling that I’m faced up against a Saint Emperor. It’s a mere weapon, yet it possesses such terrifying might. Is it an Emperor Armament of a protector clan?” Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before hurrying over quickly with Huang Luan.

The blinding white light descended onto the island, stopping above the middle-aged man’s head. It transformed into a 1.5-meter-long machete. The blade hovered gently as it enveloped the man with a dazzling glow.

The man seemed to sense nothing as he remained seated there.

The space near the island ripped open and formed a five-colored Space Gate. The great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School charged out from inside, arriving on the island. As they ran through the air, they surrounded the middle-aged man, who was in the middle of his breakthrough. They were all filled with shock.
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