Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1097: Visiting Dragon Island Once More One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1097: Visiting Dragon Island Once More One

Chapter 1097: Visiting Dragon Island Once More (One)

Bi Yuntian’s face immediately lit up with joy when she saw Jian Chen stride through the doorway. Deep love filled her eyes as her hands stopped working. She stood up with the piece of clothing still in her hands and smiled, “Xiang’er, perfect. Try on this piece of clothing to see if it fits. I’ve sown it according to your body shape after buying some supreme cloth from outside.”

Jian Chen’s heart warmed up from his mother’s love. Outside, he was a cold expert who shook the continent and someone that various forces feared, but at home, he was an extremely obedient and filial child.

“Mother, let’s talk about this later. I have something much more important,” Jian Chen said. Afterward, a streak of golden light shot from the spot between his eyebrows and turned into a fist-sized golden tower. With a flash of golden light, the black-robed Bi Dao suddenly appeared in the room.

“Brother!” Bi Yuntian immediately cried out when she saw Bi Dao. Great surprise filled her face.

Bi Dao also noticed Bi Yuntian, who stood beside him. Immediately, he became stunned as he blankly stared at her. Disbelief flooded his face.

“Sister, w- w- weren’t you… how are you still alive?” Bi Dao’s face was filled with surprise. To him, his sister had been murdered several years ago; she should have become a pile of dirt by now.

After death had separated these siblings for so many years, they had a lot to say once they were together again. Bi Yuntian revealed the secrets of her revival, which immediately stunned Bi Dao. An even greater sense of happiness filled his gaze as he looked at Jian Chen. He sighed inside. His nephew kept shocking him more and more. Not only had he become a supreme expert, but he had also become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master at the same time.

Bi Dao also spoke about his encounters outside over the past few years. Ever since Bi Yuntian had died, he had wandered the Tian Yuan Continent alone, personally finding ways to increase his strength. In the end, he discovered a several-thousand-year-old heavenly resource that a Class 6 Magical Beast guarded. He obtained it after he had chased away the magical beast with a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. He used it to reach Heaven Saint Master.

Afterward, he continued to wander the Tian Yuan Continent. He entered the depths of the Soul-claiming Mountains within the Karl Empire and was poisoned. He also faced the pursuit of a few powerful poisonous Class 6 Magical Beasts. He hid in venerable Poisonsword’s old dwelling after he fled. Venerable Poisonsword’s soul saved him.

In the end, the two of them had a discussion and reached an agreement. Venerable Poisonsword would help him complete his revenge, and he would offer his body to venerable Poisonsword in return.

However, he had never thought that the events he would experience would be so dramatic. Not only was venerable Poisonsword wiped out, a portion of his soul and comprehensions of the mysteries of the world remained in Bi Dao’s head, benefiting him greatly.

Bi Dao spoke indifferently, but Bi Yuntian could still feel the amount of pain Bi Dao had endured during those years. Tears continuously rolled down her face as she sobbed, “Brother, it has really been tough for you over the past few years. You’ve done too much for our Bi family.”

“No, I haven’t done much. The one who’s done a lot is Xiangtian. He has devastated the Yama Hall that wiped out our family back then, so our revenge is finally complete,” Bi Dao sternly explained. He understood extremely well that he would probably be dead now if it were not for his nephew.

Afterward, Bi Yuntian told Bi Dao that their ancestor, Bi Hai, was completely fine, which Bi Dao rejoiced over.

During that night, Jian Chen returned to his room with the Space Ring from the five Saint Rulers. He spent four hours checking through the thousand plus Space Rings inside. He found countless purple coins and monster cores of various classes. There were several dozen Class 7 Monster Cores and even five Class 8 ones.

Class 8 Monster Cores could only be obtained after the death of a magical beast at the level of Saint King. Jian Chen had found them in the Space Rings of the Spectral Elder and the former Yama. Only experts at their levels could obtain such high class monster cores.

Jian Chen had even found numerous Heaven’s Soulstones in the Space Rings of other assassins. Clearly, the rock was not valuable to them. Every high-level assassin of the Yama Hall possessed a small piece that had been carved into a unique shape as a token of identification.

Jian Chen put away all the Heaven’s Soulstone and the Class 7 and 8 Monster Cores. He did not even glance at the purple coins a second time. He planned to give them all to Bi Lian the next time he visited Flame City.

“And to think that back then, I would work as hard as I could, kill without regard for myself, and dance on the edge of life and death just for those purple coins and low class monster cores. Now, these items are basically trash to me,” Jian Chen smiled brilliantly as he stared at all the Space Rings on the floor. He immediately laughed at himself while he involuntarily thought back to the days when he would constantly fight to live.

A while later, Jian Chen returned to his senses. He stored all the Space Rings from the Yama Hall into a single Space Ring before he left the room. He stared at the pitch-black sky as he suddenly rose from the ground. He shot off into outer space with a wild gust of wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

A huge, silver-white divine hall floated above the Tian Yuan Continent in outer space. It just happened to be above the Gesun Kingdom. Bright and clear moonlight flowed around the divine hall. The hall continuously absorbed Moonlight Force.

Jian Chen charged into outer space like a comet. He landed steadily outside the main entrance of the divine hall. Currently, the main entrance was tightly closed. Jian Chen seemed rather insignificant compared to the majestic entrance with his stature that had not even reached two meters.

At this moment, a rumble rang out. The closed door slowly opened and revealed a beauty in a white dress. She held a scepter and stood silently in the doorway.

She was You Yue.

You Yue sweetly smiled when she saw Jian Chen outside the doorway. She hugged one of Jian Chen’s arms intimately and softly said, “Jian Chen, my master said you had come, but I didn’t believe her at all. I didn’t think you’d actually come. Have you come to see me?”

Jian Chen gently smiled. He said as he stared at You Yue’s joyful face, “Yue’er, I’ve come specifically to see you. Cultivating is extremely boring, especially when you have to cultivate alone in outer space, so I was wondering if you could endure the loneliness.”

You Yue smiled even more sweetly. She looked at Jian Chen with affection, “It is boring and lonely, but as long as I work hard, I won’t drag you down once I become powerful. At that time, I can roam the world with you.”

Jian Chen became stunned. He suddenly felt distressed for some reason, and the Heavenly Enchantress and Huang Luan quickly flashed through his head. He owed You Yue far too much.

“Yue’er, I promise you that once I deal with all my matters, I’ll hold a grand marriage with you in the Gesun Kingdom,” Jian Chen swore to You Yue. This was something that had originated from the bottom of his heart.

“Alright!” You Yue nodded her head slightly as she happily smiled. Afterward, she sat down on the door sill and hung onto Jian Chen’s arm, staring at the huge moon in a daze.

Jian Chen and You Yue sat together on the steep door sill in cold and silent space, gazing at the stars in the distance. That night, the two of them did not say much. It was pure silence while they carefully cherished this lovely moment.

The next day, Jian Chen unwillingly bid farewell to You Yue. Then, he returned to the Changyang clan. He got Hei Yu to construct a Space Gate to Flame City, so that he could drop off the huge fortune he had obtained from the Yama Hall. After that, he described the materials needed for the Azulet swords in detail to Bi Lian, so that she could use the entire organization’s power to search the continent. Once the items were found, he ordered her to purchase them no matter the price.

After handing over the matters he needed to Bi Lian, Jian Chen and Hei Yu visited Mercenary City together.

Bi Dao remained with the Changyang clan. He had just obtained a portion of venerable Poisonsword’s powers, so he needed quite a bit of time to absorb it. Only then would it become his own power.

Rui Jin and Hong Lian entered the saint artifact. They would only appear by Jian Chen’s side when he needed them while Hei Yu remained outside to accompany Jian Chen.

Mercenary City warmly welcomed Jian Chen once he arrived. He met with the grand elder without any obstructions.

Jian Chen could clearly feel an odd presence on Tian Jian at this time. He could closely sense that Tian Jian’s vitality was leaking away at an extremely slow rate.

Jian Chen knew that Tian Jian had approached the end of his life long ago. Saint Kings only had a lifespan of six thousand years, and Tian Jian had reached Saint King five thousand years ago. Coupled with the time he had spent cultivating before he had reached Saint King, there was not much more of his six-thousand-year lifespan left.

Jian Chen suddenly felt a deep sorrow within him. Tian Jian had helped him too, too much before. He had begun to view Tian Jian as his own family member long ago, so he just could not bear to helplessly watch Tian Jian leave him. However, he was unable to change Tian Jian’s fate with his current powers.

“Jian Chen, I’ve already learned about the matters with Ming Dong. Thank you for earning such a great opportunity for Ming Dong.” Tian Jian’s white clothes fluttered in the wind. He remained as free and approachable as before. Although Ming Dong was not connected to Tian Jian by blood in any way, Tian Jian still treated him as his own son because of the connection of his ancestor.

Jian Chen stared deeply at Tian Jian as his emotions became complicated. He secretly sighed inside and avoided the topic of Tian Jian’s lifespan. He said, “Ming Dong is a brother of mine, and we’ve gone through thick and thin together. I should be helping him, so there’s no need to thank me, senior Tian Jian.” Jian Chen paused slightly before he continued, “Senior Tian Jian, I’ve mainly come this time to see Tie Ta. May I ask where he is?”
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