Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1102: Invasion of the Hundred Races Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1102: Invasion of the Hundred Races Two

Chapter 1102: Invasion of the Hundred Races (Two)

The two old men who had emerged from the crack in space stared at the huge white beast fur floating before them as a sliver of amazement appeared in their eyes. One of them said, “I never thought that the great disturbance would actually come from this odd piece of beast fur. I wonder what mysteries hide within it.”

The other old man stared closely at the beast fur as he pondered. He said, “Weird. Why do I feel like this piece of beast fur is the same as the beast fur at the top layer of the treasury from our Shenxiao sect? Just the size is different.”

The two old men were great elders of the Shenxiao sect.

“Hmm? Now that you mention it, it really does seem rather similar, but that doesn’t matter. We need to obtain it,” said the other old man. He took a step forward and traversed close to a hundred meters to reach the beast fur.

At this moment, another Space Gate ripped open. Two bearded middle-aged men walked out in tight blue robes. A gleam of light immediately flashed through their eyes when they saw one of the Shenxiao sect great elders reach toward it. One of them immediately punched out from afar. The fist broke through the air and a vast energy shot towards the great elder like a dragon.

The second great elder of the Shenxiao sect roared out. Just as he was about to do something, he was locked on by the vast presence from the other middle-aged man.

The great elder who tried to take the beast fur understood the strength of the punch. He became stern and gave up on the beast fur, striking out with his palm with lightning speed to deal with the punch.

Without an expected boom, the two energies collided mid-air and actually nullified each other. They both vanished.

They were only several hundred meters above ground, and there was a medium-sized city that reached into the millions right below them. If they struck out with all they had as Saint Kings, the residual energy would definitely wreak havoc upon the city below. It would lead to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of deaths. Then the both of them would suffer the punishment of Celestial Decay.

They needed to control their attacks when they were so close to a densely-packed city.

“People of the Moyuan clan, this beast fur was first discovered by our Shenxiao sect, so it is ours. Do you want to steal it from us?” A great elder from the Shenxiao sect called out.

“You can cut the bullsh*t. I’m no kid that you can just trick. Do you really think that it’s your Shenxiao sect’s just because you said so? I can say its the Moyuan clan’s if that’s the case,” sneered the middle-aged man who had punched out.

“People of the Shenxiao sect, this beast fur already belongs to the Moyuan clan. Please leave immediately. I don’t wish to see our two organizations fall out with one another over something like this,” the other middle-aged man from the Moyuan clan spoke as well.

The two great elders of the Shenxiao sect became pale-white when they heard those words. They furiously yelled out, “Moyuan clan, aren’t you acting a little too haughty? Do you really think that our Shenxiao sect fears you?”

On the surface, the ten protector clans were the most powerful organizations on the continent and were responsible with guarding the continent, but they would often get into conflicts with one another below the surface. They would even fall out with one another sometimes.

A middle-aged man sneered. The two of them were slightly stronger than the two great elders of the Shenxiao sect, so they obviously did not fear them. Immediately, one of them extended his hand to take the beast fur.

“Don’t you dare take something that belongs to the Shenxiao sect!” How could the two great elders let the people of the Moyuan clan take something that belonged to them? They immediately worked together and became embroiled in a great battle with the people of the Moyuan clan.

After clashing several times, the surrounding space began to violently pulse. Space Gates suddenly appeared again and Saint Kings emerged from them. They either radiated with vast presences or seemed like ordinary people.

Other than people from the ten protector clans, many ancestors of ancient clans as well as a few people who belonged to no organizations appeared.

The situation immediately became messy with their arrival. The people of the Shenxiao sect and Moyuan clan stopped fighting as well and stood about indifferently.

“Hahaha, it sure is lively here. I never thought that so many renowned people would come. However, there’s only one treasure, but so many of us. It’ll be hard to distribute it,” a Saint King from a protector clan laughed.

“Hmph, those who wish not to take part leave immediately. Some people have no need to take part in this,” a bald old man coldly commanded. He glared at the weaker ancestors of ancient clans and those who were not part of any organizations. He acted extremely harsh.

The weaker Saint Kings who did not belong to the protector clans immediately revealed horrible expressions when they heard his orders. However, they dared not to speak against the great elders of the protector clans even though they were furious, so a few of them immediately ripped open a Space Gate and left.

With their departure, there were only twenty-odd people left. Besides the people who belonged to the protector clans, there were a few experts who were relatively stronger and did not fear the protector clans.

The bald old man raised an eyebrow complacently when he saw that he had scared away quite a few Saint Kings with a single sentence. He said, “Now, let’s properly discuss how we will split this treasure.”

As soon as the bald man stopped talking, the space nearby began to violently tremble. A huge Space Gate suddenly formed and a tremendous presence leaked out from inside. It stunned all the experts of the ten protector clans, and they failed to return to their senses for some time.

Twenty or thirty experts charged out of the Space Gate extremely quickly with surging presences. Every single one of them was a Saint King, and there was no lack of Saint Kings at Great Perfection. The group was extremely powerful.

As soon as the people emerged from the Space Gate, vast amounts of energy flickered in the surroundings. They drew their weapons and began attacking all the human Saint Kings present while one of the Saint Kings at Great Perfection charged for the beast fur. He grabbed it before quickly throwing it into his Space Ring.

“Sh*t, they’re people of the Hundred Races!” A great elder from a protector clan recognized who the people were. His facial expression drastically changed as he cried out. Without any hesitation, he immediately drew his Saint Weapon to face off against them.

The remaining human Saint Kings all returned to their senses as well. Faced against such great foes, no one bothered with the beast fur anymore. All of them drew their Saint Weapons to face the enemy. They knew extremely well that against the experts of the Hundred Races, it would be fight of life or death. They would not show mercy just because they were members of the protector clans.

There were a little more Saint Kings of the Hundred Races than the humans. Coupled with that fact that they had Saint Kings at Great Perfection leading them, the humans fell to a disadvantage as soon as they began fighting.

No one dared to use everything they had. If the ripples of battle killed off several hundred thousand or even millions of people, none of them could leave unscathed. As a result, there was no earth-shaking disturbances while the several dozen Saint Kings fought in the air. Only the space cracked and healed continuously.

“How dare you? Do you think that your lives are too easy? In all these years, we’ve never attacked you out of our own accord, yet you’ve begun invading our Tian Yuan Continent.”

“People of the Hundred Races, are you declaring war on the Tian Yuan Continent?”

The Saint Kings from the protector clans angrily swore as they fended off the Hundred Races. All of them used secret techniques to secretly communicate with their clans.

“The item has been obtained. Don’t waste time here, let’s go,” The Saint King at Great Perfection who had taken the beast fur coldly gave a command before swiftly retreating. He created a Space Gate in a region of stable space and left through it.

The other experts of the Hundred Races did not get drawn into the battles either. They all knocked back their opponents with powerful strikes before quickly disappearing into the Space Gate.

In the blink of an eye, all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races that had appeared suddenly disappeared. It had been less than twenty second since they had arrived. The whole occurrence was extremely sudden.

The human Saint Kings all floated there with sunken faces. Some of them even had residual blood at the corner of their mouths. The battle was very short, but a few of them had been injured.

“Hundred Races, how dare you invade our Tian Yuan Continent. We will not let this matter go so easily,” the bald old man from a protector clan roared at the sky. A powerful killing intent radiated from him, tempting to destroy his surroundings.

In ancient times, the humans of the Tian Yuan Continent really were not the opponents of the Hundred Races, but the era was different now. They inhabited the Tian Yuan Continent that was rich with resources while the Hundred Races lived on the rural Wasteland Continent. They were nowhere near overall strength of the Tian Yuan Continent. They were no longer as great as before.

Another few Space Gates were suddenly ripped open. A few Saint Kings from protector clans had received the request for help, so they urgently hurried over.

“What’s happened?” A Saint King that had just arrived asked with a deep voice.

“It’s the Hundred Races. A great group of them suddenly invaded our continent and stole the treasure.”

A similar occurrence happened in the sky above the ancient clan. One of the two beast furs on the continent was in the medium-sized city while the other one was kept by an ancient clan. The two beast furs had drawn the attention of many experts on the continent, but they were all taken in the end by the experts of the Hundred Races who had appeared suddenly.

For some time, the invasion of the Hundred Races and their action of taking the beast furs caused much irritation to the protector clans and peak-level experts. They swore that they would seek an explanation over this matter.

However, as the members of the protector clans discussed the matter of the Hundred Races, the other six parties had already gathered outside the Shenxiao sect, the Potian sect, the Yangji sect, the Tyrant’s Blade School, the Heaven’s Incense School, and the Moyuan clan of the ten protector clans.

Although the places where the ten protector clans resided were extremely well-hidden, the clans residences were not secret to the experts of the Hundred Races.
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