Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1103: Invasion of the Hundred Races Three
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1103: Invasion of the Hundred Races Three

Chapter 1103: Invasion of the Hundred Races (Three)

“Use the forbidden artifact. We need to break into the space of the protector clans as soon as possible and then use the forbidden artifact to charge through the obstacles so we can get the beast fur,” all the leaders of the six parties gave out orders, giving the order to attack at the same time.

A simple great sabre stood outside the independent space of the Yangji sect. It radiated an extremely forceful presence. The sabre was a hundred meters long and brightly lit up the surrounding hundreds of meters. The weapon stood dead straight with its hilt pointed at the sky while the tip pointed down into the earth. A destructive energy rippled in the surroundings, causing the surroundings to violently tremble. Space distorted and became a mess as countless rocks nearby were reduced to dust.

The Saint Kings at Great Perfection from the Hundred Races stood before the sabre as they controlled it. They were very stern. The might of the forbidden artifact was just too great. Even when the two of them worked together, they found it rather difficult to control.

“Hah!” The two Saint Kings roared at the sky in an earth-shaking manner and a five-meter-thick ray of light shot from the sabre. It struck the space before them with lightning-like speed.

The space there began to violently tremble. A huge crack in space appeared—what was revealed was not the pitch-black depths of the universe, but a beautiful, smaller world.

The independent space inhabited by the Yangji sect was punctured by the forbidden artifact, causing the entire place to violently jolt.

However, before the people of the Yangji sect could understand what was going on, the group of experts from the Hundred Races charged in from outside. They used the forbidden artifact to pave a path, killing whoever got in the way. They killed their way into the Yangji sect.


The heavy sound of a bell rang from a divine hall within the sect. It was extremely loud and hurried and vaguely possessed the intention of going to war. It had been countless years since this bell had last rang. It was not controlled by people; it was automatic, and it would only ring when the Yangji sect faced the invasion of enemies.

In the most central divine hall of the sect, a few white-robed great elders walked out in surprise. They called out, “There, enemies invading! All disciples face the enemies immediately.” As soon as they said that, the great elders saw thirty Saint Kings rushing over with a forbidden artifact.

“It’s the members of the Hundred Races! The Hundred Races has invaded our Yangji sect, and they’ve actually brought a forbidden artifact from the ancient times,” the great elders’ expressions drastically, no longer able to remain as composed as before.

“Use the Emperor Armament in the forbidden grounds quickly and activate the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls,” a great elder called out. Without any hesitation, he shot off toward the forbidden grounds as fast as he could while the other great elders followed behind him.

“He wants to go activate the Emperor Armament. Stop him!” A cry rang out among the people of the Hundred Races. Immediately, a few of them broke from the group and pursued with lightning speed.

However, this was still the lair of the protector clan. There were many hidden dangers. The experts were suddenly stopped by a powerful sword Qi that shot into the air, allowing the great elders to enter the forbidden ground successfully.

“We’ll stop them from controlling the Emperor Armament and keep them busy for as long as we can,” a pursuing Saint King of the Hundred Races called out and charged into the forbidden grounds. He wanted to stop the Yangji sect great elders from activating the Emperor Armament.

Very soon, violent ripples of battle erupted in the forbidden grounds near the back of the independent space. The experts of the Hundred Races began fighting against the great elders in the forbidden grounds.

On the other side, two Saint Kings at Great Perfection paved a path with the forbidden artifact. They lead a group of people as they hurried toward the divine hall in the center of the sect.

During that time, Saint Rulers of the Yangji sect continuously flew up without any regard for themselves. They wanted to stop the advance of the Hundred Races, but they were all heavily injured without any exceptions. Most of their lives ended up dangling on a fine thread while some of them were even killed off.

After all, the people who attacked the protector clans this time were all the experts of the Wasteland Continent. No matter how powerful the protector clans were, it was difficult to fend off all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races.

Now was especially the case. Three Saint Kings of the Yangji sect had yet to return because of the beast furs, so there was only four experts who remained in the clan. Faced against enemies that outnumbered them several times over, they were not their opponents. Even in the their own lair, as a protector clan, it was difficult for them to repel the attack.

Boom! The entire space violently shook as violent energy shot into the sky, almost destroying the independent space.

The group of Saint Kings had already began attacking the divine hall with their powerful forbidden artifact. They had found out that the beast fur was stored in the divine hall long ago.

The power of a forbidden artifact was enough to take on an Emperor Armament from a protector clan. The strike was like a Saint Emperor’s attack, creating a huge, thick crack along the divine hall of the Yangji sect.

At this moment, a great pressure forcefully pressed down from the sky. Eighteen mountainous divine halls appeared in empty space and began to fall with extremely vast ripples of energy and terrifying pressures.

Each and every single divine hall was made by a Saint Emperor. They were left behind by the Saint Emperor ancestors of the Yangji sect, creating an extremely powerful defensive formation to protect the Yangji sect.

The eighteen divine halls shined with a blinding light as the divine hall’s energy circulated within them. The light formed an extremely obscure connection between all the divine hall, joining all eighteen as one and strengthening their defense.

“It’s the Yangji sect’s Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls. This is their strongest defense, so don’t get caught in it. Use the forbidden artifact to quickly smash through the encirclement,” an old man who was controlling the forbidden artifact growled. Afterward, he assisted the other experts to send the forbidden artifact straight at the eighteen divine halls in the sky. They struck out as hard as they could.

The hundred-meter-long sabre fell as it emanated a dazzling light. It struck the eighteen divine halls with an unstoppable force, but when they collided, no sound was produced at all. The might of the sabre turned out to be like a rock thrown into the sea, absorbed by the eighteen divine halls.

“A single forbidden artifact isn’t enough to break through the defence. Everyone pour their strength and activate the second forbidden artifact!” One of the people in control of the first forbidden artifact called out.

Immediately, a vast, violent energy rippled in the surroundings. The second forbidden artifact was activated by the people of the Hundred Races. It was a pitch-black war hammer, controlled by a dwarven Saint King and assisted by three other people.

The black war hammer was not big; in fact, it could be described as exquisite. It was only thirty centimeters long, but it radiated with a presence that did not match up to its size at all. It turned into a black streak of light as it shot into the sky.

The hammer and sabre worked together, gathering the force of two forbidden artifacts to strike the eighteen divine halls together. Finally, the amount of energy that the divine halls could absorb was reached, and with a rumble, all the divine halls violently shook. Tiny cracks appeared on each divine hall.

However, since the eighteen divine halls shared their power, the cracks healed very quickly. The Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls continued to press down. Its tremendous might caused the space below to twist, as if it were about to shatter.

“Even Saint Emperors will struggle to break free once caught in the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls. We need to use the forbidden artifacts to keep it at bay and prevent them from descending. Everyone else enter the divine hall of the protector clan and seize the beast fur,” ordered an expert among the Hundred Races.

The remaining people immediately left the group. One of them drew the third forbidden artifact, striking the central divine hall under the support of several people. He smashed through the outer walls and made it to the interior.

Almost the moment they stepped in, the various powerful formations were activated within the divine hall. Although they could kill off Saint Kings, they were nothing before the forbidden artifacts of the Hundred Races.

A violent rumble rang out from the back of the independent space as a mountain turned to dust in an instant. The several Saint Kings that had gone over to keep the great elders busy all flew back as they vomited blood. At the same time, an extremely terrifying ripple of energy appeared there.

“Sh*t, the Emperor Armament has been awoken. Everyone else head over! We need to stop it from fully awakening with everything we have! We don’t have a fourth forbidden artifact,” said an expert of the Hundred Races. He was extremely serious.

At that moment, all the experts of the Hundred Races worked extremely well together. The experts that had entered the divine hall stepped out without saying anything else and rushed over to where the Emperor Armament was. Only the experts controlling the forbidden artifact stayed behind to break through the obstructions of the divine hall and to retrieve the beast fur.

An ancient, thirty-odd-meter-long sword stood in the forbidden grounds of the Yangji sect. Layers of inscriptions flashed in the surroundings, glowing with a blinding light. In the surroundings, the four great elders of the Yangji sect sat with their legs crossed and eyes closed. Two of them wore tattered clothes with blood at the corner of their lips while the other two were also pale. They were all rather injured.

A hazy glow enveloped the four of them from the ancient sword. The light seemed like nothing, but it contained an unimaginable strength. It could repel any foreign attacks while the four of them activated the ancient sword.

“Rise!” Suddenly, the four great elders all called out in unison. They suddenly pressed their hands against the formations on the ground and copious amounts of energy unceasingly poured out, causing the inscriptions to become blinding.

The Emperor Armament began to violently tremble as a frighteningly vast energy pulsed around it. Afterward, the Emperor Armament began to slowly rise out of the earth. The vast pressure became denser and denser and more and more powerful. It was like a primordial beast slowly waking up from its slumber.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》