Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1188: A Gift of the Saints’ Frui
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1188: A Gift of the Saints’ Frui


Jian Chen and You Yue made their way to the top floor of the inn. The decor there was extremely different and did not match the extravagant building.

The inn was the one owned by Sans and his mother. Protected by the Changyang clan, it had turned into the most famous inns in the entire city from its initial form. There was no one who did not know where it was in the city, and its name had even rang through the kingdom.

However, Sans and his mother only wanted to live a simple life. They did not possess any wild ambitions, or their inn would be much more than it already was with the influence of the Changyang clan.

The top floor of the inn was where Sans and his mother stayed. Jian Chen only saw the aunty and not Sans. Only after asking did he learn that Sans had joined the Flame Mercenaries.

The aunty was an ordinary person and could not cultivate. She was in her early fifties, but she already seemed much older.

Jian Chen and You Yue talked with her for a while. He then asked, “Aunty, I have methods to change your constitution and let you undergo a rebirth. You will be able to cultivate just like us, and as long as you reach Earth Saint Master, your lifespan will greatly increase.” Kendall had saved Jian Chen’s life before. Since he was no longer around, Jian Chen planned on returning the kindness to her and Sans. As a result, Jian Chen was considerate down to the tiniest detail when dealing with the two of them.

If other people had heard what Jian Chen had said, they would definitely be ravish with joy. On the continent that advocated power, there was no one who did not wish to become powerful, as power represented status, glory, and wealth.

However, she was not moved at all. What Jian Chen said possessed no attraction to her. She shook her head and said, “I thank you for your kindness, but I just want to be an ordinary person and live a stable life. I want to wait for death so I can meet Kendall in the other world. He’s far too lonely there. I want to go and accompany him.” Sorrow filled her eyes and tears seem to pool in them.

Jian Chen fell silent. He knew that she had already learned about what happened to Kendall. Although he had always hid it, the truth could not be hidden. Coupled with the fact that Sans had already joined the Flame Mercenaries, the news of Kendall’s death was obviously impossible to hide.

You Yue went up and held her hands. She comforted, “Aunty, don’t get be so sad. Uncle may have left already, but you at least have Sans to accompany you in this world. You need to put yourself together and watch Sans mature properly.”

Jian Chen and You Yue comforted her. They said a lot to her, staying there for four whole hours before leaving.

Jian Chen was very silent on the way back. He worried very much about her inside while You Yue obediently followed beside him. She affectionately clung to his arm, accompanying him in silence. Her eyes were filled with her gentle nature.

Jian Chen sighed gently upon returning to the clan. He wanted to change her fate, but she chose to live a simple life, which filled him with helplessness.

“Since aunty has made the decision herself, we should support her silently,” Jian Chen softly decided. Fighters had their world, and mortals had their happiness. He understood it all now. Thinking back to the times when he had ventured through wind and rain, a simple life would have been quite happy actually.

You Yue arrived beside him and gently hugged him. She stared at Jian Chen affectionately and gently said, “Jian Chen, there are many ordinary people who are much happier than us. If you’re willing, I want to live an ordinary person’s life with you. The world of fighters is filled with unavoidable fights and battles to the death. It really is very tiring.”

Jian Chen gently placed his arm around her thin waist as the fragrance from her hair hit his nose. He said, “Yue’er, once we get through all the struggles of the Tian Yuan Continent, we’ll find a beautiful, desolate place to settle down like hermits. We won’t ever bother with the matters of the continent after that, okay?”

You Yue raised her head to look at Jian Chen in surprise and delight. Anticipation filled her face and she firmly nodded, “I do hope that that day can come sooner.”

Jian Chen’s lips perked up as he smiled. He lowered his head to kiss her forehead before he said, “But we need to have enough strength to deal with the situation in front of us in order to live a life like that. Yue’er, I’ll visit Mercenary City immediately. I’ll leave the safety of the clan to you.”

You Yue immediately became gloomy when she heard that Jian Chen would be leaving again. She stared at him, unwilling to part with him, and said, “I hope you come back soon.”

Jian Chen nodded in agreement before finding Changyang Zu Yunxiao. He asked him to create a Space Gate to Mercenary City.

Jian Chen was warmly welcomed by Mercenary City, personally received by an elder. He expressed that he had come to see senior Tian Jian, and the elder directly brought him to Tian Jian’s floating divine hall without saying a second word and sent up a message.

It was in the same majestic hall where Jian Chen met with the gray-haired Tian Jian. Even though he remained with an appearance of a middle-aged man, his vitality reduced with each coming day. He did not have much time left.

Tian Jian looked at Jian Chen in delight. When he had first met him, Jian Chen was only an Earth Saint Master. After a few decades, he had completely transformed. He had grown to his current greatness at an unbelievable rate. On the Tian Yuan Continent, his talent was unprecedented.

Jian Chen and Tian Jian casually conversed. Then, Jian Chen pulled out a perfectly sealed embroidered box from his Space Ring. He said, “Senior Tian Jian, I’ve caused a disturbance this time to give you this.” Under the control of Jian Chen’s mind, the box slowly flew toward Tian Jian.

A sliver of curiosity appeared on Tian Jian’s face. He opened the box and found a fist-sized fruit sitting quietly in there. It seemed very simple, but through his sharp senses, he could clearly feel an extremely great energy and the extremely profound truths of the world hidden within.

“The Saints’ Fruit!” Tian Jian’s face immediately and drastically changed. Even with his mental fortitude, he struggle to remain calm after seeing the fruit. He immediately closed the lid after crying out, afraid that the powers would leak away. The fruit had ripened, but it had returned to its original form.

“Jian Chen, the Saints’ Fruit is far too valuable, and you’ve risked your life to obtain it. You better take it back and use it on someone else. This bag of bones does not have much time anymore. If I consume it, it would be wasteful.” Tian Jian returned the fruit to Jian Chen without any reluctance.

“Senior, I’ll be honest. I ventured into the Death Nest specifically to gift the fruit to you, so it already belongs to you. Please accept it,” Jian Chen sincerely replied. He paused before continuing, “Now that Tie Ta’s identity has been leaked, I’m afraid that he will become a public enemy of the continent soon. I hope that after you become a Saint Emperor, you can help Tie Ta out.”

Tian Jian became stern. He heavily said, “Tie Ta’s identity is indeed a great matter. Probably both the Beast God Continent and the Tian Yuan Continent will have experts who want to deal with him. It’s just fortunate that there aren’t many Saint Emperors now. Jian Chen, as long as Tie Ta guarantees that he will not lead the Hundred Races to invade the Tian Yuan Continent in the future, I will stand with him. Otherwise, I won’t be helping him even if you give me the fruit.”

“Don’t worry, senior. If Tie Ta dares to do something like that in the future, I would be the first one to resent him. At that time, I will stand with the Tian Yuan Continent. I swear to protect the lands of us humans,” Jian Chen sternly swore. Actually, he had no idea just how Tie Ta would turn out in the future. However, he was his friend right now at the very least, one of his best friends.

Tian Jian hesitated before finally accepting the fruit. He said, “Once I become a Saint Emperor, I’ll step down as grand elder and leave Mercenary City. Otherwise, I’ll just cause problems for the city. Although the city is powerful and is unshakable with its deep heritage, I can’t let such a holy place become a region that people will end up drooling over.”

Jian Chen had fulfilled his intentions for coming to the city after giving away the fruit. He immediately left the floating divine hall.

Tian Jian stood in the divine hall as he watched Jian Chen leave. Only after quite a while did he look away. He stared blankly at the box in his hand as his heart was strewn with many emotions.

A long while later, Tian Jian finally sighed. He shook his head rather helplessly and said, “I never thought that Jian Chen would risk his life and obtain the Saints’ Fruit after so many difficulties to just give it to me.”

Jian Chen left the miniature world of Mercenary City through a Space Gate and returned to the city.

“Brother, have you finished with your stuff? Can you play with me now?” Xiao Ling’s voice rang through Jian Chen’s head. Afterward, her illusionary figure appeared, drifting around in front of him.

The street was packed with people, but no one else could see her other than Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s gaze became gentle. He treated Xiao Ling as his own sister, and he laughed, “Xiao Ling, take me to the underground space first. I might as well visit my old friends.”

Xiao Ling happily agreed. Jian Chen immediately felt an invisible but irresistibly powerful force surround him. Afterward, the space in front of him blackened. He had already vanished from the street, which did not grab anyone’s attention.

Xiao Ling floated around Jian Chen in the underground space. She was extremely happy and she proudly said, “Big brother, with my assistance, your friends’ strength has increased very quickly. You can’t forget what I’ve done.” Xiao Ling looked around and a cunning light flashed through his eyes. She made her way in front of Jian Chen for mysteries reasons and mischievously said, “Big brother, I want a reward. I’ve helped you so much, so you have to reward me.”
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