Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1289: Class 10 Xuanhuang Beast Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1289: Class 10 Xuanhuang Beast Two

Chapter 1289: Class 10 Xuanhuang Beast (Two)

The temperature surged as faint strands of yellow mist appeared around Jian Chen. He had entered the thick layer of clouds and his vision became obscured. Visibility was extremely low, and even the usage of his soul became more and more restricted.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly froze. He suddenly swayed and reappeared over ten meters away like he had teleported.

Bang! As soon as Jian Chen reappeared, a red blur landed where he was standing before, and with a violent sound, rocks were shattered and thrown into the air along with dust.

Jian Chen became extremely stern. He had failed to see what that red blur was, nor did he learn what had suddenly attacked him. If he had not maintained his vigilance and dodged instinctually, he probably would have suffered a lot just then.

However, before Jian Chen could think about it some more, his expression suddenly changed. All his muscles tightened as his eyes stared right before him. He felt a terrifyingly powerful presence lock onto him. Not only did Jian Chen find it suffocating, he felt his body become as heavy as a mountain. Even his movements became limited.

The presence was so tremendous that it basically froze every inch of space around him, almost trapping him through the control of space.

“Beyond Saint Emperor!” Jian Chen was shocked. Even though he had yet to see the appearance of the Xuanhuang beast, he had determined that it had reached the Origin realm just from its presence alone.

This was because he had slain many Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts already and understood their strength. It was impossible for a beast at that level to give off so much pressure.

“This Xuanhuang beast has already reached the level of Heavenly Immortals. Master, you’re not it’s opponent. Run!” The sword spirits’ voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head as well.

Jian Chen rapidly began to retreat without a second thought. He leaped down the mountain. The Origin realm and Sainthood were two major realms of cultivation, so the difference of strength was extremely great. Jian Chen was confident he could kill any Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts, but that confidence was not the same against Class 10 Xuanhuang beasts.

Jian Chen descended along a steep, curvy clifface, dropping several thousand meters in just a few seconds. He had left the thick layer of clouds in the sky and his visibility finally returned to him. However, he dared not to relax at all. Not only did the vast presence remain locked on him, but it was also growing stronger.

“Oh no, that Class 10 Xuanhuang beast’s chasing me right now, and it’s getting closer and closer,” Jian Chen could feel how bad the situation was inside. He suddenly kicked off a great tree beside him, immediately shooting off into the distance like a loose arrow.

Due to the restrictions of the mysterious force, flying was basically impossible in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, so Jian Chen could only glide like a bird while using the Illusory Flash.

Hiss! At this moment, an ear-piercing sound rang out from behind. A thousand-meter-long python emerged from the thick layer of clouds and appeared in front of Jian Chen. Its body radiated a red light, which seemed to fuse with the surroundings. It slithered forward as its tongue flickered in pursuit of Jian Chen. It was quite faster than him.

When the red python first came out, it was nine thousand meters away from Jian Chen, but that distance was reduced to six thousand in less than a minute before shrinking to three thousand. In the end, it was only a few hundred meters away from Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s heart slightly sank. The terrain was complicated, which limited his strength. Meanwhile, the python behind him had lived here for many years already. It moved through the mountains and forests like a fish through water. It was impossible for Jian Chen to escape since the distance between them was decreasing.

Jian Chen ended up stopping. Chaotic Force surged from his right hand before condensing into a dark sword of energy. Resplendent and pure sword Qi was present in the Chaotic Force, mixing with it and, hence, increasing his strength. He had given up on the Emperor Armament long ago. After reaching Sword Origin, the Emperor Armament only became more damaged, and even if he used it, it would not increase his strength at all.

“Since I can’t shake off this Class 10 Xuanhuang beast, I’ll fight it. I may not be able to defeat it, but I can see just how terrifying existences that have surpassed Saint Emperors are and use this opportunity to gain a rough understanding of them,” Jian Chen thought. He was confident that killing this Class 10 Xuanhuang beast would not be easy.

At this moment, the giant python opened its mouth and a wave of flames surged out. They shot toward Jian Chen with extreme heat, burning all the vegetation that they came across to a crisp.

Jian Chen was shocked inside. He could feel that the fire from the python was even more powerful than Hong Lian’s flames. Although Hong Lian was a Scorching Divine Phoenix and held supreme power over fire, the python’s flames were much more terrifying than her flames due to such a great disparity in strength.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to safely avoid the flames despite his surprise. He felt that he was rather fortunate that he was only facing a Class 10 Xuanhuang beast who lacked any abilities. If it was a true Origin realm expert, he would not be able to counterattack at all.

Jian Chen quickly approached the python after dodging its flames. Leaping over ten meters into the air, he arrived above the python’s head and stabbed down as hard as he could with the sword he had condensed.

The next moment, Jian Chen’s eyes silently narrowed, because his full-powered attack only managed to leave an insignificant scratch a finger deep. It could not even be counted as a wound.

“What a terrifying body. It’s probably more than ten times tougher than the bodies of Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts. Probably only Origin realm experts can heavily injure it,” Jian Chen was astounded. The toughness of the Class 10 Xuanhuang beast had greatly exceeded anything he had expected. Even with his mental preparations, he was still shocked.

At this moment, a terrifying force appeared. The python viciously shook its head, flinging Jian Chen far off into the distance. He crashed into a dozen thick trees.

Jian Chen immediately felt like all his bones had become dislocated with just that. Every inch of his body throbbed painfully. If it were not for his Chaotic Body, he would have been reduced to a smear of flesh.

Jian Chen only managed to stabilize himself after flying for many kilometers. He then began to flee without even looking back. From just that momentary contact, he had already gained a rough understanding of the strength of Class 10 Xuanhuang beasts. They were undefeatable.

However, Jian Chen was still unable to move faster than the python due to the terrain. He was caught again without long.

“Master, you can’t move in a straight line, or there’s no way you’ll move faster than it. At the same time, all the Xuanhuang beats in the elemental mountains have their own territories. This Heavenly Immortal Xuanhuang beast is probably the supreme ruler in the fire-attribute region, so master won’t be able to break away successfully if you stay here. We just happen to be quite close to the earth-attribute region. Let’s go over there. That’s the only way we can escape this Xuanhuang beast,” Zi Ying’s voice materialized in Jian Chen’s head. Raising his head to look, there just happened to be the yellow, earth-attribute region several dozen kilometers away, so he immediately changed direction and ran toward it in a zig-zagging fashion.

The distance took Jian Chen less than a minute to traverse. He arrived at the boundary of the fire-attribute region very quickly and was about to cross over.

The python in pursuit immediately became flustered when it saw that Jian Chen was about to flee from its territory. It spat out streams of fire, clearly not planning to let Jian Chen off easily. This was because the presence of Chaotic Force on Jian Chen made it drool. It was on the same level as the Xuanhuang beast, so it had a vague feeling that its strength would increase a lot if it managed to consume the insignificant existence.

Several dozen streams of fire formed a great net in front of Jian Chen. Although Jian Chen had managed to avoid most of the streams, he was still struck by one. The unimaginable heat immediately turned his clothes to ash. Even with his fourth layer Chaotic Body, he found it difficult to endure, having become bright-red from the heat. He shed an entire layer of his skin, which was excruciating.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth as he bitterly endured. He used the Illusory Flash to avoid the net of fire and finally made it out of the fire-attribute region and into the earth-attribute region.

The python did not follow him over. It stopped at the boundary and stared at Jian Chen, unwilling to give up on its prey. Its tongue flickered constantly as it produced ear-piercing hisses.

Although the python did not follow him over, Jian Chen did not stop. He endured the burning pain all over him as he quickly fled into a forest.

The python remained at the boundary for quite some time, but it did not cross it in the end. It returned in gloom and full of regret.

At this moment, Jian Chen currently sat beneath a large tree. His burnt skin was being shed part by part before being replaced by new skin. Although he was severely burned, it was nothing that the terrifying recovery of the Chaotic Force couldn’t handle.

Ten minutes later, Jian Chen stood up full of vitality. He pulled a new set of clothes from his Space Ring and changed into them. He had already made a full recovery from his wounds, but he was as bald as an egg. His flowing, long hair had all been burnt to a crisp.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》