Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1364: Ant-like Emperors Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1364: Ant-like Emperors Two

Chapter 1364: Ant-like Emperors (Two)

A gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He sat down on the Zi Ying Sword without moving at all. He formed a hand seal as the Qing Suo Sword immediately shot off as an azure streak of light.

It was a sword technique similar to the Soul Sword, except it was much more powerful. He could control the sword against enemies wherever his soul could envelope.

After being strengthened by the sap of the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo, his soul had grown a lot. The radius he could envelope had exceeded two hundred thousand kilometers, so as long as the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was still in that range, he could not escape the attacks of the Qing Suo Sword.

Under the control of Jian Chen’s mind, the sword seemed to have exceeded the speed of lightning. It crossed a great distance in a single moment, and even when the hall master fled as hard as he could, he was not faster than the Qing Suo Sword. The sword pursued him as an azure streak of light.

The hall master had discovered the sword behind him as well. Seeing how he could not avoid it, a sliver of determination immediately flashed through his eyes. He thought, “That sword can display unimaginable power in Jian Chen’s hands. It can cleave through emperor-level formations easily, but it’s so far away from Jian Chen, and there’s no one controlling it anymore. I refuse to believe that I can’t even subdue a sword that has no user with my strength. I must take this sword for myself this time. If I possess it, even Yadriam will fear me while Jian Chen will not be stronger than me if he loses one of his swords.”

The blood had already stopped flowing from the hall master’s two severed stumps. He slowly swept his severed arms through the air, and immediately, a surging energy leaked out. It rapidly condensed into a two-meter-wide shield on his left arm and his body was covered with dense scales. Every single one of them flickered with light as energy pulsed from them.

A hand condensed from energy had appeared on his right arm. It almost seemed to be tangible. He placed the shield before him and used the condensed hand to grab the Qing Suo Sword.

However, the hall master had underestimated the power of the Qing Suo Sword. When it had just been forged, it was able to injure Saint Emperors without anyone controlling it. That was incomparable to right now since Jian Chen was secretly controlling it with his mind. The power would definitely be greater than before.

The hall master’s hand was like a piece of paper when it came in contact with the sword. The Qing Suo Sword punched a hole through it in an unstoppable manner before continuing toward the hall master without slowing down at all.


The hall master’s shield shattered as the Qing Suo Sword passed through his body as a streak of azure light. His defenses as a serpent dragon were unable to stop it at all.

The hall master suddenly froze and his face paled in a single moment. A large amount of blood sprayed from his mouth in the form of mist along with many pieces of his organs.

When the Qing Suo Sword passed through his body, an extremely powerful sword Qi had erupted, turning his organs to mush in a single moment and dealing devastating damage to his body.

A large amount of blood poured from every pore of the hall master, dyeing him red with his blood. He stumbled about in the air, having been heavily injured and struggled to stay upright.

The hall master was completely stunned. He found it difficult to believe how heavily injured he had become. Most of his body was destroyed and his organs were gone. Even most of the flesh and blood within him had been reduced to a mess. Only his soul remained intact, fortunately for him.

Jian Chen flew over from afar on the Zi Ying Sword. He grabbed the hall master with a single hand before flying back. He said, “Hall master, no one can stop the resurrection of the sea goddess. You better come back with me to be judged by the sea goddess. You still might have a chance of surviving that way. Of course, if you attempt to flee by abandoning your body, it won’t be my fault if I obliterate your soul.”

The hall master became ashen with that as despair filled his eyes.

On the other side, the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall devoted all his attention to controlling the formations against Yadriam. The space before him violently distorted as terrifying ripples of energy radiated out, causing the space there to tremble.

At this moment, a streak of azure light appeared with a flash. It flew over as a long streak of light, piercing through the hall master’s chest with lightning-like speed and directly collided with the formations.


With a deafening sound, three of the eight formations cast down by the hall master were obliterated in a single instance, and the five other formations suffered from the heavy ripples of energy as well, becoming rather damaged.

Spurt! The hall master vomited a mouthful of blood as he stared at the Qing Suo Sword in disbelief. He tottered a few times in the air before directly plunging down.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The formations were damaged and no longer as powerful as before. Under Yadriam’s full-powered attacks, they all erupted with powerful ripples of energy and sounds. Yadriam broke out of the five remaining formations.

She shone with blinding blue light as the terrifying pulses of energy caused the surrounding space to ripple and give off horrifying presences. A fishman-like avatar stood behind her, as if it had fused with her.

She rushed over with a trident. Although the trident was not the sea goddess’ weapon, it still possessed a might that could cause people to shiver. Thin, black cracks followed its gentle movements. They were cracks in space.

Yadriam had not discovered Jian Chen when she had just broken out. As soon as she broke free, she discovered the hall master who was falling toward the ground. Without questioning why, she pointed with her trident and produced a powerful stream of energy that shot toward the hall master.

“Hall master, please stay your hand!” Jian Chen’s voice rang out and at the same time, an azure streak of light flashed. The sword had arrived before the light had disappeared, having dived down from higher above. It blocked the stream of energy.

The stream of energy struck the Qing Suo Sword and loudly erupted. However, the sword did not waver at all and its glow remained just as bright as before. The stream of energy from Yadriam’s trident had completely vanished on the other hand.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall had managed to avoid disaster. He fell from an altitude of several thousand meters, causing a mountain to collapse. He lay in the rubble as he stared at the sky in a daze. He did not return to his senses for quite some time.

Only then did Yadriam discover that the hall master was heavily injured. Interest immediately flashed across her eyes.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》