Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1409: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation Three
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1409: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation Three

Chapter 1409: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation (Three)

“Ah! Master… Jian Chen is here as well.” The three ladies discovered Jian Chen as soon as they glanced over. They were surprised. However, the gazes they used to look at Jian Chen became mixed. Even calling him by his name sounded rather awkward.

Jian Chen had exposed his relationship with Xiao Bao the last time he had come to the island, allowing the three of them to learn that Xiao Bao was the son of their master.

This took the three of them by shock and disbelief. Even now, they did not know how to refer to Jian Chen.

Did they have to refer to him as master Jian Chen, like in the past, and treat him as any other guest, or did they have to call him master-in-law?

However, the three of them still did not know that Jian Chen was no longer the same person they had once new. He had not changed in appearance or temperament, but his strength had undergone an overwhelming change. He had become the greatest human expert and was known as the second Mo Tianyun by everyone. Some even even called him an incarnation of Mo Tianyun.

“It’s been quite some time. Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, you look even better than before,” Jian Chen greeted the two of them with a smile before turning his eyes to the young lady of the Tianqin clan, Qin Qin. He said, “Miss Qin Qin, you’ve already left home for close to ten years. Ten years is not a short amount of time to your family. Your family members miss you dearly. If you have the time, you should go back and visit them.” Jian Chen had passed this on for Qin Xiao. When he had caught up with Qin Xiao back in the Tianqin clan a few days ago, he had learned that Qin Xiao had thought about his sister for many years now. Unfortunately, his low strength had prevented him from traveling very far, so he could only keep that thought on hold.

Even though Qin Xiao had become a Saint King now and had gained the ability to use Space Gates so that he could visit any place on the continent, Jian Chen had forgotten to tell Qin Xiao the location of the island. It would be extremely difficult for a Saint King to search for a tiny island in the vast ocean without knowing its precise location.

The ocean was could be found in all four cardinal directions as well, and it was far vaster than the continent.

The faze Qin Qin was using to look at Jian Chen with became extremely mixed the moment she saw him. Her thoughts were a complete mess. Only when she heard Jian Chen mention her family did she manage to gather some thoughts together. She said with some reminiscence and sorrow, “Master Jian Chen, is my father and everyone else well?”

“They are very well. The Tianqin clan is like the midday sun right now. They have already become the leading clan of the five great clans in the Zhuya Kingdom, only second to the imperial family. And right now, the Tianqin clan’s name has probably already spread across quite a bit of the continent, being ranked as one of the most powerful clans on the continent…” Jian Chen discussed the current situation of the Tianqin clan and told her everything he knew, including how Qin Xiao had become a father. However, he did not mention that Qin Xiao had become a Saint King.

Qin Qin missed her family, but she was clearly preoccupied. She did not pay attention to the news that the Tianqin clan’s name had become renowned across the continent. She fell silent after learning that her family was fine. She glanced past Jian Chen and Xiao Bao in a slight daze and remained quiet.

The Heavenly Enchantress glanced at Qin Qin before saying to Jian Chen, “You’ve seen Xiao Bao, so it’s time for you to leave.” The Heavenly Enchantress’ voice was cold. She directly told Jian Chen to leave, finding his presence unwelcome.

Jian Chen produced a dry cough. Just when he wanted to say something, Xiao Bao clung onto him tightly and said instead, “No, no, I don’t want daddy to go. Daddy isn’t allowed to go. Mummy, I don’t want daddy to go.”

“Xiao Bao, listen!” The Heavenly Enchantress sternly demanded in a deep voice. However, the gaze she directed at Xiao Bao still bore the presence of affection.

“No, no, I don’t want to. I want daddy. I want daddy to stay with me. Daddy hasn’t come to visit me in a long time. I miss daddy. I want daddy to stay here with me and mummy.” Xiao Bao, who always listened to the Heavenly Enchantress, had actually turned his back on the Heavenly Enchantress without any hesitation at that moment, as if his father, who he had not seen for many years, was much more important than his mother, who stayed by his side and loved him at all this time.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ chest rose and fell slightly, clearly angered. At the same time, she felt helpless inside. Including today, Xiao Bao had only met Jian Chen three times in total ever since he had been born. Each meeting did not last very long either, but Jian Chen seemed to hold an extremely important position in Xiao Bao’s heart. Xiao Bao’s feelings for Jian Chen had not become diluted with time.

“You leave first!” The Heavenly Enchantress waved her hand and dismissed Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and Qin Qin.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue looked at each other before backing off with Qin Qin. They all left together.

After they departed, Jian Chen carefully examined Xiao Bao. He focused on Xiao Bao’s strength and discovered that his body was extremely tough even though he had not reached the first layer yet. He had built a solid foundation for cultivating Chaotic Force.

“This time, I will spend a few days on Three Saint Island and specifically guide Xiao Bao with his cultivation. Xiao Bao possesses the Innate Chaotic Body. He cultivates Chaotic Force and walks a cultivation path different from the norm. You do not understand this path, but it just happens to be the one that I’ve taken as well,” Jian Chen explained.

This time, the Heavenly Enchantress did not say anything. She stared at Xiao Bao before drifting away after quite some hesitation. She vanished off to the other side of the mountain.

“Oh, yay! Daddy’s finally spending time with me!” Xiao Bao cheered when he heard that Jian Chen would be staying for some time.

After that, Jian Chen casually carved out a cave in the mountain to serve as a place where the two of them could stay.

The cave was not very big, but it was very wide. Jian Chen placed a large number of luminous pearls in the dim cave. Every single one of them let out a gentle light, making it seem like daytime in the cave.

In the cave, Xiao Bao sat down and began to cultivate under Jian Chen’s guidance. The two swords on Jian Chen’s back shone with a faint glow. The light from the swords vaguely condensed into a young man and woman. They paid close attention to Xiao Bao as he cultivated.

Beside Xiao Bao were a lot of peeled skins and other useless waste that came from heavenly resources.

Although Xiao Bao possessed the rare Innate Chaotic Body, which possessed endless potential and guaranteed a glorious future, there was a heavy price behind such glory. That price was the tremendous requirement of energy for cultivation, which would greatly exceed any person’s imagination. The normal Chaotic Body was like that and the Innate Chaotic Body did not make an exception.

Because Chaotic Force was just too powerful, the amount of energy of the world on the Tian Yuan Continent required to form a single strand of pure Chaotic Force probably could not even be described as tremendous. As a result, a vast requirement of low-level energy like the energy of the world would be needed to create the Chaotic Body.

The Chaotic Force cultivated by Xiao Bao’s Innate Chaotic Body would not be true Chaotic Force either. True Chaotic Force could be divided into Yin and Yang and could create an entire world. It could also destroy a universe and throw laws into chaos. It was powerful and terrifying.

Only this was true Chaotic Force. According to the sword spirits, no one had ever cultivated it successfully.

Even though Xiao Bao possessed the Innate Chaotic Body, the Chaotic Force cultivated by him would be much weaker than true Chaotic Force. It would need to be strengthened and transformed step by step.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》