Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1681: Treasure of the Lu family One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1681: Treasure of the Lu family One

Chapter 1681: Treasure of the Lu family (One)

As the furious roars of the ancestor rang out, the heavy stone door to the room sluggishly opened with a rumble. The ancestor of the Lu family walked out slowly in his grey robes. With every single step he took, his presence climbed to a new level. By the time he fully emerged from the room, his presence had flooded the surroundings, enveloping the sky and the entire Lu family.

He had already fully recovered from the wounds he suffered at Jian Chen’s hand, and even his strength had reached his peak. It had even improved drastically, reaching the peak of early God. He was only an inch away from mid God, and he only needed to reach the required comprehension of laws.

When the ancestor’s presence enveloped the entire Lu family, the expressions of the patriarch and the various elders all changed. Through the ancestor’s presence, they could all clearly feel the ancestor’s fury. There was also a palpable killing intent that sent chills down the spines of everyone in the presence.

“The ancestor is summoning us!” The patriarch looked towards the location where the ancestor cultivated and became extremely stern. Soon afterwards, he disappeared with a flash in an instance, rushing towards where the ancestor stayed as quickly as he could.

At the same time, all the elders in the Lu family hurried towards the ancestor’s location as well.

The ancestor of the Lu family stood with his arms crossed and his face sunken outside his room. With a flash, several figures appeared before him. The patriarch and basically all the elders had arrived at the same time.

“Greetings to the ancestor!” The patriarch and the eight elders all bowed towards the ancestor.

The ancestor of the Lu family glanced past everyone coldly and said, “I’ve already reached the bottom of this. Lu Fei’s betrayal is linked to the Mo clan. It was the Mo clan that bribed him, getting him to steal our treasure. Our treasure is currently in the hands of the Mo clan.”

“What? It’s actually the Mo clan? We were just planning on working with the Ando clan against them. Never would I have thought that they would move against us first. Ancestor, we have to make the Mo clan pay the price,” an elder said coldly.

The patriarch’s gaze became cold as well, “Looks like the Mo clan has become bold just because they have a Xi Yu. They’re actually meddling in our affairs. Ancestor, I’d say we immediately move against the Mo clan together. We can’t give them any time to catch their breath. Xi Yu is very talented, and she cultivates very quickly. If this continues, she’ll become a God. At that time, we’ll suffer heavy losses even if we work with the Ando clan. It won’t be worth it.”

“The patriarch is right. Ancestor, please give the order. We can’t let the Mo clan catch their breath…” The other elders all requested for battle as well. They were all furious. The Mo clan had actually stolen their treasure. They could not be spared.

“No, we can’t move against the Mo clan right now. Recently, the Mo clan gained a mysterious expert. He is very powerful. A few days ago, I battled him, and we both suffered heavy injuries in the end,” the ancestor of the Lu family said with a sunken face.

“What? The Mo clan has gained another God?” The patriarch and the several elders immediately became surprised. To them, this was the worst news possible.

“No, he’s not a God. Although I couldn’t see his exact cultivation, I could tell from the battle that he was still a Deity. It’s just that his comprehension of laws are no less than mine. Of course, just that still isn’t enough to heavily injure me. What really injured me was the mighty treasure he used at the end,” the ancestor of the Lu family said uneasily.

Before anyone could ask a question, the ancestor continued, “We have to make full preparations against an expert like that now that the Mo clan has gained someone like him. We can’t act recklessly, or not only will we fail to wipe out the Mo clan, but we’ll become doomed instead. You can leave for now. Be prepared for a battle against the Mo clan.”

The patriarch and elders of the Lu family all departed.

“Mobilise everyone to pay close attention to all movements of the Mo clan. Remember to be secretive. Do not let the Mo clan discover your movements,” said the ancestor.

“Yes, sir!” The black figure who had come bearing the news replied politely. He vanished after bowing to the ancestor.

The ancestor remained where he was with his arms crossed. He thought back to all the details of his battle with Jian Chen a few days ago. Whenever he thought of the Profound Sword Qi Jian Chen used in the very end, fear and dread would immediately appear in his eyes.

“Just what was that? Was it some secret treasure I haven’t heard of? Or was it some sort of powerful technique?” The ancestor murmured. Even until now, he still did not know what the Profound Sword Qi used by Jian Chen was.

Seven majestic halls stood silently in the Mo clan. Origin realm guards surrounded every hall, and they held their posts silently.

Only the Godhood elders of the Mo clan could reside in such a hall.

Shen Jian currently sat on his jade bed in the newly-constructed seventh hall. In his hands were around a dozen thumb-sized divine crystals. He rapidly absorbed the pure origin energy within the low grade divine crystals, which transformed into strands of pure energy that entered his body. He refined it into a part of him.

There was not a lot of origin energy within low grade divine crystals. Very soon, all the divine crystals ran out of origin energy and turned to dust. Shen Jian slowly opened his eyes and looked at Jian Chen who sat at a table nearby. Currently, Jian Chen was eating some deserts leisurely. He said, “The origin energy that these low grade divine crystals can provide is extremely limited. Just these divine crystals won’t be enough for me to reach mid Deity. These crystals can’t even provide me a tenth or even a hundredth of the origin energy I require to reach mid Deity.

Jian Chen did not find that to be a surprise at all. Over a hundred thousand low grade divine crystals sounded a lot, but in reality, that was only a little more than a thousand mid grade divine crystals, or around a dozen high grade divine crystals.

Jian Chen arrived before Shen Jian and took out the box he obtained from Lu Fei again. He said, “If my guess is correct, the treasure of the Lu family should be in here, except the box is protected by powerful formations. Even Gods would need to expend quite the effort to get through it, so why don’t we get through the box together and see what’s inside?”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》