Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1695: The Young Master of the Atomos Sword Sec
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1695: The Young Master of the Atomos Sword Sec


Jian Chen shook his head bitterly in response. This girl’s imagination really could run wild.

“Yan’er, do not be rude,” the patriarch lectured from one side. He was stern, making him seem extremely strict.

Mo Yan stuck out her tongue and said cleverly, “Dad’s angry, so I won’t say any more. But Jian Chen, you really have to try harder and break through to Godhood as soon as possible. Only once you become a Deity do you have the right to pursue sister Xi Yu.” Throwing that down, Mo Yan followed the patriarch towards Xi Yu.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently as he stared at Mo Yan’s back before walking towards Shen Jian’s residence with his hands on his back. He paid no mind to Mo Yan’s words.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he turned his head towards the entrance of the Mo clan.

At this moment, a golden carriage quickly flew towards the Mo clan from afar. Six horse-like beasts were towing the carriage at the front as they flapped their wings and flew through space quickly. Even though the beasts were only as strong as Saint Emperors, they were no slower than cultivators of the Origin realm.

There were twenty guards in white clothes who had all reached the Origin realm on the two sides of the carriage. All their clothes bore a symbol that seemed like a small, golden sword.

The golden carriage shot over quickly, descending outside the main entrance of the Mo clan very soon. The leading guard immediately said to the guards of the Mo clan, “The young master of the Atomos Sword sect has come to visit; why haven’t you reported it?”

A guard dared not to tarry, and he immediately ran into the clan to pass on the message.

The patriarch and the elders of the Mo clan were still congratulating Xi Yu on her breakthrough. When the golden carriage approached the Mo clan, Xi Yu frowned slightly. She said, “Father, the young master from the Atomos Sword sect has come again.”

Mo Yan’s face changed drastically when she heard that. She asked hurriedly, “What? That Yu Fan person has come again? No, we can’t let him into the Mo clan. I hate him to death. Dad, please chase him away.”

The patriarch sighed gently and said plainly, “Let the young master in.” Although the patriarch did not speak very loudly, it was transmitted across several kilometers clearly, and his words were heard by the guard who had scurried over.

The arrival of the young master of the Atomos Sword sect did not need any reporting at all. All the Godhood experts in the Mo clan would sense him as soon as he approached the clan.

Very soon, a young man who seemed to be in his twenties entered the Mo clan with his chest held high. He was dressed in luxurious, white robes and was rather handsome, except he seemed a little sickly pale. His gaze was dull, without any light; his eyes also seemed to carry some perverted intent.

Beside the young man were two middle-aged followers. Both of them gave off tremendous presences, and they walked boldly. They possessed the pressure that was only present on Godhood experts as they walked beside the young man.

Behind them were twenty Reciprocity guards. They were all expressionless and cold.

The elders all watched the group of people approach them calmly. Only Xi Yu frowned as she looked at the young man with some disgust. As for Mo Yan, her face had completely sunk.

“Greetings to uncle Mo and sister Xi Yu,” the young man arrived before the patriarch and bowed towards the patriarch and Xi Yu.

“Pah! Who’s your uncle Mo? And who’s your sister Xi Yu? Yu Fan, who do you think you are? Listen up, you call my father patriarch, and you can’t call sister Xi Yu like that. You should be calling her elder Xi Yu, or elder Xi, do you understand?” Mo Yan stood with her hands on her hips as she lectured the young man sternly.

The young man did not become angered. He smiled charmingly at Mo Yan and said, “Sister Mo Yan is still so short-tempered.”

“Bah! Who’s your sister? Who’s your sister…” Mo Yan almost leapt up. Due to her anger, her face had become rather red.

“Yan’er, he’s a guest. How can you be so rude? What did I teach you in the past,” the patriarch glared at Mo Yan with a frown.

“Hmph!” Mo Yan snorted coldly and said nothing more with a sunken face.

“It’s fine, it’s no problem at all. Uncle Mo, sister Mo Yan’s just like that. It’s not her fault, it’s not her fault,” said the young man with a charming smile. His gaze was focused on Mo Yan most of the time, and his dull eyes would reveal a perverted emotion from time to time. Even though he hid it very well, he was still unable to hide it from the elders of the Mo clan.

The elders all disliked this young man, but they did not dare to offend him too much as he was the young master of the Atomos Sword sect.

The patriarch looked towards the two middle-aged men beside the young master and clasped his hands. He said, “I never thought that elders Mo Shan and Mo Yun would come as well. Please, come with me to the hall.”

Mo Shan and Mo Yun clasped their hands towards the patriarch at the same time. Mo Shan said, “Fair enough. Patriarch, you must understand our intentions for coming today. Let’s discuss in detail in the hall.” Afterwards, he said to the young master, “Yu Fan, we’ve got matters to discuss with the patriarch. Seeing how it has been quite some time since you’ve seen the young miss, why don’t you spend some time with her and catch up?”

“Okay, uncle Shan,” Yu Fan replied politely. He was very excited.

“Yu’er, come with me. Yan’er, receive the young master well. Do you understand?” The patriarch said that before leaving with Xi Yu, Mo Shan, and Mo Yun for the discussion hall.

All the other elders of the Mo clan returned to their own residences.

“Is that the young master of the Atomos Sword sect?” Jian Chen saw everything from afar. He shook his head secretly and continued towards Shen Jian’s residence.

After the patriarch and the two elders from the Atomos Sword sect left, the young master said to Mo Yan eagerly, “Sister Mo Yan, let’s go as well. I came in a hurry last time and also left in a hurry. You haven’t even taken me on a proper stroll around the Mo clan. I heard that the sea of flowers in your clan’s gardens is extremely pretty. You have to take me there this time.”

Mo Yan lowered her head and seemed to lose interest completely. The young master was handsome, but Mo Yan was not interested in him at all. Instead, she disliked him very much. In fact, she would be filled with disgust whenever she saw him.

However, her father had already told her to receive the young master well. She did not dare to refuse what her father said and just abandon Yu Fan. After all, she still held quite some respect for her father.

At this moment, Mo Yan saw Jian Chen, who was walking away. Her eyes immediately lit up, and she called out, “Jian Chen!”
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