Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1802: Glory of the Tian Yuan Clan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1802: Glory of the Tian Yuan Clan

Wayner Yan leapt out of the pit he created. He had returned to his original size while his body was covered with vicious wounds. He was covered in blood.

In particular, the stab wounds on his body created a chilling sight.

Although Wayner Yan had been defeated, he did not appear dispirited at all. Instead, he glared at Jian Chen and said coldly, “Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, don’t get cocky too soon. Just because you’re able to defeat me this time doesn’t represent how powerful you are. Your comprehension of laws was just deeper than mine. If we were at the same level of comprehension, who knows who’ll be defeated instead.”

Wayner Yan continued after pausing for a slight moment, “However, I, Wayner Yan, am not a person who does not admit defeat. You win this time, so our Wayner clan will not interfere with the matters of the Dong’an province. We’ll let your Tian Yuan clan rule in power for now. Once I comprehend the Laws of Strength to mid Overgod, I’ll fight you again. At that time, I’d like to see if you can still defeat me.”

With that, Wayner Yan left as a blur, directly flying towards the provincial city.

Wayner Yan’s departure left the surrounding Gods amazed. Many people were filled with vigor. A great battle between two Overgods had unfolded before them. Although the battle did not last for long, they had benefited greatly from watching on.

Most importantly, all of them had understood the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan’s strength clearly.

“I never thought that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan would be such a powerful Overgod. Huo Luzhi has been far too reckless. He almost doomed the clan…” thought the strongest expert of the Huo family. At the same time, he was secretly relieved. Fortunately, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan did not pursue the matter, or his Huo family would have been in great trouble.

“Huo Luzhi is still held captive in the Tian Yuan clan. Whatever, I won’t beg for his mercy. His life can be decided by fate. I just hope that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan won’t direct his rage towards our Huo family just because of Huo Luzhi.”

At the same time, similar thoughts crossed the mind of the late God from the Dong family. He was filled with regret about how the God of his family had offended the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan.

“I never thought that brother Jian Chen would possess such great mastery over the sword. You really have broadened my horizons,” Xuan Dou flew over and clasped his fist towards Jian Chen with a smile.

“You flatter me, commander Xuan. Compared to commander Xuan, my comprehension of the Laws of the Sword is nothing,” Jian Chen clasped his fist back at him and said politely.

Xuan Dou chuckled aloud. After talking some more with Jian Chen, he said sternly, “Another Overgod has appeared in the Dong’an province. I must report this matter to his majesty immediately. Brother Jian Chen, I will be bidding farewell to you today. If I have the time in the future, I will definitely come to visit you again.”

“Take care, commander Xuan. My Tian Yuan clan welcomes you at all times,” said Jian Chen.

“Oh right. Brother Jian Chen, never look down on Wayner Yan. Although he’s not your opponent, the Earth Spirit sect behind him is quite a significant power. They’re so powerful that even our divine kingdom are unable to fend them off if we began fighting. Please be careful, brother Jian Chen,” said Xuan Dou. He was extremely stern. He feared the Earth Spirit sect very much.

Jian Chen nodded to express that he understood.

Soon afterwards, Xuan Dou shot off into the distance with great speed; he only left behind a blur. He vanished into the horizon in a single moment.

With Xuan Dou’s departure, the eager Gods in the surroundings finally gained the opportunity to speak. They all spoke to Jian Chen politely and with admiration.

Back in the provincial city, Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan clan and stood before the rubble that used to be the discussion hall. Mo Ling and Ando Fu stood there silently. They would reveal admiration in their gazes towards Jian Chen from time to time.

Now, Mo Ling could no longer refer to Jian Chen as a brother like before. Even though Jian Chen treated him exactly the same, he lowered himself to a much lesser position.

This was because the concept that power was everything had already become deeply rooted in Mo Ling’s mind. He was unable to change it.

Behind Jian Chen were the Gods from the other clans in the provincial city. They did not return to their clans. Instead, they chose to return to the Tian Yuan clan with Jian Chen. They all remained silent as they stared at the ruined discussion hall.

“Jian Chen, are you fine?” Shangguan Mu’er walked over from afar. She asked in concern as she stared at Jian Chen’s tattered sleeve. She did not spectate the previous battle due to her strength.

Jian Chen finally smiled warmly as he watched Shangguan Mu’er make her way over slowly. He nodded his head gently and said, “I’m fine.” With that, he turned towards Mo Ling and Ando Fu and said, “Brother Mo Ling, Ando Fu, the destroyed discussion hall must be rebuilt as soon as possible. I will be troubling the two of you with this.”

“Yes, patriarch,” Ando Fu and Mo Ling replied together.

“Patriarch, we are willing to offer up our power and reconstruct the discussion hall with you,” said the Gods from the other clans behind him. They expressed their sincerity.

Jian Chen naturally turned down the offer. He did not need outsiders to build his discussion hall.

The provincial city returned to its previous peaceful state. It was just as busy and prosperous as before as people flowed in and out of the city everywhere. It seemed exactly the same as before from the surface.

However, the structure of power in the city had undergone an overwhelming change. The powerful clans no longer controlled the city. Instead, it had become the world of the Tian Yuan clan. The city belonged to the Tian Yuan clan. All the clans had to abide by the various orders that the Tian Yuan clan passed down.

Even though the Wayner clan had given birth to an Overgod as well, they kept an extremely low profile just like before. Even though their status was nowhere near as great as the Tian Yuan clan, they were also a clan with an Overgod, so they possessed extremely great status in the provincial city. No one in the city dared to provoke them.

Wayner Yan immediately entered seclusion after his battle against Jian Chen. He no longer bothered himself with the matters of the clan.
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