Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1920: A Sneak Attack from Behind
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1920: A Sneak Attack from Behind

Aside from Jian Chen, who had thrown himself into the depths of the armies, the other people from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian were not powerful enough. They gathered in a small region. Whenever they saw danger in one region, a few Overgods would immediately hurry over.

However, basically all of these people were early Overgods, and quite a few of them were mid Overgods. It was impossible for them to be the terrifying young man’s opponent.

In just a few moves, the Overgods who had come over to provide support were heavily injured. If it were not for the fact that they looked out for one another, they probably would have died to the young man already.

Seeing how great the black-clothed young man was, the Overgods from the empires and sects were nowhere near bold enough to charge up and confront him. They all avoided him. No one cared about the lives of the Overgods from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Not to mention that many people struggled to even look after themselves in such a brutal battle. They were not in the mood to look out for others.

Yang Kai did not choose to look back at this moment. He was far away, engaged in a battle against a late Overgod that was just as powerful as him.

The young man struck out once again. His single strike possessed extremely terrifying might. Demonic aura covered his hand as he extended it towards the top of Xuan Dou’s head with cold killing intent.

Xuan Dou’s expression changed drastically. He was heavily injured. As such, when he faced the young man’s strike of death, he was out of power to stop it.

At this moment, a streak of light shot over from afar. With surging sword Qi, it moved extremely quickly like a bolt of lightning, heading directly towards the black-clothed young man.

Before the sword had arrived, a cold strand of sword Qi had already locked onto the young man beforehand, causing him to frown. His hand that had reached out towards Xuan Dou’s head paused as well before striking towards the sword Qi with even greater force immediately.


The black-clothed young man’s body shook violently when the sword Qi and his hand clashed. The demonic aura on his hand surged violently and dimmed. Vaguely, a bloody mark had appeared on his hand. It was quite a sight as blood oozed out.

The young man’s eyes narrowed, and he finally became slightly stern. He turned towards where the sword Qi had come from.

All he saw was Jian Chen covered in his protective light as he charged over aggressively. He gave off surging sword intent, which turned into a form of deterrence, causing many Overgods from the Empyrean Demon Cult to avoid him.

“Go heal up in the fortress. Leave this person to me,” Jian Chen said to Xuan Dou and the others. He did not say too much before swinging his sword and shooting out a powerful strand of sword Qi, engaging in a great battle with the young man.

A set of gloves appeared on the young man’s hands. They became completely covered as demonic aura surged. He began to fight Jian Chen as the power of laws condensed around his hands.

The shockwaves from their battle were extremely violent. It flooded the entire battlefield, becoming the centre of attention on the battlefield. It had even attracted the attention of the Godkings from both sides.

The young man really did possess extremely surprising strength. He was much more powerful than prodigies like Luo Yunfei, which stunned Jian Chen.

Originally, Jian Chen only exhibited strength similar to Luo Yunfei’s, but with the appearance of the young man, Jian Chen was forced to reveal even more strength. Only then was he able to hold his ground against the young man.

The demonic aura condensed on the young man’s gloves was extremely dense and pure. Coupled with the power of laws, every time it clashed with Jian Chen’s Startling Rainbow sword, it would cause the sword Qi on there to disperse slightly. In the end, he would only be able to use eighty percent of his strength.

Even the Laws of the Sword were no exception. Clashing against the young man’s laws, their strength would decrease as well.

“Laws of Devouring!” Jian Chen immediately determined what kind of laws the young man had comprehended.

The young man remained indifferent. He was extremely cold as he said, “You must be Jian Chen, the person who’s rumored to be able to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque. You really do have some ability, but if you really want to make it on there, you need to defeat me first.”

With that, the might of the world suddenly appeared. A huge hole appeared behind the young man, producing a terrifying suction. Even the space in the surroundings became distorted.

The surroundings immediately dimmed with the appearance of the hole. Even the streams of energy in the air became thinner while the origin energy in a range of several dozen kilometers was completely drained in that instance.

Not only could the hole devour light, but it could also devour all forms of energy as well.

“If you can block my strike, I’ll admit that you possess the strength to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque. If you can’t, the person who defeated you is Sheng Luo,” the young man said to Jian Chen. As he extended a finger, the black hole behind him immediately surged towards Jian Chen. Terrifying suction appeared and began to devour the Laws of the Sword that had condensed around Jian Chen.

Even Jian Chen himself had been locked onto by a terrifying force of suction. He was pulled towards the black hole, which limited his movements as if he had fallen into mud.

“Argh! I’m going to kill you to avenge my two juniors!” Behind Jian Chen, the female protector of the Earth Spirit sect with the fan who Jian Chen had pinned to the city walls flew over with lightning speed. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she stared at the young man. Killing intent surged.

The woman was only a mid Overgod, so someone as powerful as Sheng Luo did not even look at her. He completely focused his attention on Jian Chen.

Jian Chen remained calm and did not pay attention to the woman with the fan either. The difference in strength was simply too great. Once she was within a certain range, just Sheng Luo’s black hole would be enough to easily devour her; this would happen before she would have the opportunity to attack him.

However, Jian Chen had no good impression of the Earth Spirit sect. Naturally, he did not try to stop this woman who came to die.

“Sheng Luo, it looks like you’ve already made it onto the Overgods’ Plaque. May I ask what your ranking is?” Jian Chen asked calmly. He did not become flustered at all, remaining completely composed. He formed a seal with his hand, and a golden strand of sword Qi condensed, shooting towards the black hole as a golden streak of light.

At the same time, the woman with the fan charged over. Hatred filled her eyes, and it was almost to the point of insanity. A talisman silently appeared in her hand. It possessed complicated and profound inscriptions that sealed in great power.

She directly threw the talisman.

However, she did not throw it towards Sheng Luo, who had claimed the lives of her two juniors. Instead, it went towards Jian Chen who was fighting Sheng Luo!

Jian Chen sensed the woman’s actions as soon as he had used the Daluo Sword. His face immediately changed.

However, it was too late. The talisman moved extremely quickly, arriving before Jian Chen instantly. A great boom exploded.

Tremendous, terrifying energy erupted like a volcano, and all of it rammed against Jian Chen.


Jian Chen vomited blood as he was blown away. His clothes had been reduced to dust at that moment, and even over twenty Overgods around him vomited blood from the shockwave of energy. They were all blown away directly as well.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》