Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1932: Forceful Questioning
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1932: Forceful Questioning

The four Godkings of the Xuandao Empire blocked off Jian Chen. When he felt the tremendous pressure fall on him, he immediately felt like he was carrying a mountain on his back.

Apart from the four Godkings, countless experts and soldiers poured in from all directions like a flood. In the blink of an eye, they had completely surrounded Jian Chen.

However, due to the four Godkings, they did not attack Jian Chen, who had ‘intruded’ on the imperial palace.

Before the four Godkings who had trapped Jian Chen understood his identity, they naturally did not dare to touch him.

As Godkings, they were clever and careful people. Even when ignoring just how heavily-guarded the imperial palace was and how tight the defences of the formations were, just the number of Godkings hidden within the palace made it a place that an Overgod could not break through.

Yet, not only did this Overgod make it past the Godkings and appeared in the palace silently, but even the numerous formations were rendered useless against him. Clearly, something was off.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

At this moment, all the guards in the surroundings called out.

Jian Chen gazed over and saw a dignified middle-aged man in dragon robes with a striking appearance. The man hovered in the air.

He was the emperor of the Xuandao Empire.

“Your majesty?” Jian Chen became slightly suspicious. He quietly looked around. Even until now, he still had no idea where he had come to.

Although he had guessed that he had come to an empire, he was unsure as to which empire.

The emperor hovered in the air and stared at Jian Chen indifferently. He seemed to be studying him closely as if he wanted to understand Jian Chen’s ins and outs.

“Pervert, where do you think you’re going? Die!”

Behind, the two women from the hot spring had finally caught up. They directly ran through the crowd with their swords that shone with laws as embarrassment filled their faces. They stabbed at Jian Chen with their swords mercilessly.

Jian Chen sighed gently. At that moment, a rare sliver of innocence appeared on his face. He did not dodge the strikes from the two women at all, directly enduring it with his body.

He was indeed very much innocent because he had been thrown in there by fairy Hao Yue when he could not resist at all. He did not even possess the power to put up a struggle when fairy Hao Yue’s moonlight surrounded him, so he was thrown into the hot springs that the two women were in just like that.

The Godkings of the empire did not stop them. Two Gods were unable to threaten an Overgod’s life. The four Godkings around Jian Chen stared at him carefully. Once he moved, they would grab him without any hesitation.

The outcome was clear. Even when the two women used their full strength, they failed to injure Jian Chen at all. Jian Chen used the toughness of his body to easily endure their attacks.

“What a tough body!”

The eyes of the emperor and the four Godkings all narrowed as they felt surprised inside when they witnessed this.

Clearly, the two women became stunned as well. Disbelief filled their faces. Soon afterwards, their faces paled, and they said, “Father, kill this person, please. If this person remains alive, we’ll never be able to vent our hatred.”

“That’s right. Father, kill this person, please. You can’t let him leave alive.”

The two women pleaded as they stared at Jian Chen with resentment. Their gazes filled with hatred basically made it evident that they wanted to skin Jian Chen alive.

“Princesses, I’m a victim too. With my strength, how would I be able to make it through such powerful formations? Someone else is behind all of this. I am willing to find the person behind this and have them give you an explanation,” Jian Chen said righteously with a serious expression. He felt extremely furious inside. He was seriously annoyed by fairy Hao Yue.

When the princesses heard that there was someone else behind it all, their faces immediately sank. Just when they wanted to say something, the emperor raised his hand to stop them. He said without leaving any room for disagreement, “Enough. We’ll talk about this in the future. Xing’er, Lan’er, you go back first. Let’s all disperse.” The emperor clearly directed his last sentence towards the guards in the surroundings.

“Yes, your majesty!”

The many experts gathered in the surroundings all retreated. The four Godkings who had surrounded Jian Chen naturally understood that the Overgod before them possessed quite a great background seeing how the emperor did not plan on looking into the matter. They glanced at Jian Chen deeply before disappearing silently.

“Father, you have to help your daughters,” the two women panicked, and their faces became filled with grievances.

Naturally, they could tell that the emperor did not plan on looking into the matter.

The emperor sighed secretly. He felt extremely helpless. He personally saw the senior that even his ancestor had to treat with the utmost respect throw Jian Chen in there. Even if he wanted to follow through with the matter, he was not bold enough.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He stared at fairy Hao Yue, who made her way over from afar, and he said with an ugly expression, “Fairy Hao Yue, you need to give me an explanation for this.” Jian Chen spoke boldly. He was very angry after fairy Hao Yue toyed with him.

Unlike Jian Chen, the two princesses of the empire both bowed politely, “Greetings to ancestor, greetings to senior!”

The emperor’s face immediately froze when he heard Jian Chen’s bold, disrespectful words.

Even Tian Shuang’s disciple, Man Ye, became stunned when he heard Jian Chen’s words.

An Overgod had actually spoken like this to a Primordial realm expert, even saying that he wanted an explanation. They all doubted their ears at that moment.

Tian Shuang’s gaze turned cold and became rather sharp. Hao Yue was the sister she admired and respected the most. She was even more protective of Hao Yue than herself. Now that a mere Overgod had actually spoken to her most respectable sister like that, she found it to be completely unforgivable.

However, in the next moment, when she saw fairy Hao Yue’s expression, she became slightly stunned. At that moment, she basically doubted whether the person before her was still her sister Hao Yue or not.

All she saw was fairy Hao Yue smiling faintly, taking pleasure in the misfortune of the Overgod. She did not seem angered at all.

“What explanation do you want?” Fairy Hao Yue stared at Jian Chen with a wide smile. She felt delighted for some reason when she saw just how helpless Jian Chen was.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》