Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1954: A Bold Move
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1954: A Bold Move

Fairy Hao Yue had spoken seriously. The Earth Spirit sect stood on the same side as Jian Chen, yet they had launched a sneak attack against Jian Chen without paying attention to the bigger picture. As such, she felt that everything should not just end there. She wanted to properly punish the Earth Spirit sect.

However, Jian Chen shook his head instead, turning down fairy Hao Yue’s kind intentions.

Although he knew that it would be far easier to obtain an explanation when he visited the Earth Spirit sect if fairy Hao Yue took part, he felt like he had already owed her enough. He had helped her a lot in the past as well, but what fairy Hao Yue had done in the past few years were more than enough to make up for it.

Moreover, he did not want other people to deal with his problems whenever he encountered them. It would make him become reliant on others if it kept happening.

That would not benefit him at all.

“You and your stubborn head really won’t budge, huh? I want to help you out, but you turn me down. Think about just how great of a price the Xuandao Empire has paid for me to do something for them.”

“Do you think the Earth Spirit sect will take you seriously as a mere Overgod? If it weren’t for the fact that a Primordial realm expert has appeared in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, making them want to avoid any trouble with him, how much longer do you think you can live? With your talent and the fact that you’ve fallen out with the Earth Spirit sect, they’ll never let you mature successfully.”

“Do you plan on relying on the divine king to help you? Before I came here, I did some investigation. The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect has already stepped into the Primordial realm for several hundred thousand years. He’s not someone that the divine king who has only recently broken through to the Primordial realm can stop.”

Fairy Hao Yue stared at Jian Chen as she said all that in a single breath. She seemed rather exasperated and frustrated.

“Thank you for your concern, fairy Hao Yue. I appreciate it,” Jian Chen clasped his fist at fairy Hao Yue.

“Y- you’re driving me crazy. Whatever. Since you want to deal with it yourself, then deal with it yourself. Your life has nothing to do with me,” fairy Hao Yue said in annoyance. Her chest heaved slightly, and she was clearly quite frustrated.

“Then, fairy Hao Yue, please rest here for a while. I’ve just returned to the clan, so I still have some matters I have to deal with. I must bid farewell to you for now,” Jian Chen smiled brightly and left the room, leaving fairy Hao Yue fuming in there.

Afterwards, Jian Chen gathered all the elders of the Tian Yuan clan. He split up the things he had purchased from the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire and set up an arsenal there. He left behind various pills, cultivation methods, battle skills, and saint artifacts.

Once the people in the clan reached a certain cultivation level and made a certain amount of contribution to the clan, they could enter the arsenal to pick something.

The minimum requirement for the three supreme quality saint artifacts was Overgod, so no one could use it. As a result, Jian Chen did not leave a single one of them in there.

To Jian Chen’s pity, none of the three supreme quality saint artifacts were suitable for him. He had basically searched through all the stores in the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire, but he failed to find a supreme quality saint artifact that suited him.

As a result, he still used the Startling Rainbow sword.

After organising all that, Jian Chen took out two sets of formation banners from his Space Ring. He began setting them up around the Tian Yuan clan.

One set could attack, while the other could defend. Jian Chen had paid an extraordinary amount of divine crystals to purchase the two Godking level formations in the imperial capital.

With the protection of these two barriers, he would be truly without worries for the clan as long as Godkings did not come. It would be able to stop all opponents below Godking without any trouble at all.

A day later, Godking level formations enveloped the entire clan, giving off powerful pulses of energy.

Jian Chen stood in the clan as he stared at the two sets of formations that were already in operation. Finally, he revealed a somewhat victorious smile.

He really could stop worrying about the Tian Yuan clan now!

“I really don’t have to worry either with these two formations,” Shen Jian uttered quietly as he appeared before Jian Chen. He also stared at the formations.

Afterwards, he looked at Jian Chen and said sternly, “Jian Chen, there’s not much time left for me here. I will be leaving soon.”

“You’re leaving?” Jian Chen stared at Shen Jian and asked in surprise.

Shen Jian nodded, “When I broke through to Overgod, I could vaguely sense a calling from the depths of outer space. Afterwards, as my strength increased, this calling became more and more powerful. It was just that you needed my help at that time, so I stayed behind.”

“Now that these two Godking level formations are protecting the Tian Yuan clan, there’s no more point in me staying. It’s time for me to go.”

Jian Chen fell silently. Ever since he had come to the Saints’ World, he had been with Shen Jian. They had been together from the puny Deities they were in the very beginning to the current Overgods that ruled over an entire region. Now that Shen Jian had to leave all of a sudden, Jian Chen felt rather unwilling to part with him.

What they had gone through in those years had already forged a deep friendship between the two of them. They were like close brothers. Once they separated, it would definitely be a long time before they met again. They had no idea when that would happen.

As a matter of fact, they did not even know whether they would be able to meet each other again or not in the Saints’ World that was filled with danger.

“When do you plan on leaving?” Jian Chen asked with a rather heavy heart.

“I plan on leaving after this war,” Shen Jian stared deeply at the sky and said indifferently.

In the blink of an eye, over half of the period of ceasefire had passed.

The next morning, fairy Hao Yue called Jian Chen over. She directly cut to the chase after seeing Jian Chen, “I plan on visiting the branch of the Empyrean Demon Cult on the Cloud Plane. Are you coming along?”

Jian Chen was surprised when he heard that. He said, “That’s the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult on the Cloud Plane. That’s basically the belly of the beast. It’ll be extremely dangerous. What’re you going there for?”

“It’s just a branch. Even if it’s the belly of the beast, that only applies to regular Infinite Primes.” Fairy Hao Yue continued, “The Empyrean Demon Cult has divided itself into three and is attacking three different regions at the same time. Their actions can’t be as simple as just taking over territory. I think there must be some other secret hidden behind these wars. As a result, I plan on investigating it to see what they’re doing.”

“You’ll offend the Empyrean Demon Cult by doing that,” Jian Chen said with some worry. Even Tian Shuang hoped that Hao Yue would not become involved with the matters of the Empyrean Demon Cult. Naturally, he wished that fairy Hao Yue would not offend the Empyrean Demon Cult either.

The Empyrean Demon Cult was an extremely powerful organisation. It was enough to make all the organisations that stood at the peak of the Cloud Plane feel fear.

Any accidents would even lead to trouble for the Moon God Hall.

Fairy Hao Yue rolled her eyes, “Since when did you become so fearful? The Empyrean Demon Cult is indeed powerful, but I’m not afraid of them. Moreover, I’m just going in to have a look so that I can understand what they’re doing. It’s not like I’m destroying their entire branch.”

“And right now, their three vice-leaders just happen to be out. It’s a perfect time to infiltrate their headquarters now that it’s empty.”

Jian Chen hesitated for a while before making up his mind, “Alright, I’ll come with you to have a look then. I want to see just what hidden secret there is for their wars against everyone.”

Infiltrating the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult on the Cloud Plane was definitely a bold and risky move.

This was because no one from the six ancient empires of the southern region possessed that ability.

However, the Blood Sun Empire feared the Empyrean Demon Cult, so even if they had supreme experts, they would not do something like that.

Only fairy Hao Yue possessed both the strength and courage to target the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult directly.

“The headquarters must be covered with formations. I can get through them, but it’ll be quite difficult to do so all by myself while not creating any disturbances.”

“As a result, I need you to find three other people to come along aside from you. I’ll teach the four of you the Moonlight Illumination Formation so that you can assist me,” added fairy Hao Yue.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》