Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1964: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1964: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Two

Chapter 1964: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect (Two)

Now that the war had ended, Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather returned to the provincial city with the people from the Dong’an province.

Shen Jian did not stick around for long. On the same day they returned, he bid farewell to Jian Chen and everyone else before setting off all by himself to find what was calling him in the distance.

As for Xiong Zhong, Cheng Jingyun, and the others who came from the World of Forsaken Saints, they remained with the Tian Yuan clan. They were still too weak right now. If they went with their Spiritking, not only would they fail to provide any support, but they would even weigh him down instead.

After all, Shen Jian was leaving the Cloud Plane and entering outer space, venturing to a place beyond the Cloud Plane. He would face dangers everywhere.

As for Jian Chen, he was conditioning himself in the Tian Yuan clan, quietly waiting for his visit to the Earth Spirit sect to come in three days.

At the same time, the three vice-leaders of the Empyrean Demon Cult who served the branch on the Cloud Plane gathered in a gloomy secret room within the headquarters. A thick demonic aura surrounded them as they gave off tremendous, terrifying presences, causing the air in the room to seemingly solidify.

“What are the higher-ups trying to do? The blood and soul beads that our branch spent so much time condensing have been stolen under the protection of the formations the great elder personally cast down, yet the grand elder has given no response at all. Not only has he not sent a Chaotic Prime to capture the person who stole the beads, but he hasn’t even given orders to search for the beads. It’s as if he doesn’t care about the loss at all. Hasn’t all our hard work over these years gone to waste?” Huai An said. His face was obscured, but his voice was filled with doubt and confusion.

“Huai An, there are just some things that we can’t do anything about. It’s best if you stop criticizing the higher ups. If the grand elder hears of it, he’ll be displeased,” Yi Huayue said indifferently. Then, she looked at the third vice-leader and said, “Elder Sen, an unknown infinite prime captured Yaxi Lian recently. Through the description from Yaxi Lian, do you think the Primordial realm expert who stole the blood and soul beads from our headquarters is the same person who captured Yaxi Lian?”

The vice-leader known as elder Sen fell silent for a while. Only then did he say, “The Primordial realm expert who captured Yaxi Lian uses moonlight combined with laws, while the person who intruded on our headquarters also used that. In my opinion, she’s the same person.”

“Since it’s the same person, it’s much easier to handle. According to my knowledge, the Primordial realm expert seems to be related to a person called Jian Chen from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian,” Yi Huayue said with ulterior motives.

“Jian Chen! It’s Jian Chen again!” Huai An’s cold voice rang out. As soon as Jian Chen was mentioned, unconcealable killing intent rose up from his heart. He said, “Not only did Jian Chen stand up against us publically, protecting the clan of Duanmu’s successor, but it was also because of him that I had to agree to half a month of ceasefire. I even suspect that the blood and soul beads were robbed this time because of Jian Chen. He cannot be left alive.”

Huai An continued, “The blood beads and soul beads were condensed after much difficulty, taking tremendous effort and time. We have to retrieve them, or we won’t be able to give the great elder an explanation at all. Since Jian Chen is connected to all this, I’ll start with him.” There was cold killing intent in Huai An’s voice.

“The higher-ups aren’t actually looking into the loss of the blood and soul beads. There’s something strange about it. There’s probably something hidden that we do not know about in there. Huai An, I think it’s best if you don’t act recklessly,” elder Sen warned out of kind intentions.

The loss of the blood and soul beads had filled him and Yi Huayue with regret as well, as every single one of those eighteen tiny beads was condensed from their efforts. Every single one of the beads had cost them great efforts. Even though they knew the great elder needed the beads and they would not obtain a single one once they were completely condensed, it still represented their contribution and hard work.

However, Yi Huayue and he could both tell that there was probably another side to the story, making it not as simple as it seemed on the surface. As a result, the two of them did not dare to act recklessly.

Formations the great elder personally cast down protected the blood and soul bead. Chaotic Primes could smash through the castle, but they would not be able to destroy those formations at all. Yet, the beads had all been lost while the formations remained intact.

They were unsure if this was the purposeful arrangements of the higher-ups, or in other words, there was a scheme they did not know hidden in there.

The light in Huai An’s eyes flickered. After a while of thought, he nodded slowly, “I understand the weight of this matter.”

The Blood Sun Empire was located in the centre of the southern region. It was the only eternal empire in the southern region, and six ancient empires surrounded it as well as countless divine kingdoms of various sizes.

In the depths of a well-decorated hall within the imperial palace of the Blood Sun Empire, the heavy door to a secret room slowly opened with a heavy squeaks. A dignified middle-aged man in gold and violet robes stood there with his arms crossed before the secret room.

When the door to the room was completely opened, the middle-aged man entered at a steady pace.

“Greetings, ninth prince!”

Three middle-aged men were already standing politely within the secret room. They had been waiting for some time now. They all bowed at the middle-aged man who entered the secret room.

The middle-aged man who had just entered the secret room was the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire.

Even though there were over a dozen princes in the Blood Sun Empire, there was only a handful of them who truly stood out and had the right to succeed as emperor.

Not only was the ninth prince the one who stood out the most among them, but he was also the person that the current emperor valued the most.

There were even rumors that once the emperor of the Blood Sun Empire abdicated, the next emperor would definitely be the ninth prince.

As a result, basically no other prince could match up to the ninth prince’s authority in the Blood Sun Empire.

The ninth prince stood before the three of them indifferently and ordered firmly, “The three of you visit the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair near the Heavenly Moon Empire. Bring me the Flower of Ways I planted there.”

After so many years of preparation, the ninth prince had finally reached the peak of Godking. He was only a single step away from the Primordial realm.

This step seemed short, but in reality, it was extremely distant and extremely difficult to take.

Even with the ninth prince’s surprising talent, he would still need a very long time to reach the Primordial realm.

The Flower of Ways was the only heavenly resource that could allow him to overcome his current cultivation bottleneck in the shortest amount of time possible so that he could reach the Primordial realm.

The faces of the three Godkings changed when the prince mentioned the Flower of Ways. They looked at one another, and their faces were filled with bitterness.

The ninth prince frowned. He asked grimly, “Something has happened to the Flower of Ways?”

The three middle-aged Godkings hesitated slightly. Finally, one of them gathered the courage to say, “Ninth prince, the Flower of Ways has been taken by a Primordial realm expert.”

The ninth prince’s eyes immediately emitted two shocking beams of light when he heard that. A tremendous presence radiated from his body like a flood. It was extremely terrifying.

They were also Godkings, but when the three middle-aged men faced the presence that had erupted from the ninth prince, they staggered backwards. They felt like a mountain had crushed down on them.

“Let’s go to the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair!” The ninth prince said emotionlessly.

The Earth Spirit sect was one of the two peak sects in the Heavenly Moon Empire. They possessed an extremely great status in the Heavenly Moon Empire, where even the imperial family had to show them respect.

The Earth Spirit sect was established in the Three Thousand Spiritual Mountains that possessed the densest origin energy in the Heavenly Moon Empire. They used the mountains as a source of energy to cast down a tremendous protective formation.

The formation was so powerful that even regular Primordial realm experts would struggle to shake it!

This day just happened to be the centennial disciple acceptance ceremony of the Earth Spirit sect. The narrow path between the mountains that led to the sect was already completely packed. Many young people of similar ages stood in groups neatly, taking the various tests set up by the Earth Spirit sect in an orderly manner. They wanted to join the Earth Spirit sect and become one of their disciples so that they could bring glory to their family and ancestors.

There were many people from large clans who possessed some status in the Heavenly Moon Empire among them. They either rode powerful, tamed birds or beasts, or luxurious carriages.

As a result, the area outside the sect had already become filled with luxurious carriages as well as huge, powerful beasts.

However, without any exceptions, no one dared to fly in the sky within a thousand kilometers of the sect. They all travelled along the ground.

At this moment, a golden streak of light suddenly appeared. It directly crossed through the sky at a high altitude, moving towards the Earth Spirit sect. They were still at the horizon, but in the next moment, they had crossed the distance and appeared outside the Earth Spirit sect. It did not land. Instead, it hovered in the sky at the same level as the highest mountain of the Earth Spirit sect.

At a closer glance, the golden carriage was pulled by nine exotic beasts. Each beast was very powerful, possessing the cultivation level of Overgod.

“Who is the one in the carriage? He’s behaving in such an imposing manner, still floating in the sky after arriving before the Earth Spirit sect.”

“That altitude is the same as the highest peak of the Earth Spirit sect. What a bold person. Doesn’t he know that these actions are no different to challenging the Earth Spirit sect?”

“The only people bold enough to do something like this either don’t know the rules of the Earth Spirit sect or are extremely impressive experts. However, even the emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire and elders of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds would not dare to fly that high. That’s the same height as the mountain occupied by the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect.”

For a moment, everyone outside the sect stared at the golden carriage as they discussed among themselves.

The elder who was responsible for the acceptance ceremony did not go up to stop the carriage when he saw it. Instead, his eyes narrowed, and he immediately grew stern.

He had already recognised the carriage. The owner of the carriage did indeed possess the right to act that way now.

At this moment, the formation around the Earth Spirit sect shook. It completely opened. This would only happen when the Earth Spirit sect had to receive people with great statuses.

“So it’s the Pingtian divine king. Our humble abode is honored to have the divine king. Please come in,” a peal of laughter rang out. The current sect master flew out with over a dozen elders from the sect. They were all enthusiastic.

If it were before the divine king had reached the Primordial realm, the Earth Spirit sect would have never welcomed him with such a great crowd of people.

However, ever since he had broken through, his status had changed greatly. There were no organisations within an ancient empire that would want to offend an expert like that for no good reason.
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