Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1965: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Three
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1965: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Three

Chapter 1965: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect (Three)

“What? The person in the carriage is actually the divine king of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian? It’s said that he has reached the Primordial realm now and is currently an Infinite Prime. He’s on the same level as the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect…”

“So it’s the divine king of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. That’s what I was saying. Just who else would be bold enough to not only fly in the territory of the Earth Spirit sect but also maintain an altitude equal to the highest peak…”

“Oh my god, is there really a Primordial realm expert inside that golden carriage in the sky? That’s a figure of legends. Many people don’t get to see a single one in their entire lives…”

Naturally, the countless young people who had come to join the Earth Spirit sect and the seniors who accompanied them heard the sect master’s voice loud and clear. It immediately led to a noisy clamor.

In the next moment, the countless gazes that laid on the golden carriage shone. They were filled with excitement, envy, respect, and admiration.

The Primordial realm was a legendary level of cultivation to many of them. With their status, they did not even possess the right to see an expert like that.

The divine king’s carriage made its way through the entrance of the Earth Spirit sect slowly under the warm welcome personally led by the sect master with the elders. They disappeared from view.

In the centre of the mountain range was a huge peak. Someone with great strength had forcefully cleaved it into an open square. The divine king’s golden carriage slowly came to a stop there. As the carriage opened, the white-robed Jian Chen and the dragon-robed divine king emerged.

The sect master was a scholarly, middle-aged man. Currently, he smiled from ear to ear, and just when he wanted to talk, the horizon became extraordinarily bright. It was as if a huge sun hung at the entrance of the sect, causing it to become two or three times brighter compared to elsewhere.

Jian Chen sensed something. He looked over and saw a ruddy old man shining brilliantly like a sun, making his way over through the air from afar. The light he gave off was so bright that it directly suppressed the sun’s light, making it pale in comparison.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed the moment he saw the old man. The old man was only shining and gave off no presence, so he seemed ordinary.

However, Jian Chen was able to tell with a single glance that the old man had surpassed Godking and reached the Primordial realm.

The sect master and the many elders sensed the old man’s arrival. Respect immediately filled all their faces, and they bowed at the old man, “Greetings, ancestor!”

The ancestor moved extremely quickly. In just a single step, he traversed the distance and appeared before Jian Chen and the divine king. He glanced past Jian Chen indifferently before directly looking at the divine king.

However, his indifferent glance made Jian Chen’s heart beat heavily. At that moment, he felt like he was suffocating, and he had even lost control of his body for a split second.

“The Primordial realm is indeed powerful. I really am like an ant before an expert like this,” thought Jian Chen. He had seen quite a few Primordial realm experts before. Aside from the divine king and Huai An, he had seen many Infinite Primes in his trip to the northern region. He had even seen a Chaotic Prime that possessed even more terrifying strength.

However, those Primordial realm experts never released their presences purposefully, so Jian Chen did not experience anything particularly memorable. However, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect had shown off the might of the Primordial realm at first glance. Even though it was just a split second, Jian Chen had truly felt how powerful the Primordial realm was.

“Pingtian, congratulations on reaching this cultivation level. I believe that before long, a seventh ancient empire will appear in our southern region,” the ancestor clasped his fist at the divine king before inviting him into the main hall.

Everyone sat down within the main hall. The ancestor and the divine king sat at similar levels.

“Sang Tu, let’s cut to the chase. You should know why I’ve come here today,” the divine king directly approached the main reason behind his visit as soon as he sat down.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect remained silent.

“Your majesty, what happened on the battlefield was indeed our disciples’ fault. Our Earth Spirit sect is willing to compensate brother Jian Chen for the injuries he suffered on the battlefield. Moreover, the protector who dealt the sneak attack to brother Jian Chen with the talisman has already been expelled from our Earth Spirit sect. From today onwards, she is no longer our disciple. May I ask if brother Jian Chen and your majesty is satisfied with this?” The sect master said.

The divine king looked at Jian Chen, clearly asking for his thoughts.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a cold smile. He said, “How can something as precious as a Godking level talisman end up in the hands of an Overgod, especially an Overgod who’s not particularly powerful? As a result, the true suspect behind all this is not the protector. Instead, she was ordered to do so by your elders.”

The sect master became stern. He asked solemnly, “Brother Jian Chen, may I ask if you have any evidence that points to the elders of our Earth Spirit sect as the suspect? If you’re drawing a conclusion from a single Godking level talisman all by yourself, isn’t that a little too rash?”

“Rash? I don’t feel that it’s rash at all. Instead, I think Jian Chen’s words are reasonable,” the divine king said firmly.

The sect master’s face became unsettled. Once this matter involved people at the level of elders, it would be rather difficult to resolve. Their Earth Spirit sect could give up on a few Overgod protectors, but Godkings were the pillars of support of the Earth Spirit sect. Losing even just one of them would affect the strength of the Earth Spirit sect.

The elders seated in the hall all became stern.

“Bring me Mu Ku!” The ancestor said all of a sudden, but his face remained indifferent.

Mu Ku was an elder of the Earth Spirit sect as well as the master of the seven protectors who had created a mess in the Dong’an province.

The sect master’s face immediately changed. After hesitating slightly, he still sent people to summon elder Mu in the end.

Very soon, elder Mu entered the hall. He bowed at the ancestor and stood there with a sunken face.

“Jian Chen, the suspect you speak of, who is the master of those protectors, is right here. Do you plan on doing it yourself, or do you want Pingtian to do it for you?” The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect said indifferently.

“Ancestor, we still haven’t completely investigated…” The sect master said with some urgency. He was a Godking elder, so he could not be handed over just like that.

However, before he could finish speaking, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect had raised his hand to shut him up. He stared at Jian Chen deeply.
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