Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1968: The Ninth Prince
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1968: The Ninth Prince

Jian Chen’s surprising suggestion stunned everyone present. Even the divine king was extremely surprised.

However, all the elder who pleaded for Mu Ku became delighted soon afterwards.

To them, protecting the Tian Yuan clan for ten thousand years was nothing compared to Mu Ku’s life.

Every single Godking had lived for a very long time. Who knew how many millennia they had lived for? As a result, ten millennia was just too short in their eyes.

The sect master finally let out a sigh of relief inside as well. Even though he felt like it was an extremely disgraceful and humiliating matter for a Godking to guard an Overgod’s clan for ten thousand years, the disgrace and humiliation was nothing compared to Mu Ku’s life.

Moreover, this Overgod was no ordinary Overgod. Rather, it was one that possessed extraordinary strength and could truly challenge the person ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque.

Once an Overgod like that became a Godking, they would definitely be able to make it onto the Godkings’ Throne. They might even be able to challenge Primordial realm experts as Godkings.

Guarding the clan of a supreme Overgod like this for ten thousand years was not necessarily embarrassing.

“Elder Mu, stop hesitating. Agree to it.”

Many of the Godkings, including the sect master, urged Mu Ku secretly.

On the platform, Mu Ku stood there with a pale face. He was gloomy as he stared at Jian Chen in a gloomy daze. Naturally, he had heard the many messages from his fellow elders, but getting him, a mighty Godking, to guard someone else’s clan for ten thousand years was something extremely difficult to accept.

Elder Mu stood on the platform in thought for a very long time. He was in a serious dilemma. In the end, he slowly turned his head and looked at the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect stood in the distance calmly. He showed no particular emotion at all.

In the end, elder Mu looked at Jian Chen again. With mixed feelings, he looked at this person who was only an Overgod, yet possessed battle prowess so great that even he could not rival. He sighed helplessly inside before saying with some sorrow, “I’ll guard your clan for ten thousand years.”

This short sentence had taken a lot of energy for Mu Ku to say. He seemed to have withered after saying that as if he had lost his soul. He was completely dejected.

“Since the grievance has been resolved, it’s time for us to go. Sang Tu, we can catch up some other time,” the divine king said to the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect clasped his fist at the divine king. After a simple conversation, he bid farewell to the divine king.

Afterwards, the divine king and Jian Chen climbed back onto the carriage and shot off under the gazes of the many elders and disciples.

Elder Mu did not leave with them. He would be settling down in the Tian Yuan clan after he departed, and he would guard the clan for ten thousand years. As a result, there were matters he had to take care of before he left.

“Mu Ku, come and see me,” the ancestor said to Mu Ku before drifting off.

On the highest peak within the mountain ranges of the Earth Spirit sect, origin energy had formed a mist that curled around the mountain top, obscuring it, making it seem like it reached into the clouds.

This mountain peak was the symbol of the essence of the Earth Spirit sect as well as the very backbone that supported the prosperous sect.

It was where the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect cultivated.

At this moment, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect stood by a cliff on the top of the mountain. He gazed into the distance deeply as the wind there whistled, buffeting his long, silver hair and clothes.

Behind him stood the current sect master and a dispirited Mu Ku.

“Mu Ku, do you know what I wanted you to be defeated?” The ancestor said calmly with his back towards Mu Ku.

However, the calm voice was filled with some helplessness.

“I did not know originally, but I understood afterwards. It’s because the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen is very powerful,” said Mu Ku.

“Ancestor, do you know the identity of the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen?” The sect master asked.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect let out a long sigh, “I don’t know who the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen is, but she’s not someone our Earth Spirit sect can afford to offend. She’s so powerful that she only needs a simple gesture to destroy our Earth Spirit sect.”

As he said that, the ancestor could not help but think about what had happened three days ago.

Back then, when he was cultivating in his secret room, a beautiful woman in white clothes had appeared before him silently. If it were not for the fact that the woman had purposefully let out her presence and alarmed him, he probably would not have known that an outsider had intruded on the secret room he had covered with formations even if he died.

Although the woman did not touch him, the presence she gave off was so powerful that the ancestor was still able to recall it like it was new.

He would never forget that presence. Before it, he could not even resist as if he stood before a Chaotic Prime. He felt as insignificant as an ant.

He did not doubt at all that the woman possessed the terrifying strength to obliterate the Earth Spirit sect with a simple gesture.

His Earth Spirit sect could never afford to offend such a powerful expert.

Both elder Mu and the current sect master were shocked when they heard the ancestor’s words.

They had all heard that there was a Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen, but they never thought that she possessed strength that was so terrifying that even their ancestor would be so frightened.

“Do you understand now?” A sliver of bitterness appeared on the ancestor’s face. He said helplessly, “We can’t offend the person behind Jian Chen, but we still have to keep our pride. If we directly give in, it’ll damage our name if news of the matter makes it out. This was why I wanted you to lose to Jian Chen in the battle before everyone. That way, not only would Jian Chen get the explanation he deserves, but the expert behind him would also not be offended, and we would be able to keep our pride.”

“Although it’s not a very glorious matter for a Godking to lose to an Overgod, Jian Chen has already defeated a Godking in the northern region. He already possesses the strength to challenge first place on the Overgods’ Plaque. Losing to a supreme Overgod like that is nothing disgraceful.”

“Mu Ku, go tidy your things. Once you’re ready, set off and protect the Tian Yuan clan for ten thousand years.”

“Yes, ancestor,” Mu Ku said politely. Warmth filled his heart.

Now, he finally understood why the ancestor had told him that only defeat was accepted in his battle against Jian Chen.

As it turned out, an expert who could easily destroy the entire Earth Spirit sect backed up Jian Chen. No wonder the ancestor had made a decision like that.

After the sect master and Mu Ku departed, the ancestor stood on the edge of the cliff in thought for a while. Afterwards, a fragment of jade immediately appeared in his hand with a single movement.

He used the power of his soul to engrave information onto the jade fragment. A while later, he suddenly looked into the distance and waved his hand, tossing out the jade fragment.

Immediately, the jade fragment turned into a streak of white light, shooting off with unbelievable speed. It instantly disappeared.

Several middle-aged men appeared silently within the miasma-shrouded depths of the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. They hovered in the air as they stared down with sunken faces.

The mountains below them had already collapsed. There was rubble everywhere, and it was a mess.

In the loose rubble, there were several huge figures that could be clearly seen laying on the ground.

Even though they were already dead, quite a powerful pressure still leaked out from their bodies. Every single one of them was a late Godking before they died.

“Who? Who did this? Who has stolen my Flower of Ways?” A middle-aged man in violet and golden robes at the very front currently stared downwards coldly as he said through gritted teeth.

This middle-aged man was the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire!

“Ninth prince, I’ve already sent people to investigate, but this relates to a Primordial realm expert after all. It’ll take some time to find out some things. However, I believe some leads will be found very soon,” a Godking said carefully from behind the ninth prince.

“Speed up the investigation. I want to learn about this Primordia realm expert in the shortest amount of time possible. Hmph, so what if you’re a Primordial realm expert? You’ve taken my Flower of Ways.” The ninth prince’s gaze was cold. He had already reached peak Godking and was only a step away from the Primordial realm.

Originally, he would have been able to take this step easily with the Flower of Ways, and he would not have to waste so much time for it.

However, now that the Flower of Ways had been taken away, it would take him much, much longer to reach the Primordial realm.

At this moment, a white piece of jade shot through the air, directly arriving before the ninth prince.

The ninth prince stared at the piece of jade calmly and slowly grabbed it. He said, “This probably came from a Primordial realm expert. It seems like it’s from the Primordial realm experts of the Heavenly Moon Empire. Looking at its direction, it should be from the one in the Earth Spirit sect.”

“Ninth prince, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect has sent us a jade slip. Does he know something?” One of the people behind the ninth prince asked.

“Let’s hope so,” the ninth prince said coldly before extending the senses of his soul into the jade slip.

Very soon, he looked through all of its contents, and a gleam of cold light flickered through his eyes. He crushed the jade slip and said emotionlessly, “Let’s go to the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.”

Jian Chen directly returned to the Tian Yuan clan. As soon as he returned, he could clearly sense that the atmosphere of the clan seemed to have become. It was especially energetic, filled with great joy.

“Patriarch, you’ve finally returned. Xi Yu has broken through and become an Overgod!” Mo Ling saw Jian Chen in the distance and immediately ran over in high spirits.

The Tian Yuan clan gaining another Overgod was definitely something worthy of celebration.

This was because in the current Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, Overgods were supreme rulers of provinces.

“Xi Yu!” As soon as Xi Yu was mentioned, Jian Chen could not help but think back to the embroidered box he had given to princess Tai’an during the time he had spent in the northern region.

“It has already been so long, yet there’s still no news. I wonder whether my guess is wrong or the princess still hasn’t given the box to the Xi Emperor or the empress,” Jian Chen thought.
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