Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1969: Three Types of Laws
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1969: Three Types of Laws

“Xi Yu, congratulations on successfully becoming an Overgod. In the future, you will also be a famed expert of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian,” Jian Chen congratulated Xi Yu sincerely with a happy smile when he saw her.

There was not a lot of Overgods in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Coupled with the fact that a few had died during the battle against the Empyrean Demon Cult, there were even fewer Overgods now. Now that Xi Yu had successfully become an Overgod in these circumstances, her status would be extremely great in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Xi Yu wore a luxurious white dress, while her black, glossy hair had been specially styled into a bun at the back of her head. As a result, she completely lacked the heroic spirit from before. Instead, she seemed more like the treasured daughter of a large clan.

“I could only become an Overgod so quickly because of the patriarch’s nurturing,” Xi Yu bowed slightly. She spoke softly, where her voice was extremely pleasant. The light in her eyes shone as she looked straight at Jian Chen.

Xi Yu’s talent was indeed very great. With the talent she had displayed right now, there was completely no need for her to take as long as she did to become an Overgod. She could have accomplished it sooner.

However, unfortunately, the Mo clan was just too weak. They were only a clan with a God, so they did not have that many resources to raise a prodigy like Xi Yu.

As a result, Xi Yu only became a Deity after two thousand years of cultivation in the Mo clan.

Only after meeting Jian Chen did she receive full support in nurturing, gaining both large amounts of divine crystals and guidance in comprehending the Laws of the Sword. Her strength had skyrocketed after that, so she went from the Deity before to an Overgod now in such a short amount of time.

“Xi Yu’s talent is no less than the prodigies of large clans,” Jian Chen could not help but be amazed as well. He had met quite a few prodigies from those ancient empires in the past few days, so he possessed some understanding towards them.

Now that he compared Xi Yu to those so-called prodigies, he found that Xi Yu was actually far more impressive than them.

Jian Chen looked at Xi Yu with some mixed feelings. He said, “Xi Yu, staying at the Tian Yuan clan is basically wasting away your talent. The current Tian Yuan clan can no longer provide for you such that you can grow faster. Staying here will only waste your potential. Only those peak sects in eternal empires can allow you to climb higher and further.”

“Are you chasing me away?” Xi Yu looked at Jian Chen as her face became slightly gloomy and depressed.

Jian Chen shook his head and sighed gently, “I don’t intend to chase you away. I’m just thinking for you. I hope you are able to go as far as you can on the path of cultivation, or even reach the apex of the Saints’ World.”

The patriarch of the Mo clan from before, Mo Xingfeng, looked at Xi Yu and sighed inside. He said, “Yu’er, the patriarch is right. Consider the patriarch’s suggestion to join those larger sects.”

Mo Xingfeng had basically watched Xi Yu grow up. There was no other person who understood Xi Yu better than him. He felt very helpless about this. He truly wished from the bottom of his heart that Xi Yu could leave the Tian Yuan clan temporarily and join those powerful sects. It would be better for her like that.

“No, don’t let sister Xi Yu go. Sister Xi Yu, don’t leave me, okay? I really don’t want to separate from you.” At this moment, Mo Yan also ran over. She clung onto Xi Yu’s arm tightly as she spoke with much unwillingness to part with her. Afterwards, she waved her little fist at Jian Chen angrily and said fiercely, “Patriarch Jian Chen, you can’t let sister Xi Yu go, or I’ll never forgive you.”

Jian Chen smiled and looked at Mo Yan rather helplessly. Although Mo Yan was older than him, he had begun to treat her as his little sister long ago. He wanted to protect Mo Yan from the bottom of his heart.

However, once Jian Chen thought about Mo Yan’s cultivation, he felt pained. This girl disliked cultivation very much, and she would put up an attitude as soon as it was mentioned. As a result, she basically made no progress across the years, remaining at Sainthood.

“Thank you for your concern, patriarch, but I have no interest in joining those large sects. Moreover, haven’t you patriarch not joined any large sects either, and your strength still grows rapidly? As a result, I believe that I too can become a powerful expert even if I don’t join those large sects,” Xi Yu said firmly.

Jian Chen was helpless from Xi Yu’s insistence. He could only sigh gently inside before turning around and leaving.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already arrived in the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan. A powerful formation enveloped the forbidden grounds, and only a handful of people possessed the right to enter the place.

Standing in the forbidden grounds, Jian Chen could not help but think of Shangguan Mu’er.

Originally, Shangguan Mu’er should have been cultivating here, waiting for him to come home. However, he had never thought that his visit to the northern region would result in their separation.

“Mu’er, I wonder if you’ve arrived at the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and if they’re treating you well? You have to spend your time well there and wait for me to pick you up. Although I don’t know where the Skyfire Plane is or just how distant it is from the Cloud Plane, I will definitely go there.” Jian Chen clasped his fist tightly as determination filled his eyes.

However, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he turned around.

A slender figure stood behind him silently, looking at Jian Chen calmly.

“Kai Ya, it’s you!” Jian Chen was surprised. He looked at Kai Ya with complete shock as his heart was in turmoil.

This was because he had actually failed to sense Kai Ya approach him at all earlier. He did not even know when Kai Ya had appeared behind him and how long she had been standing there.

Jian Chen immediately looked at her with his full attention, studying Kai Ya carefully. That immediately made him gasp as disbelief filled his face. His heart churned.

“Kai Ya, your cultivation…” Jian Chen said in shock. At that moment, he struggled to believe what he was seeing.

He discovered that Kai Ya’s strength had actually risen to late Overgod in such a short amount of time.

Jian Chen felt like he was dreaming.

Just how long ago had Kai Ya woken up for? When she woke up, she was only a Saint Emperor, yet she had already become a late Overgod now.

Jian Chen was stunned by how quickly her strength had increased. It was so fast that it even left Jian Chen in the dust.

With that speed, probably only fairy Hao Yue who had been a Primordial realm expert in her former life could surpass Kai Ya.

“Jian Chen, thank you for the monster core and all those divine crystals. It’s exactly because of them that my cultivation has managed to grow so rapidly,” Kai Ya said to Jian Chen. From her indifferent expression, it was as if she did not know just how great of a disturbance her speedy cultivation could have created in the Saints’ World.

“Cultivation can be increased by absorbing a large number of divine crystals. But the comprehension of the laws of the world…” Jian Chen hesitated. Kai Ya had surprised him far too much.

A sliver of confusion appeared in Kai Ya’s eyes. She said, “I don’t know why either. My comprehension of the laws of the world seems to be especially easy, where I can grasp the laws without any effort. I’ve already grasped three laws now. And it seems like I can absorb the energy of divine crystals thousands of times faster than others.”

As she said that, Kai Ya immediately used the power of laws with a thought. Immediately, three different types of laws condensed.

Jian Chen was stunned when he saw the laws revolve around Kai Ya. He murmured, “The Laws of Destruction, the Laws of Fire, and the last one seems to be the Laws of Creation…” To Jian Chen’s great surprise, Kai Ya’s three laws had all reached late Overgod.
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