Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2005: The Convention
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2005: The Convention

Jian Chen yearned to reach the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body. This yearning was so great that it was a burning desire, burning more and more brightly in his heart.

The twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to Godking in the Saints’ World. When Huai An hunted him down on the Cloud Plane, he would have been able to resist at the very least if he were at the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body. Of course, he still would not be Huai An’s opponent.

He would have even been able to put up a fight against the three late Godking protectors.

“Kai Ya, when is this convention going to be held?” Jian Chen asked. He had to obtain the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind.

Although it did not necessarily guarantee that he would be able to reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit, it was still a chance after all.

Looking at how much Jian Chen cared, Kai Ya smiled faintly, “There are another twenty-four hours before the convention starts.”

“Twenty-four hours? That’s soon then. I’ll head over right now,” Jian Chen thought before going to where the convention would be held with Kai Ya.

Originally, they wanted to call master Chanlong as well, but ever since his battle against the Godkings from the Swordswolf adventurers, he had been healing. He still had not emerged from seclusion.

The convention was held in a huge compartment of the spatial battleship. It was five hundred meters in length and width, and it could hold over ten thousand people.

Although the convention still had not happened, over a thousand people had already gathered here. They conversed with each other as they waited for its start patiently.

At the same time, a few cultivators had rolled out clothes to set up stalls to sell various items. There were all sorts of things, including some precious items.

Jian Chen arrived here under Kai Ya’s lead. He glanced out casually and discovered that basically all the people who had gathered here were Gods and Overgods. There were Godkings as well, but he only managed to see two.

In a place like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, there were indeed only a handful of Godkings, but on a spatial battleship that moved between major planes, they were relatively more commonplace.

“Master, there’s a piece of Skylink Dark Dragon Rock. It’s a hundred meters right in front of you,” suddenly, the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up with that. He knew about the Skylink Dark Dragon Rock. It was one of the materials he needed to forge the twin swords. Immediately, he made his way over with Kai Ya.

When Jian Chen found the Skylink Dark Dragon Rock, he discovered that the supreme grade material was placed on a stall an old woman set up on the ground. There were all sorts of items scattered there, with only three or four materials at the supreme grade.

The old woman seemed extremely simple. Her gray hair had already withered, and she reeked of death. It made people feel that she was someone who was about to pass away from old age.

“Senior, how much for this material?” Jian Chen pointed at the Skylink Dark Dragon Rock and asked calmly.

“It’s a supreme grade material. Ten blocks of high grade divine crystal,” the old woman said with her eyes closed while she sat on the ground. Her voice was filled with weakness.

Jian Chen frowned. Ten blocks of high grade divine crystal was an astronomical price. After all, the supreme grade materials in the auctions of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian had only fetched up to a price of several hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. That was less than a single block.

However, after hesitating slightly, Jian Chen took out ten blocks of high grade divine crystal to buy the material. It was difficult to collect the materials required for forging the twin swords, so he could not miss out any of them when he came across them.

Moreover, he did not lack divine crystals.

“Jian Chen, this old granny is very powerful.”

When Jian Chen took the material and left the old woman’s stall, Kai Ya’s voice rang out in his head.

“Yes. Even I can’t sense her presence at all. She must be a Godking,” Jian Chen nodded.

Kai Ya became rather stern. She glanced in the direction of the old woman and said, “No, I feel like the old granny is not a Godking. The feeling she gives me is even more terrifying than Godkings. It’s just that she’s extremely injured and extremely weak.”

Jian Chen immediately froze up from that. However, he recovered in just a single instance. He thought of the old woman again and was secretly surprised.

Afterwards, Jian Chen wandered around, visiting all the stalls there. However, there were no other materials for the twin swords to his disappointment.

In the blink of an eye, twenty-four hours had passed. The convention formally began.

What was a convention? Naturally, it was a gathering where cultivators communicated with each other, sharing their experiences and knowledge on cultivation. There were also trades of treasure.

Jian Chen did not take part in the conversations about cultivation. He directly went to where treasures would be traded. He had come here for the purpose of the comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword from a Primordial realm expert.

The trades held here were different from auctions. Items at auctions would be sold to the highest bidder, but items would only be traded between cultivators for other items they were looking for here.

“The first is a supreme quality defensive treasure, the Hundred Paths Armor. Everyone knows just how precious a supreme quality defensive treasure is, so I won’t explain it.”

In the region for trades, a white-robed, middle-aged man took out a black armor. The presence he gave off had already reached the level of Godkings.

The appearance of the supreme quality defensive treasure immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Many people revealed a desire and yearning to possess it.

The treasure attracted even the attention of Jian Chen and Kai Ya, who had just arrived here.

The treasure was in perfect condition. It alone could block the attacks of Godkings and weaken them such that the wearer would only suffer minimal damage. On the other hand, the damaged, defensive god artifact Jian Chen possessed was basically useless aside from its toughness. If it was used to block attacks that were just too powerful, the wearer would still experience the complete force even if the armor would emerge unscathed. The wearer would be shaken to pieces.

At this moment, the middle-aged man said again, “I’m looking for a God Tier material, the Seven-colored Cloudsilk. If someone has the Seven-colored Cloudsilk, this Hundred Paths Armor is yours.”

Many people were immediately disappointed when they heard that the middle-aged man wanted a God Tier material.

“I have a first grade God Tier material, Meteoric Iron. It’s useless to me, so I’m looking to trade it for other God Tier materials or pills.”

“I have three supreme grade Blood-condensing Fruits, and I’m looking for pills or heavenly resources that can heal the soul at the same grade.”

“I have a ninth grade cultivation method. I’m looking for…”

Afterwards, more and more people took out their treasures to take part in the trading. Some people called out loudly, while others set up stalls. They placed down a small wooden sign that emphasised what they were looking for.

Jian Chen searched through the area carefully. It had to be mentioned that there were extremely many items that appeared here, covering all the various types. There were materials, heavenly resources, cultivation methods, Truth Tier Battle Skills, and various books on the experiences and knowledge of cultivation.

However, to his disappointment, he failed to find the comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He noticed the old woman who had sold him the Skylink Dark Dragon Rock, the person who Kai Ya suspected to be a Primordial realm expert, make her way through the crowd slowly. Afterwards, she sat down on the ground and set up a stall again.

There were quite a few more items compared to the previous stall. Aside from the materials Jian Chen saw earlier, there were some more heavenly resources.

However, when Jian Chen saw the stone tablet that the old woman slowly took out from her Space Ring, his heart suddenly shuddered. He could sense a tremendously sharp sword intent from the stone tablet.

“I possess a stone tablet that contains a slash from a Primordial realm expert who has comprehended the Laws of the Sword. It contains much of the expert’s comprehension,” the old woman’s weak voice rang out. It was not loud, but everyone heard it.

Immediately, the entire convention fell silent.

There was a slash from a Primordial realm expert that contained most of his comprehension. This piece of information exploded in the heads of everyone.
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